‘I Just F*ckin’ Went At Him’: What The Heck Went Down With Kid Rock At Bohemian Grove?!


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Kid Rock claimed Thursday that he once got kicked out of Bohemian Grove for punching a kid in the head.

Bohemian Grove is the stuff of every conspiracy theorist’s favorite party conversation. The secretive retreat in the depths of the Monte Rio woodland is operated by a large group of mostly American globalist elites, and is synonymous with alleged debauchery and corruption … so why was Kid Rock even there?

Kid Rock told podcaster Joe Rogan that he only ever went to Bohemian Grove once, where he shared a room with his close friend and sandwich shop owner Jimmy John in one of the bizarre glamping cabins (complete with a private chef) they apparently have at the retreat. And the rockstar actually became a bit of a hero to the retreat’s regular members after he punched someone who he only found out later was an infiltrator. (RELATED: ‘There’s A Ton’ Of Conservatives In Hollywood, Kid Rock Tells Tucker Carlson)

“I can’t remember [this] kid’s talking around this fire and … he starts popping that shit and I just fuckin’ went at him,” Kid Rock explained. “Gave him a couple. Helped him up. Was like, ‘hey, we good.'” He assumed everything was good until he was barred from a concert that night and kicked out of the retreat.

But that isn’t even the craziest part.

After a little more back and forth, Rogan brought up Alex Jones’ description of a giant owl statue at Bohemian Grove. “Oh! I was at the owl statue! This is fucking hilarious” Kid Rock jumped in. “So I’m there on day one, right? And we’re drinking beers like, it’s pretty laid back, there’s some really cool talks … but the first day, it was the first evening, and you gather around [this] owl by this lake … ” and suddenly he was surrounded by a “trove of celebrities.”

Paul Pelosi was apparently in attendance, along with a host of others. (RELATED: ‘F*ck You’: Kid Rock Blows Away Bud Light In The Most American Way Possible)

Kid Rock thinks he’s about to hear “some shit” given the secretive nature of the retreat. But who should come to the stage? Tony Danza. The men burst into laughter, with Kid Rock saying he was expecting former President Ronald Reagan to come back from the dead, or some other “crazy shit.” Not Tony Danza!