‘You Took Your D*ck Out’: Megyn Kelly Comes In Hot After Ex-CNN Pundit Attacks Justice Thomas

(Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images)

Julianna Frieman Contributor
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Sirius XM’s Megyn Kelly came in hot Tuesday after former CNN pundit Jeffrey Toobin attacked Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

Toobin, also a former staff writer for the New Yorker, was axed after exposing his penis on a Zoom call with staffers from the New Yorker and WNYC radio in Oct. 2020. Kelly hit back at the “disgraced” ex-pundit over his criticism of Thomas on social media.

“In oral argument today, Justice Thomas is minimizing the severity of the 1/6 insurrection at the Capital,” Toobin wrote on Twitter. “Perhaps that’s because his wife was part of the conspiracy. What a disgrace that he’s sitting on this case.”

“Hi Toobin – fyi you waived your right to use the term ‘disgraced’ about other lawyers when you took your dick out of your pants and jerked off in front of your colleagues,” Kelly replied.

Toobin was allegedly “masturbating” on the 2020 Zoom call, according to Vice. Two witnesses who spoke on the condition of anonymity reportedly said that CNN’s former chief legal analyst was allegedly “jerking off” during the video call. (RELATED: ‘I Hate Him’: Ex-Trump Attorney Tells CNN Irish Woman Who Went Off About Trump Not A ‘Dangerous Juror’)

Toobin later apologized for the incident in a statement, calling the incident “an embarrassingly stupid mistake.”

“I made an embarrassingly stupid mistake, believing I was off camera,” Toobin said. “I apologize to my wife, family, friends and co-workers. I believed I was not visible on Zoom. I thought no one on the Zoom call could see me. I thought I had muted the Zoom video.”

Thomas returned to the bench Tuesday following an unexpected absence, ABC News reported. The Supreme Court justice has ignored calls from progressive activists to recuse himself from the Jan. 6 case against former President Donald Trump over his wife, Ginny Thomas, allegedly attending Trump’s rally before the riot at the Capitol in 2021.