Republican Leadership Got Dems To Refuse To Support ICE

Politics | Robert Donachie
133 Democrats voted 'present'

Is This Journalism? The Daily Beast Officially Advertises Against Trump's Supreme Court Nominee

Media | Amber Athey
'America's in the balance'

CNN: Trump Has Been Tougher On Russia Than Obama

Media | Christopher Smith
Facts can be inconvenient

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Reminds The World Russia Meddled In Elections During The OBAMA Administration

Politics | Mike Brest
'Let's not forget, this didn't happen under President Trump'

Reporter Asks Sanders What Trump Is Doing To Prevent Russian Meddling -- She Puts Him In An Icebox

Politics | Benny Johnson
'President Trump has taken action to defend our election system'

Rand Paul: The Only Person We Know Colluded With The Russians Is Hillary Clinton

Politics | Benny Johnson
'Who hacked into Hillary Clinton's emails?'

Trump Asked About Being Soft On Putin — Trump Gives Them A Bloody Reminder That He Hasn't

Politics | Benny Johnson
'President Putin knows that better than anybody'

12 Theories Explaining Why Trump Appears Reluctant To Admit Russian Election Interference

Politics | garth kant

Reporters Surround Kellyanne Conway To Ask If Trump Will 'Denounce' Putin

Politics | Benny Johnson
'But you have no evidence, which, I guess, is why you moved on'

Trump Doubts Wisdom Of NATO Expansion, Foreign Policy Establishment Loses It

Politics | Will Racke
More outrage

Congressman Keith Ellison Fired Shots At The DNC For Influencing Primaries

Politics | Mike Brest
'Let the election shake out'

Feces-Filled San Francisco Will Vote On Spending More On Homelessness Program

Politics | Kyle Perisic
Seattle tried and failed to pass a similar tax ...

Reporter Asks Why Trump Won't Criticize Putin -- Sarah Sanders Explains Why Actions Speak Louder Than Words

US | Amber Athey
'Just not true'

Bolton Says It's ‘Pretty Silly' To Ask Putin To Hand Russians Over To Mueller - Here's Why

Politics | Emily Larsen
12 more Russians were indicted in the Mueller probe

California Congressman Blasts 'Pentagon Bureaucrats' For Lack Of Awards For Military Valor In Iraq War

| Evie Fordham
Newly revealed details show a Marine 1st Lt.'s valor

Keith Ellison Claims National Borders Create 'An Injustice'

Politics | Peter Hasson
'We need to understand our interconnectedness globally'

Democratic Senator Compares Russian Election Meddling To 9/11 Attack That Killed 2,977 People

Politics | Amber Athey
'9/11 moment'

Russian Gov't Responds To Charges Against Alleged Spy Linked To NRA

US | Chuck Ross

'Men Have Been Getting On My Nerves' -- Obama Asks 'What's Wrong' With Men While In South Africa

Politics | Amber Athey
'What's wrong with us?'

Obama Criticizes African Migration

Politics | Will Racke
'Chances of being transformative are going to be higher'

Comey Meddles In 2018 Election

Politics | Julia Cohen
'All who believe in this country’s values must vote for Democrats'

Podcast: As Trump Haters Rage, Obama And Comey Enter The Fray

Editorial | Derek Hunter
Partisan hacks gonna hack

'You're Going Into Chris Cuomo Territory' -- Scaramucci Hands Down The Ultimate Wreck To CNN Anchor

Media | Amber Athey
'Just so you know'

Kellyanne Defends Trump-Putin Summit: 'At Least He Wasn't Caught On Hot Mic'

Politics | Saagar Enjeti
'Donald Trump was not caught'

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