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Obama Invents 'Immigration Rights' For Foreigners

Photo Credit: Getty Images

The idea could help Democrats try to justify a mass amnesty for illegals

Fournier: Obama 'Insulting' The American Public By Claiming The World's Never Been Safer

‘We knew before social media how scary the world is’

White House Climate Plan Could Doom Embattled Incumbent Dems

U.S. Senators from the Senate Climate Action Task Force gather on Capitol Hill in Washington

Cutting Congress out of negotiations would put Dems ‘in front of the firing squad’

Obama Prepares To Abandon BattleStar Amnesty

Unaccompanied Minors In Texas

Advocates for more immigration are being sacrificed first

HuffPo: GOP Ready To Raise A Literal Army To Defend Racist Beliefs

(Photo: Flickr/Creative Commons)

Get ready for the second Civil War folks

WH Spokesman: Obama 'Cautious' on ISIS, Just Like The Auto Bailout

Josh Earnest

They need to get over that auto bailout

Blocked From The 2014 Ballot, Colorado Fracktivists Set Sites On Future Elections

An anti-fracking sign is displayed at the protest camp by the entrance to a site run by Cuadrilla Resources outside the village of Balcombe in southern England

Climate change starts to fizzle as an election issue

Should Republicans 'Make Their Case' (Or Just Win?)

Rep. Paul Ryan attends Conservative Political Action Conference in suburban Washington DC

‘Avoiding mistakes’ sounds like an upgrade to me

James Rosen Lures State Department Into Revealing ISIS Contradiction

James Rosen

We are and are not at war with ISIS

Alaska Sen. Mark Begich Finally Retracts Controversial Ad

‘You want to take that big risk if you think you are down’

Unions Use Labor Day To Promote Minimum Wage Hike

Barack Obama

Labor leaders plan to stay on message through November

Here's How Much Eric Cantor Will Earn At His New Wall Street Job

Eric Cantor leads a news conference at the U.S. Capitol in Washington

It’s more than his $193,400 congressional salary

Tea Party Patriots Criticizes Cantor Over New Wall Street Job

Former majority leader to draw lucrative salary

The Mystery Of The Shutdown Scenario Has Been Solved

File photo of Sen. Ted Cruz walking to the Senate floor for a vote on a $1.1 trillion U.S. spending bill at the U.S. Capitol in Washington

Looks like it was all just a desperate political gambit

Washington Post's Publisher Steps Down

A view of the lobby of The Washington Post Company headquarters in Washington

Big change ahead

Email Reveals Lois Lerner Ignored Political Expenditures By Unions

Discrepancies in union financial disclosures

Eric Cantor's Next Job Is ...

Former Republican leader cashing out

Mark Begich Tried To Use Family Of Murder Victims To Attack His Opponent, And The Family Is LIVID


‘To be perfectly clear, it was your ad that shocked them’

GOP Leaders' Ignore Top Labor Vote-Winner on Labor Day

Unaccompanied Minors In Texas

Voters don’t like that Democrats favor foreign workers

Biden Gets President's Name Wrong In Union Speech

Jimmy Hoffa Jr. gets love from the Veep

Alaska Senate Challenger Dan Sullivan Accuses Mark Begich Of Lying In Ad

‘He is lying to Alaskans’

Super PAC Running Unorthodox Ads Tying Mark Pryor To 'Extremist Liberals'

One of the closest Senate races in the country

Republicans And Democrats Use Labor Day Holiday To Bash Each Other

RNC and DNC go at each other

EXCLUSIVE PHOTO: With World In Disarray, Secretary Of State Kiteboards... SEE THE PHOTO!

EXCLUSIVE PHOTO: With World In Disarray, Sec. Of State Hits The Waves

Dem Pollster Admits Obama's Amnesty Would Hurt Dem Candidates

‘I do politics, not policy’

The Five Wacky Things Labor Unions Do To Celebrate Labor Day

Members of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) march during a protest in support of a new contract for apartment building workers in New York City

From transgender benefits to fighting right-to-work, recent news in organized labor

Mike Rogers: Obama Foreign Policy 'In Absolute Free Fall' After 'No Strategy' Admission

‘The clock didn’t start with the beheading of an American journalist’

Department of Labor Bans Employees From Talking To The Daily Caller

Strike! Strike! Strike!

Despite Controversial Comments, Colorado GOP Candidate Finds Support

Handout photo of U.S. Representative Polis talking with two stranded people who were rescued after being spotted by a National Guard helicopter pilot along the Big Thompson River

‘Absolutely we want him to win’

Mitch McConnell's Campaign Manager Resigns

‘a distraction to this reelection campaign’

Agency Wants To Extend Protections To Illegal Immigrants

EEOC signs ‘memorandum of understanding’ with Mexico

Ben Carson Hints At 2016 Run But Says: 'I Won't Become A Politician'

‘It doesn’t mean that I won’t do something in public office’

Fox's Ed Henry To Earnest: Why's Obama Still Playing Golf When He Has No Strategy?

‘But how does the Pentagon still not have a strategy?’

POOR HARRY! His Alma Mater Just Dumped His Name From A Building

‘They would not support the university … so long as Harry Reid’s name remained’

Blue State Dems Hate On Nancy Pelosi

‘I cannot and will not support Nancy Pelosi’

White House: National Debate Needed Before Obama Amnesty

He ‘wants to have a debate about the status of our immigration system’

Liberal Pundits Baffled By Obama's 'We Don't Have A Strategy'

Eugene Robinson and Nicholas Kristof express dismay

Scott Brown: Strip Homegrown Terrorists Of American Citizenship

Republican Scott Brown talks to the media after announcing his bid for the United States Senate primary election in Portsmouth,

‘One of the greatest threats facing the homeland’

White House: Obama 'Determined As Ever' To Use Executive Action On Immigration

‘The president is determined to take the kinds of steps available to him’

What Obama Said That 'Shocked' Charles Krauthammer

‘I thought the president could no longer surprise me. I was wrong’

Obama Hints He'll Delay Amnesty Until After Election

So maybe the election will be all about Obama’s amnesty

Liberal Commentator: Obama's New Climate Plan 'Clearly A Violation Of Treaty-Making Power'

‘It will go nowhere in the courts’

Santorum Slams Rand Paul For Advocating 'Obama's Failed Isolationism'

Santorum and the DNC agree

Obama Allows Deported Illegals BACK Into The US

The GOP is blocking an amnesty, so the administration is rewriting border rules

Hillary Finally Picks Sides On Ferguson: 'Cannot Ignore Inequities That Persist In Our Justice System'

‘Imagine what we would feel, and what we would do’

Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Would Send Colorado National Guard To Defend The Border

‘I would certainly step up and do my part’

Pa. GOP Wants To Decriminalize Out-Of-State Liquor Sales

Unions not so much

Rand Paul Takes Swipe At McCain For Meeting Syrian Rebels

It’s clear who Paul is talking about

SAY IT AIN'T SO!: Mainstream Media Printed Inaccurate Reporting On The VA Scandal

Media falsehoods on preventable veteran deaths

Is The EPA Preparing For A Massive Private Land Grab?

‘The EPA’s job is to regulate. The maps must have been created with this purpose in mind.’

The One Thing Cornel West And Ben Carson Agree On

It’s settled then: ‘unconscionable acts of barbarism’ must be stopped

This Radical Imam Is Probably Regretting His Decision To Go On 'Hannity' Last Night

‘Every radical Islamist like you will be wiped off the face of the earth’

White House Tries To Hide Amnesty Behind Gov't Shutdown

But GOP is spotlighting the economic impact of work-permits for illegals

Luis Gutierrez Now Claiming Over SIX Million Illegals Could Receive Amnesty

‘You have even hinted at how he’s going to stagger this out!’

Conservatives Renew Attacks As Export-Import Bank Deadline Approaches

Showdown predicted between House and Senate

Brazen Hypocrisy As Liberal Super PAC Defends Accepting Soros Millions

‘Irritated by people who don’t get the difference’