‘Not Even High School!’: Ted Cruz, Katie Britt Joke About ‘Mean Girls’ Cliques In Congress

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Julianna Frieman Contributor
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Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Republican Alabama Sen. Katie Britt joked Monday on “The Megyn Kelly Show” about how cliques in Congress resemble the film “Mean Girls.”

A GOP Oversight Committee hearing devolved into chaos Friday when Democratic Texas Rep. Jasmine Crockett exploded at Republican Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and her “bleach blonde, bad built, butch body” for insulting her “fake eyelashes.” Sirius XM’s Megyn Kelly blamed Democratic Maryland Rep. Jamie Raskin for provoking the spat by opening the hearing with a “ridiculous pronouncement.”

“He opened that hearing with a ridiculous pronouncement on what it was and MTG fought back by saying, ‘Oh, you mean like the January 6th hearing?’ And it went downhill from there. But like, it was childish remark after childish remark, senator,” Kelly told Cruz.

Cruz agreed with Kelly, saying it is “good advice” not to “be a jackass” and to “treat people with civility and respect.” The senator added that he does not know anyone in the House of Representatives who is “actually really happy there.”

“Listen, I have a lot of friends who served in the House,” Cruz said. “I don’t know many of them who are actually really happy there. It has devolved into such nastiness that it appears to me they genuinely loathe each other, and they walk down the hall and will like, curse each other out.”

Kelly said Democrats who defect from “saying the right stuff” receive “especially vicious” backlash. Cruz shared laughter with Britt and Kelly as he explained how the Senate is “like a junior high.” (RELATED: ‘Full Of Sh*t!’: Dan Bongino Tells Megyn Kelly Why ‘Martyring’ Joe Biden Won’t Work Amid Hunter Biden Trial)

“In a lot of ways, the Senate is like a junior high. So it’s Mean Girls,” Cruz told Kelly.  “And alright, on the Republican side, we hit lunch together every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in a little room and there’s all sorts of little politics – who you sit with and the cool kids, and you have the jocks and the nerds. And I mean, it’s not even high school!”

“That’s fair, that’s fair,” Britt laughed.

“Aren’t they all nerds?” Kelly asked.

“No, we actually have quite a few jocks! Interestingly enough, there’s probably what? A dozen of our colleagues played college basketball, football.”

Cruz mentioned Republican Pennsylvania Senate candidate David McCormick, who he said was “All-State in football” and “captain of the wrestling team at Westpoint.” Cruz, who said he was captain of his school’s debate team, joked that McCormick “is the kind of guy who would have stuffed me into a locker.”

“I love to picture Chuck Schumer in the back with his little burn book in the back like, ‘Yeah, we’ll get them! We’ll get her!'” Kelly added.