SEIU consultant abuses university position for union

A University of Maryland professor has pulled his institution into a heated labor debate in California, prompting a rebuke from administrators and inviting questions about his own conflicts of interest.

As a paid consultant for Service Employees International, the nation’s fastest growing labor union, Fred Feinstein recently wrote a legal opinion suggesting that California health care workers could receive “less favorable” benefits if they left SEIU for another union. Feinstein penned his opinion on university letterhead, which was then photocopied and used by SEIU as campaign literature, urging workers to stay on as members.

Full story News: Union’s Man – Inside Higher Ed.

  • Facebook User

    Nothing makes me foam at the mouth more than talking about unions, or more correctly hear liberals fawn over how great they are. I would never join a union, but then again, i live in Illinois so i don’t have the right to decide whether i want to or not.

  • bostinks2

    Fred Feinstein should be fired and all other Professors SEIU affiliation should be investigated and removed from their position. I dont appreciate a unionized educational system.

  • moira1987

    This shouldn’t surprise anybody. These kinds of groups are all about infilatration. Thanks God this Fred Feinstein has been caught red-handed. He needs to be fired from the university immediately. He actually had the nerve to claim that it’s “a stretch” to say that he was deliberately appearing to represent the university by using the university letterhead. Seriously?