‘I’m Down To F**k Right Now’: Officer Resigns After Locking Himself In Backseat With Woman He Arrested: REPORT

(Photo by Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images)

Fiona McLoughlin Contributor
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A San Diego police officer reportedly resigned after he was found locked in the backseat of his squad car with a woman he arrested who allegedly propositioned him for sex.

Newly released body cam footage shows the incident that occurred in August 2023, according to CBS 8. Officer Anthony Hair reportedly resigned roughly a month after an investigation was launched into the incident.

Hair was one of multiple officers involved in the arrest of two alleged car theives, according to outlet. He was reportedly responsible for transporting an unidentified woman to the police headquarters and to the Las Colinas Detention Center in Santee, California after that. (RELATED: ‘Tight TImeline’: Bodycam Video Shows Officer Rush To Burning Car To Help Rescue Survivor)

Hair’s body cam footage revealed what appeared to be a conversation between him and the woman detained.

“Are you single?” she can be heard asking, to which Hair responds, “Yeah. But you’re not”

“I’m down to fuck right now,” the woman can be heard saying.

“Don’t say that right now … Don’t say that right now because everything is being recorded right now,” Hair replied in the video.

Hair appears to continue driving, then eventually asks the woman what was “going on.” Hair’s body camera stopped recording moments later, the footage shows.

The GPS tracking system in Hair’s police cruiser revealed the vehicle turned down a residential street a few blocks away from Las Colinas and ultimately came to a stop, CBS 8 reported. (RELATED: Cop Resigns After Firing At Unarmed Suspect When He Mistook Falling Acorn For Gunshot, Police Say).

Over 20 minutes after stopping the vehicle, Hair called for a fellow officer to help unlock his police car after he locked himself in the backseat, according to the outlet. Over an hour later, another officer arrived and successfully unlocked the door and told Hair to exit the vehicle, the body cam video shows.

“I heard and noticed Officer Hair had a panicky voice,” the officer who unlocked the door told internal affairs investigators, the outlet reported.

“I asked him if he was okay. He said, yes, and then asked if I had my patrol car key with me…I asked why he was asking and what did he need. Officer Hair then asked me If I could go meet him…I asked him why he needed me, and he said he would tell me when I got there. He said he was really embarrassed,” the officer added, CBS 8 noted.

Hair argued during the investigation that he was checking on the arrested woman and claimed the door had closed accidentally, the outlet reported. He also reportedly told investigators he knocked the camera off his uniform when exiting the police vehicle, causing it to shut off.

The woman told investigators nothing inappropriate occurred, the outlet reported.

The San Diego Police Department reportedly checked for semen on Hair’s clothes and allegedly discovered remains of it on his belt.