We Basically FaceTimed Earth From The Moon 55-Years-Ago But Only Just Went Back? Make It Make Sense


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Houston, you have a problem. If you keep explaining scientific stuff to the rest of us like we’re idiots, we’re going to stop trusting anything you tell us.

In 1969 we were able to essentially FaceTime the moon landing into everyone’s television sets, but you’re trying to tell me it took us 55 years to get back there, and we’re supposed to be impressed and excited by that? Please, if you can, make this situation make sense to me and the millions of other people who no longer trust governmental and academic institutions’ veracity in science, please do.

In a joint effort between Intuitive Machines, NASA and Space X, the Odysseus spacecraft touched down on the moon’s surface on Thursday evening, apparently, and there weren’t even astronauts aboard. This poses two significant concerns, both of which could up-end trust in the scientific community globally and irrevocably if not navigated proficiently.

The first concern: Are we supposed to be excited about this lunar landing because we didn’t actually go to the moon in 1969, as most conspiracy theorists believe?

If this isn’t true, then the second concern is: If we were capable of sending people to the moon in 1969, then why haven’t we done more with our cosmic scientific acumen in the last 55 years beyond this moon mission? (RELATED: Rover Maps Hidden ‘Structures’ On The Dark Side Of The Moon)

In the last 50 years, we’ve managed to put the entire works of every musical artist, writer and creative in known history into a device that fits in the palm of our hands. We’ve explored more of our ancient past than ever before (no thanks to Big Archaeology). And we’ve managed to ensure everyone in the Western world has the ability to live better than the kings of history if they just do the work.

And you’re telling me that in all that time, we only now managed to get back to the moon? Listen, I’m not ignorant. I understand that NASA and pretty much every other space agency or company has been a little more focused on things like the James Webb Space Telescope and editing images of Mars before releasing them to the general public, than going back to the moon.

But I would like some of the really big questions about the moon answered before we fake a Mars habitat, please. For example, how did we get past the Van Allen radiation belts and why did the NASA scientists in the above video suggest we’ve never been able to pass through it before, or even leave low Earth orbit?

I feel like this is probably one of the first questions that could have been answered if we’d actually landed on the moon in 1969. NASA says the way through the belt is “quickly,” which still doesn’t really feel like enough of an answer. (RELATED: Scientists Find Heat-Emitting Blob On The Far Side Of The Moon)

It feels like NASA people, and most other scientific/academic leaders, don’t respect the everyman enough to explain WTF is going on.

Aside from the fact the everyman pays these people’s wages, the idea that scientific concepts are out of reach to most of us is fundamentally untrue. And if institutions keep normalizing this smug approach to communicating scientific “advances,” then pretty soon no one will listen to anything they say, let alone trust them … And what happens when politicians start to feel the same way, and their funding dries up?

NASA says it hopes to send astronauts to the south pole of the Moon by the end of 2025, so I guess we’ll just have to wait, watch and then decide if we believe what we’re being shown. Or, if any scientists, academics or qualified nerds would like to answer all of my questions, please email me directly. I’ll wait.