‘It’s An Unborn Child’: Sunny Hostin Pushes Back Against Other Co-Hosts Claiming Fertilized Egg Isn’t Human

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Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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“The View” co-host Sunny Hostin defended the conservative position of in vitro fertilization (IVF) Tuesday as the other co-hosts claimed an unborn child is not human.

The co-hosts debated the Alabama Supreme Court’s ruling that frozen embryos fertilized through the IVF process are children and that the destruction of these embryos is legally a “wrongful death.” Hostin argued she and her husband ensured all the fertilized eggs they used during their personal IVF process were used because they were children.

“Now we did use frozen embryos, but because we are Catholic, we knew that we couldn’t destroy the embryos because they are, in our view, children. And we couldn’t just give them up for research because, in our view, they were children,” Hostin said. “So we were, I feel, responsible in the sense that we used every single embryo and if every single embryo became a child, then we were going to take care of the child. And we don’t have any frozen embryos left, thank God, because I would probably have an extra baby.”

“So is this because of your religious beliefs?” co-host Whoopi Goldberg asked.

Hostin explained that Catholics believe human life begins the moment a sperm fuses with an egg in a process known as fertilization, which she said is backed by science. (RELATED: ‘I Don’t Want To Have This Conversation!’: Whoopi Goldberg Snaps At ‘The View’ Co-Host During Abortion Discussion) 

“But this is based on your religious belief, these are your religious convictions,” Goldberg said.

“Well it’s partially based on it, but it’s partially based on science as well,” Hostin said.

Ninety-six percent of biologists from 1,058 academic institutions around the world affirmed that life begins at fertilization, according to the National Library of Medicine. The American College of Pediatricians refers to fertilization as the moment a human “emerges as a whole, genetically distinct, individuated zygotic living human organism.”

Co-host Sara Haines said a human embryo is not viable outside of the mother’s uterus, and said Alabama should not refer to the unborn child as a minor. Hostin pushed back on Haines’ arguments.

“They’re calling it a minor. A full-blown minor,” Haines complained. “Not an embryo, not a fetus —”

“Well it’s an unborn child,” Hostin pushed back.

“Well, see, that’s where I differ because the whole miracle of life and religious argument for the very brilliance of science just doesn’t go together. This was not, yes embryos, yes fertilization, this stuff can happen naturally. It doesn’t here,” Haines said. “This great gratitude goes to the scientists and the doctors who were able to help do this.”

Hostin also defended Supreme Court Associate Justice Amy Coney Barrett for opposing IVF at least in part due to her Catholic faith. Behar complained that Barrett believes IVF should be criminalized, lamenting how she is even a justice.

Haines said she respects Barrett for opposing IVF because it is consistent with her pro-life stance. Goldberg proclaimed all of the co-hosts at the table are pro-life, despite all favoring pro-abortion laws.

“I am not pro-life,” said Haines. “I am actually fully pro-choice.”

“You are pro-life,” Goldberg said. “There is no one at this table who is not pro-life!”

Goldberg stated she was pro-life during a Dec. 13, 2021 segment of the program despite advocating for women to have the choice to obtain an abortion.


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