So-Called Scientific Outlet Doesn’t Want You To Stigmatize Obese People Who Don’t Want To Diet Or Exercise


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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An article published Tuesday in the journal Nature said obese people shouldn’t be stigmatized for refusing natural means of reducing their weight.

More than 770 million adults are classified as “obese” around the world, and that number could reach 1 billion by 2030, according to Nature. But instead of eating healthy foods, giving up sodas and doing some exercise, most obese people are now being told to use a variety of medical interventions — that they have to pay for — in order to be “healthy.” And no one is allowed to stigmatize these bizarre behaviours.

The article reads more like an advertorial for drugs like Ozempic, which many people are using to treat their lack of self-control over their diets, despite these drugs being designed to treat diabetes and other chronic conditions caused by being overweight.

But instead of being worried about the myriad health implications of being overweight, we should be worried about the negative consequences of weight loss on the morbidly obese who are chronically ill because they eat like trash.

“Weight loss, however, is not just a medical phenomenon — it’s a social one, too. As anthropologists, we’re well aware that drastic weight loss can reshape people’s social lives and emotional well-being in negative as well as positive ways,” the authors wrote.

Apparently, obese people who got Bariatric surgery (commonly known as gastric bypass) had to deal with all sorts of negative side effects, including “harsh judgements from others.” (RELATED: You’ll Scream While Watching Idiots Answer Questions About Whether Obesity Can Be Healthy)

The authors anticipate that other people who pay Big Pharma to medically reduce their weight — instead of having the self-control to do it themselves in a natural, healthy way — will also face judgements by others, which could hurt the obese people’s mental health.

Sure, judgements about using drugs instead of doing work will almost definitely result in various stigmas. But those stigmas are literally just “mean words,” which are not comparable to putting your family in unending debt because you’re so fat you basically live in a hospital. Nor are these stigmas comparable to the shortened lifespan obese people give themselves.

And, we’re all human. We all face daily judgements from people who aren’t like us. If you literally cannot handle being judged for losing weight, then don’t do it. But trust me, people will judge you more for being overweight when you absolutely don’t need to be.