NFL Network Cancels ‘NFL Total Access’ After Over Two Decades

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Mariane Angela Contributor
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NFL Network has decided to cancel “NFL Total Access,” with the final episode scheduled to air May 17, Deadline reported.

The long-running show “NFL Total Access” has been a staple of NFL Network programming since 2003, and is known for its nightly coverage of football news. The cancellation of “NFL Total Access” is part of a broader strategic shift by NFL Network, which is realigning its resources to focus on international expansion, according to Deadline.

“Like any successful organization, the NFL regularly evaluates its workforce to ensure the proper support of strategic priorities including international expansion, the growth of flag football, and the evolution of digital and media platforms,” an NFL spokesperson said in a statement, Deadline reported. “We have made the difficult decision to part ways with some employees to allow us to further invest in these growth areas and ensure the continued strength of our game and the business.” (RELATED: NFL Network Hacks Clown Aaron Rodgers Over Potentially Becoming Robert F. Kennedy’s Vice Presidential Candidate)

NFL Network overhauled their line-up and made significant changes, canceling “NFL Total Access” and announcing the relocation of “Good Morning Football” from New York to Los Angeles.

Key departures include Melissa Stark, Andrew Siciliano, Will Selva, among others. The future of “Good Morning Football,” temporarily on hiatus and recently covering the NFL draft from Detroit, is still unclear. The details about host relocations and live episode resumption are still pending, according to Deadline.