Man Who Spent Seven Decades In Iron Lung Dead At 78

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Mia Hernandez Contributor
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Paul Alexander, also known as “Polio Paul,” passed away at the age of 78 in Texas on Monday, according to a GoFundMe update.

Alexander lived inside an iron lung for 72 years after contracting polio at the age of six. The organizer of Alexander’s GoFundMe account, Christopher Ulmer, announced the news of Alexander’s passing. (RELATED: Famous Influencer Dies At 22 After Documenting 4-Year Battle With Rare Disease)

“His story traveled wide and far, positively influencing people around the world. Paul was an incredible role model that will continue to be remembered,” Ulmer said in the update.

Late last month, it was announced on Alexander’s TikTok that he was rushed to the emergency room and tested positive for COVID-19 and, since coming home, struggled to eat and drink. Alexander’s final cause of death is currently unknown.

Despite being inside the iron lung since childhood, Alexander went to college, received a law degree, passed the bar, owned a law practice, and became an author, according to his GoFundMe page. Alexander also had a TikTok page under the username IronLungMan where he had a series called “Conversation with Paul” where users could ask questions.

“I am so gratitude [sic] to everybody who donated to my brother’s fundraiser. It allowed him to live his last few years stress-free. It will also pay for his funeral during this difficult time. It is absolutely incredible to read all the comments and know that so many people were inspired by Paul. I am just so grateful,” Phillip Alexander, Paul Alexander’s brother, wrote on the GoFundMe page.