‘1-In-284,000-Year Event’: Current Sea Temperatures Now Warm As June, Signaling Extremely Violent Hurricane Season

(Photo by NASA via Getty Images)

Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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A “1-in-284,000-year event”? … that’s just insane.

The alarm is going off at a high rate from tropical weather meteorologists about the looming 2024 Atlantic Hurricane Season.

“I don’t like coming across as an alarmist — significant weather generates enough fear on its own without our help,” said CBS 17 Meteorologist Lance Blocker. “But this hurricane season has multiple signs that it will be very busy, and residents in coastal states ought to be prepared.”

One of the biggest worries, if not the biggest, is the really warm sea temperatures happening in the Gulf of Mexico and into the Atlantic Ocean. (RELATED: Rare And ‘Unusual’ Tropical Storm Akara Pops Up In The Atlantic Off The Coast Of Brazil)

In fact, they’re such above the average temps that it matches what we would see in May, and in the second week at that. If you’re too lazy to do the math, that’s more than 10 weeks from where we’re at.

When it comes to the development of hurricanes, warm sea temperatures play a huge role. Meaning, the warmer the temps, the more gas that hurricanes have to form — on a historical basis, this results in more hurricanes and other storms, and stronger ones at that.

Branded as Hurricane Alley, huge parts of the Central Atlantic are placed over 80 degrees — temperatures common at the beginning of June.

Brian McNoldy, the Senior Research Associate at the University of Miami Rosenstiel School, had this to say about the matter that skyrocketed up a big red flag.

Be prepared, ladies and gentlemen … just in case.