End Of Michigan High School Basketball Game Ends In Chaotic Brawl

YouTube/Screenshot/FOX2 Detroit

Dana Abizaid Contributor
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A fight erupted during a Thursday night high school basketball game in Dearborn, Michigan, FOX2 Detroit reported.

Spectators recorded video showing punches flying as both players and fans rushed the court in the fourth quarter of an Edsel Ford 48 – 32 victory over Woodland High School, according to FOX2 Detroit.

The bench-clearing brawl broke out with just under four minutes remaining in regulation after both teams went to the floor for a loose ball, Press & Guide reported. (RELATED: Massive Brawl Featuring Molly Whops And Pepper Spray Breaks Out At High School Basketball Game In Georgia)

Law enforcement was called in to stop the brawl and ease tensions, according to FOX2 Detroit.

Referencing a “scuffle that occurred on the court” as the game was ending, Edsel Ford Principal Rima Hassan noted in a statement Friday how events “got heated really quickly and an altercation occurred.”

Dearborn police are considering whether disorderly conduct or assault charges are necessary, Hassan said, but she praised Edsel Ford staff for controlling fans who rushed the floor, FOX2 Detroit reported.

“Our staff did an excellent job following our safety protocols while trying to make sure there were no injuries,” Hassan said in the statement. “We understand that sometimes individuals get heated and this can lead to physical altercations. We ask you to speak to your children about what to do if situations like this arise.”

Hassan denied any weapons were used during the brawl after a Woodhaven fan made a comment about a “gun,” according to FOX2 Detroit. No weapons were found on the court, the outlet reported.