Incredibly Wild Video Appears To Show Rowing Team Being Shot At In The Middle Of A Race In Sacramento

[Twitter/Screenshot/Public — @henrykleeKTVU]

Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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This is absolutely insane!

A regatta was going on in Sacramento, California recently, and one of the events featured was a boys rowing competition. Well, during the race, the team apparently ended up getting shot at. Yes, shot at! And yes, with a gun! And holy hell, the video just makes it that much more wild. (RELATED: Lucky Australian Teen Catches Barramundi Fish And Wins $1 Million)

Crazy footage shows the team, named the Oakland Strokes and reportedly featuring nine teenage boys, rowing in an Apr. 20 race on the Sacramento River when all of a sudden shots could be heard. Only a few seconds into the clip, reportedly captured by a parent, you can hear several rounds go off, with at least two bullets appearing to hit the water near the boat (you’ll see the splashes).

“I was pretty shocked. I think all of us were. It’s horrifying, to think in this peaceful, green setting, the final push of this race – to see and hear that,” parent Fred Ackerman told KTVU.


What the hell was this? Who just apparently starts shooting at a rowing team?

This world of ours, man.

People apparently shooting at rowing boats, the two top rappers (Drake and Kendrick Lamar) actively trying to destroy each other’s lives and, speaking of rap beefs, did y’all hear The Game dissed Rick Ross?

Everybody beefin’! Even rowing teams! Good googly moogly, 2024!