School Admits It Can’t Stop Children From Staring Directly Into The Sun


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A New Jersey school district announced Friday that it basically can’t stop children from staring directly into the Sun during the April 8, 2024, solar eclipse.

Along with barely being able to teach your children how to read or do basic math problems, one school district in America now seems to be openly admitting that its teaching staff can’t stop your children from staring directly into the sun, according to NJ.com. Livingston School District superintendent Matthew J. Block sent a letter to the families in his jurisdiction on Wednesday, explaining that he’d rather shut down schools early on the day of the 2024 solar eclipse than trust students not to blind themselves.

Four schools are dismissing children at noon or 12:45 p.m., hours prior to the eclipse on April 8, “so students are not tempted to look directly at the sun without protective eyewear during their usual dismissal time,” the outlet noted.

Instead of using this incredible opportunity to teach young people about the wonders of the natural world, teachers and this superintendent have basically told them to get lost. Is this really what you want from educators in this country? You know, the ones you pay to do this work?

The superintendent claimed that he consulted with a District Physician about his concerns, who seemed to agree that people can’t be trusted not to look at the Sun. There were also concerns that people are just so silly they won’t even be able to drive during the eclipse. (RELATED: More Than 30 Million Americans Will Witness An Incredible Solar Spectacle In 2024)

The absolute worst part of this decision-making? Lunch isn’t going to be served on the day of the eclipse. So if you’re a single parent who can’t take time off to fetch your children from the institutions you currently trust to keep them safe all day, tough luck. Your child is going to starve because their teachers are too dumb to help them, as far as this letter seems to read.

Emails to the Livingston school press office were returned as both of the listed staff members were out of the office on Monday. Block did not immediately respond to calls or emails from the Daily Caller.