Conjoined Twin Abby Bowling, Who Was Featured On TV With Sister, Married


Julianna Frieman Contributor
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Conjoined twin Abby Bowling, now sharing a last name with her husband, reportedly got married in 2021.

Abby, who starred in the TLC reality show “Abby and Brittany” alongside her sister, married Josh Bowling, a nurse and U.S. Army veteran, public records show, according to TODAY.com.

Photographs from the wedding were shared on social media, the outlet reported. The couple lives in Minnesota, where the Hensel twins have lived their entire lives.

The 34-year-old conjoined twins teach fifth grade together, according to the outlet. Both Abby and Brittany graduated from college with degrees in education after their reality show ended in 2012.

Bowling’s Facebook page reveals that the family spent time together going on nature hikes and snow-tubing, TODAY.com noted. They also appear to enjoy getting ice cream.

Abby and Brittany are dicephalic conjoined twins, meaning they share a bloodstream and organs below the waist, according to the outlet. Each twin has her own head and controls a specific side of the body; Abby controls their right arm and leg, while Brittany controls their left arm and leg. (RELATED: Conjoined Twins With Fused Brains Undergo Groundbreaking Virtual Surgery)

The conjoined twins’ parents decided against separation surgery for Abby and Brittany, fearing the risk that their daughters would not survive, according to the outlet. Patty Hensel, the sisters’ mother, reportedly mentioned that both of her daughters were interested in having children in the 2003 documentary “Joined for Life.”

“Yeah, we’re going to be moms,” Brittany said at the time, according to Today.com. “We haven’t thought about how being moms is going to work yet. But we’re just 16 — we don’t need to think about that right now.”

Conjoined twins are extremely rare, occurring once in every 200,000 live births, according to Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania. About 70% of conjoined twins are female, and most are stillborn.