Fmr Secret Service Agent Says Agency Whistleblowers Are ‘Raising The Alarms’ After Alleged Petition Circulates

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Hailey Gomez General Assignment Reporter
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Former Secret Service Agent Tim Miller stated Thursday on Fox News that agency whistleblowers are “raising alarms” after an alleged petition has circulated flagging concerns within the organization.

Miller appeared on “Jesse Watters Primetime” to discuss the recent claims from Bloomberg News senior White House reporter Jessica Jacobs, who tweeted Thursday morning the alleged petition circulating within the U.S. Secret Service agency has “a number of recent Secret Service incidents indicative of inadequate training” and “potential insider threats.” Fox host asked Miller about his thoughts regarding the issue, to which Miller raised concerns of a potential issue. (RELATED: Bomb Squad, Secret Service Called After Manure Dumped At Jake Sullivan’s Home: REPORT)

“So Jesse, the defund the police boat has taken on water,” Miller said. “I think if you look, first it was the IRS then it’s the FBI. Now you have internal Secret Service agents that are raising the alarm and if you think about it, it’s pretty simple. They are concerned that our mission as the Secret Service agent is compromised.”

“That should cause everybody to go, ‘Well wait a minute, this is the premier protection agency in the world,'” he added. “I’ve been a Marine, I’ve been a police officer and when I went through that training it was challenging. Quite frankly if the internal agents are rising up and saying, ‘we have a problem’ — Houston, we have a problem.”

Watters continued to press Miller on a recent report of a Secret Service agent for Vice President Kamala Harris suffering an alleged medical incident, in which the agent allegedly fought with other detail agents.

“I’m not going to talk about my colleague, obviously she’s got some issues that they are working through. My prayers go with her. But it does raise the question of, ‘Hey who do we want around the most powerful people in the world? Who should be there? Should it be a certain person or should it be the most qualified — the most fit, the person that is demonstrated time and time again they can make decisions that need to be made in split seconds?” Miller questioned.

“You bring a great point,” he continued. “Let me say this: having gone through the Secret Service training, it’s the best in the world. I still know people there. They’re great trainers and it’s great training. My concern is when, again, internal agents began raising concerns, that causes me to go, ‘uh oh’ because when they do it, they do it at great peril to themselves and to their careers.”

In late April reports circulated that the agent with Harris’ team had gotten into an alleged altercation at the Washington, D.C.-area Andrews Air Force Base before the vice president’s arrival, according to the Washington Examiner. The unidentified agent allegedly became aggressive to those around them, and after a special agent in charge and a detail shift supervisor attempted to calm the member down a physical altercation allegedly broke out, the outlet reported.