Utter Betrayal: Ohio State’s Tony Alford Crosses Enemy Lines, Leaving Buckeyes For Bitter Rival Michigan Wolverines

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

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Former Ohio State running backs coach Tony Alford is reportedly crossing the threshold and leaving the Buckeyes to work the same job for their bitter rival Michigan Wolverines, according to ESPN’s Pete Thamel.

Alford had been with the Buckeyes since 2015 and helped develop some absolute superstars like Ezekiel Elliott and J.K. Dobbins.

Yet another chapter is added to the storied novel which is the Buckeyes-Wolverines rivalry. In a decades-spanning ideological clash between the two programs, every little piece of news can be considered cannon fodder for their respective fan bases to fling at each other.

Michigan already had the upper hand after taking home the College Football Playoff National Championship in an undefeated season. The victory for Jim Harbaugh’s squad was the culmination of a sea change in the rivalry’s eternal struggle. (RELATED: WOOO DOGGIE: Over 10,000 Players Have Opted In To New College Football Video Game And Hot Damn Will This Game Be Epic)

The Buckeyes had held pole position previously, after ripping off four straight Big 10 titles in 2017-2020. But Harbaugh’s squad countered by winning the last three on top of college football’s top accolade in the CFP Championship.

Wolverine fans are already using Alford’s departure to sling mud at their Buckeye adversaries. In a rivalry so bitter that Buckeye fans refuse to even use the letter M to avoid associating themselves with Michigan’s brand, it’s to be expected that Go Blue faithful would hardly miss out on the opportunity to pile on.

I don’t have a dog in this fight, but I will say that I feel for standout running back Quinshon Judkins, who literally just transferred to Ohio State from Ole Miss. Making a move that big has to mean you’re comfortable with the coaching staff, and it’s possible that Alford was even a contributing factor in Judkins’ decision.