‘Best UFO Footage Ever’ Is Confirmed As Authentic, According To ‘Ufologist’

Screenshot/Twitter/JRECompanion/PilotJorge Arteaga

Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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You’ve probably already seen this viral footage of an alleged UFO zooming past a cockpit window. It was released in 2023, but now a ufologist is confirming the authenticity of this alien technology.

When the footage of this UFO was released by pilot Jorge Arteaga, it was described as the “best UFO footage ever.” It shows a strange object that looks like a flying saucer whizzing right past the window of Arteaga’s plane, which most people assumed was a birthday balloon gone astray, according to LadBible.

Jaime Maussan — best known for telling the world that two alien corpses were found in Mexico in 2023 — has decided to tell everyone that this clip is real. And, honestly, it’s kind of hard to argue with him after watching this video.

Arteaga took the video while flying above Antioquia, Colombia with a co-pilot. The video shows the UFO appearing through the clouds as a black mass before it rapidly approaches the cockpit. Arteaga was quick to grab out his cell and capture the strangely-shaped object, as it was initially stationary before zooming out toward Medellin and Santa Fe.

Arteaga then allegedly followed the UFO in the plane, but didn’t manage to track it down. He did say it didn’t move like a balloon, drone or plane, the outlet noted. (RELATED: Video Appears To Show ‘UFO’ Flying By Air Force One At Los Angeles International Airport)

So, is this thing legit? My gut says this is either a very good computer-generated video or some type of government-developed technology that we’ll be introduced to in the coming years. Or, perhaps the little green men will come down in the next year or so to reveal themselves to us. Though at this point, I can’t imagine why any extraterrestrials would want to deal with our species. We are such a silly bunch.