State AG Running For Governor Accuses Two Other Candidates With Same Name of Trying To ‘Confuse Voters’


Julianna Frieman Contributor
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Democratic Washington state Attorney General Bob Ferguson, who is running for governor, accused two other candidates with the same name of trying to “confuse voters” Saturday.

The Democratic frontrunner said during a press conference Monday morning that he knows at least one of his doppelgangers previously voted as a Republican. Ferguson also revealed that he sent cease and desist letters to both of their residences as the deadline to withdraw from the race was 5:00 p.m. Monday. (RELATED: Donald Trump Endorses GOP Gubernatorial Candidate, Says He’s ‘Martin Luther King on Steroids’)

“I do not want them prosecuted,” Ferguson said. “I hope these two people do the right thing.”

Ferguson blamed an unnamed “right-wing conservative” for his doppelgangers’ candidacies on social media, according to KOMO News.

“News reports confirm that a right-wing conservative paid the filing fee for two other unknown ‘Bob Fergusons.’ The intent is clear — confuse voters and diminish votes,” Ferguson wrote.

“The stakes could not be higher. This is a direct attack on our democracy and the integrity of the Washington state election system that could lead to the victory of an anti-choice conservative like Dave Reichert,” the Democratic frontrunner continued. “Washingtonians start voting in less than two months. We are going to need significant resources to get the message out about which ‘Bob Ferguson’ to vote for in August.”

Glen Morgan, the Washington state GOP volunteer of the year in 2023, admitted to coordinating both Bob Fergusons’ campaigns in a Facebook post.

“Yes, I am the volunteer campaign manager for two of the Bob Fergusons running for Governor. They are both superior in every way to the AG running for the same office, and I believe they can provide better choices for the Democrats in our state for that office,” Morgan wrote.

Former King Counter Prosecutor Dan Satterberg joined Ferguson during his early press conference, adding that they initially “kind of laughed” at the “meme” campaigns, according to KOMO News. However, Satterberg quickly changed his tone by saying that the “prank” was “not funny, and it’s also a crime.”

One Bob Ferguson was from Yakima, while the other was from Graham. The Bob Ferguson from Graham told KOMO News that he received the Democratic frontrunner’s letter and would drop out from the race due to his inability to afford a court battle.

Washington’s state primaries take place on Aug. 6, and the Ferguson of Seattle is poised to win the Democratic gubernatorial primary, according to the outlet. If he does win, Ferguson is likely to face off against Republican gubernatorial candidate Dave Reichert, who the attorney general reprimanded for not speaking out against the “illegal scheme” he said violates a law against “Duplicate, nonexistent, untrue names.”

In response to a request for comment, Ferguson’s office directed the Daily Caller to a statement citing the relevant state law and calling on the two other Bobs to withdraw from the race.

This story has been updated to include a response from Ferguson’s office.