Jazz Chisholm Comes Up With Interesting Excuse To Say The Least For Why The Marlins Were Swept To Start The Season

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Hmm …

Jazz Chisholm, an outfielder for the Miami Marlins, had quite an interesting excuse to say the least when he was questioned about why the Fish were swept against the Pittsburgh Pirates to start the season: shadows. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, my man actually blamed shadows for the Marlins getting a good ol’ fashioned ass-whoopin’.

If you don’t know, it was an absolutely abysmal opening series for Miami, losing all four of their games to Pittsburgh. And here’s the kicker: they were the favorites in the betting odds in each and every game. In two of the contests, the Marlins were actually holding on to leads, ultimately just to blow them in defeat. (RELATED: NC State’s DJ Burns Trolls Duke In Absolutely Brilliant Fashion After Leading Wolfpack Into Final Four)

Honestly, you couldn’t have scripted a worse start for the Fish, and they had zero answers for everything the Bucs threw at them.

With that being said, however, Jazz Chisholm did have an answer after the game — one that could potentially explain why the Fish were beaten down so badly. Or just give rival fans content to use.

Y’all know how much I love Miami, y’all know how much love I have for the Marlins, and I love Jazz … but what the hell is this?