Kevin Costner Drops Utterly Insane Trailer For ‘Horizon,’ The Next Major Cowboy Western Drama


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Warner Bros. Pictures dropped the extended trailer Monday for “Horizon: An American Saga,” and it looks absolutely freaking insane.

The three-minute trailer for “Horizon,” the first in a four-part movie epic from Kevin Costner, will make your heart beat out of sync. The series “explores the lure of the Old West and how it was won—and lost—through the blood, sweat and tears of many,” the description reads.

The movies span the four years of the U.S. Civil War (1861 to 1865), and “Costner’s ambitious cinematic adventure will take audiences on an emotional journey across a country at war with itself, experienced through the lens of families, friends and foes all attempting to discover what it truly means to be the United States of America,” the trailer notes.

“Trailers have always been kind of a favorite part for me, even as a boy going to the movies,” Costner told Variety. “You’re obviously there to see the movie you want, but isn’t it kind of cool when you see what’s coming? … And with that in mind, I did my very best to expose what’s going to be a four-part saga.” (RELATED: ‘Yellowstone’ Creator Launches New Passion Project, And I’m All In)

It’s now clear why Costner was so reluctant to lean into his commitments for “Yellowstone,” a contemporary cowboy drama scripted by Taylor Sheridan. And you’ll even recognize a few other “Yellowstone” franchise faces on the screen (Will Patton, Danny Huston, Dale Dickey and more).

Other talent includes Sienna Miller, Sam Worthington, Luke Wilson, Tatanka Means, Giovanni Ribisi, Thomas Haden Church, and honestly, I could keep writing names forever. Costner’s gotten himself one heck of a cast!

The first two chapters of “Horizon” drop June 28 and August 16.