Video Shows Truck Barreling Into Parking Lot, Nearly Hitting Mom And Baby

(Screenshot/YouTube/NBC 10 WJAR)

Mariane Angela Entertainment And News Reporter
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A video showed a truck barreling into a Massachusetts parking lot, nearly hitting a mom and her baby Sunday, Fox News reported.

A Massachusetts ice cream parlor narrowly avoided disaster, according to Fox News. Shayna Murray, owner of Chevy’s Ice Cream, said she was relieved her business was closed for the season when a truck lost control and plowed through the parking lot. A surveillance camera captured the truck speeding, briefly going airborne, and wreaking havoc. It swerved, hit a signpost and continued its destructive path.

The driver of the truck, Robert Marcoux, 38, faces several charges including operating under the influence and endangering public safety, Fox News stated. The truck ripped through Chevy’s promotional sign, and narrowly missed a parked SUV with a woman and her baby inside. The truck crashed through a fence into a neighboring convenience store lot, the outlet reported. No one was injured despite significant property damage. The ice cream stand, initially set to open that day, postponed its opening due to weather and other factors — a delay that owner Murray now considers fortunate.

“We were so close to opening — I was so happy we weren’t,” said Murray, Fox News reported. “All I could see in my head is the people who are typically walking around, enjoying ice cream and sitting listening to the music. I was so thankful for all the things all week that annoyed me, that prevented us from opening.” (RELATED: Video Shows Cars In Seattle Intentionally Mowing Down Pedestrians)

The ice cream stand owner was also grateful that the mother and baby in the SUV were unharmed during the incident.

“I had just left after training new staff, and I noticed the car parked there. They pulled in thinking maybe we were open and just stayed to chat,” Murray said, according to Fox News. “When I went back and watched the surveillance video, I was like, ‘my God!’ They were here when it happened, and she had an infant on her lap.”