Silent Pandemic Surges To Third-Fastest Growing Cause Of Death Globally


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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An article published Wednesday in the journal Nature stated that the silent epidemic of kidney disease is the third-fastest growing cause of death globally.

By 2040, kidney disease is expected to be the fifth-highest cause of death, according to Nature. At the time of writing, some 850 million people are suffering from some type of kidney-related issues, putting a huge burden on tax-payer-funded Medicare plans (Nature referred to Medicare as “government-funded,” but since you fund the government with your taxes, you are paying to treat kidney disease).

Despite this enormous physical and financial burden to the tax-payers, kidney disease has all but been ignored in the priorities of so-called public health authorities, Nature argued. Kidney disease isn’t even in the World Health Organization (WHO) list of priority non-communicable diseases that result in early deaths, despite data proving it really is a major concern.

Instead WHO and other unelected, non-representative organizations of We The Taxpayers who fund them focus on stroke, heart disease, diabetes (stop eating so much crap, people), lung diseases and cancer. As a result, public awareness of kidney disease is low, likely contributing to the growth in related deaths.

The International Society of Nephrology, the American Society of Nephrology and the European Renal Association are currently lobbying WHO to include kidney disease in their priority list. (RELATED: Women Sharing Horror Stories Of Birth Control Is ‘Misinformation’ Now, WaPo Says)

A study funded by the organizations pointed out that while kidney disease is often part of the comorbidities of the WHO priority illnesses, “tackling diabetes and heart disease alone will not target the core drivers of a large proportion of kidney diseases.”

One of the main causes of kidney disease is exposure to toxic substances, which Nature says will become more prevalent as a result of climate change. But, just from my personal background in science, I’d like to argue that most of what we feed our children is pretty toxic. I don’t really know anyone who drinks enough clean water on a daily basis. And it’s not like governments care when we’re expose to horrifically toxic chemicals, anyway.

Nature argues that kidney disease is more prevalent “in low-income and lower-middle-income” nations. Treatments for kidney disease are extremely expensive because the people who run Big Pharma and the medical industry can’t be bothered to figure out how to reduce these costs. But no one wants to address the fact that these costs have real people behind them demanding cash in exchange for health. (RELATED: REPORT: Strange New Virus With High Fatality Rate In China Has Infected 35 People)

Though I’m sure once Big Pharma figures out how to make loads and loads of money off the treatment of kidney disease in a large group of people — likely by reducing costs and creating treatments that don’t cure, but make kidney disease chronic in such a way that patients are dependent on medication for the rest of their lives — we’ll start seeing plenty of advertisements from our doctors to come and get a kidney check-up.