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Dominican Republic Bans Miley Cyrus Concert On 'Morality Grounds'

How has this not happened already?

Atlanta Teacher Plays Beyonce Song For Sixth Graders, Gets Fired

"Charles James: Beyond Fashion" Costume Institute Gala -  Outside Arrivals

Which makes them surf-boring

Emily Ratajkowski Wants Society To Get Used To Nudity

‘The female body is a beautiful thing’

Justin Bieber's Crew Accused Of Bribing Border Officials

Remember when there was a petition to deport him?

New Challenge Fights A Disease We ALL Suffer From

Goodbye ice bucket challenge

Shark Week? Nope, Not After This Grouper Swallows One Whole

You’ll never swim again

This Adorable Toddler Climbing On Her Massive Dog Will Make Your Day

(Photo: YouTube)

Seriously, it’s adorable

Kate Upton Is Wearing Nothing But A Sheet Again [VIDEO]

Add her to the list of celebrities who don’t own clothes

Celebrate Hayden Panettiere's Birthday AND Her Hottest Moments

We sure are happy this blonde bombshell was born

50 Cent's Mockery Of Ice Bucket Challenge Still More Productive Than Ice Bucket Challenge

‘F**k the bucket of ice, man’

Kim Kardashian Wore Something And It Wasn't A Bikini [PHOTOS]

But it covers about as much as one

'American Horror Story: Freak Show' Releases Creepy Trailer

Little weird

Jessica Alba KILLS On The Red Carpet

Hint: she wears leather chaps

Vanessa Hudgens Gives An Eyeful In A Tiny White Crop Top

World Premiere Of "IRIS - A Journey Into The World Of Cinema By Cirque du Soleil" At The Kodak Theatre - Red Carpet

Holy abs

Johnny Depp And His 15-Year-Old Daughter Become Co-Stars

No, it’s not bring your daughter to work day

NFL To Performers: Pay Up To Play Halftime

Who’s playing depends on who’s paying

Bryan Cranston And Aaron Paul Cooked Up An Emmy Promo

Their chemistry is off the charts

Baby Walruses' Mustaches Are The Most Adorable Thing Ever

The cutest of all facial hair-sporting animals

George W. Bush Takes The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Nominates Bill Clinton

The challenge has taken quite the presidential turn

Jessica Alba Explains Playing A Stripper In 'Sin City' Sequel

Alba plays a spiteful stripper in the film

Kim K Just Can't Keep Her Clothes On

Surprise to no one

Pharrell's Grammy Hat Is Headed For A Museum

The iconic hat will make its way to Washington, D.C.

Matthew McConaughey Defends The Fanny Pack

‘I got so much gear that I don’t want in my pockets’

Terrible Taylor Swift Is Still Terrible

And she’s now a pop singer!

Bill Cosby, 77, Is Out Of Control

‘I don’t understand the intelligence of a moth’

Senator And Dancing Machine John McCain Does The Robot

‘It’s always the ones you don’t expect’

Gitmo Detainees Did The Ice Bucket Challenge YEARS Before It Was Cool

(Photo: YouTube screen capture)

Waterboarding, the original ice bucket challenge

Don Pardo, Legendary NBC Announcer, Dies at at 96

Actor Don Pardo arrives at the Academy Of Television Arts & Sciences' 19th Annual Hall Of Fame Induction

He was the voice of ‘Saturday Night Live’

Ten Birthday Presents Bill Clinton's NOT Allowed To Have

(Photo: Tumblr)

(Hint: Most of them are bikini clad)

If Michael Bay Directed Pixar's 'Up,' It'd Be Filled With Explosions, Obviously

There are never enough explosions

Kim Kardashian Is All Bottom Once Again [VIDEO]

Bikini clad selfie queen is sleepless in Mexico

The 'Face-Kini' Is Summer's Most Terrifying Trend [PHOTOS]

It’s a swimsuit for your face

Gene Simmons Apologizes For Telling Depressed People To Go Kill Themselves

‘I sincerely apologize to those who were offended’

Willie Nelson Ends His Shows With POUNDS Of Weed Left On Stage

Pot aficionado rarely runs out of weed

Jessica Alba Takes Mound To Throw First Pitch At Dodgers Game [VIDEO]

The ‘Sin City’ sequel actress has GREAT form

'Lucy' Movie Posters Get 'Dumb And Dumber' In Hilarious Parody

(Photo: Flickr)

Harry and Lloyd are back for a sequel and the posters are as dumb as ever

Conan O'Brien Delivers The Most EPIC ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Video Ever

The late night comedian delivers laughs

Injustice: Mr. T Cut From Jury Duty

Premiere Of Walt Disney Animation Studios' "Bolt" - Arrivals

‘I pity the criminal today’

The Hottest Women On The Internet This Week

Bow down to these babes

HAPPY RUM DAY: TheDC Invented A Cocktail And It's Pretty Damn Good

Captain's cookie 1a

If it wins us anything, that would be cool too

Emily Ratajkowski Teases Sexy Photos From Lingerie Shoot [PHOTOS]

Playboy And Universal Pictures' "Kick-Ass 2" Event At Comic-Con Sponsored By AXE Black Chill - Red Carpet

You’re going to want to see this

Sofia Vergara Shows Off Curves In Sheer Red Dress

This dress clings to EVERYTHING

Colombian Woman Caught With Cocaine In Her Breast Implants

The miracles of modern medicine

'Sin City 2' Will Come With Tarantino's 'The Hateful Eight' Teaser

The trailer will only be shown in theatres

The Worst Twerk Video In The World Has An Unexpected Surprise


New York Woman Claims To Be Blue Ivy's Mom

And North West’s, Blanket’s, and Prince George’s

Celebrate Jennifer Lawrence's Birthday With Her Hottest Moments Ever

We sure are happy she was born

Lindsay Lohan Reveals She Is Really, Really Bad At Math

2012 White House Correspondents' Association Dinner - Arrivals

This is your brain on drugs

Sylvester Stallone: I Wanted To 'Strangle' Arnold Schwarzenegger

‘Hate is a good word’

19 Very Important Shower Thoughts

WASHINGTON, DC - JUNE 27: (L-R) First lady Michelle Obama, daughter Sasha Obama and U.S. President Barack Obama attend the Marine Barracks Evening Parade on June 27, 2014 in Washington, DC. The Marine Barracks Evening Parade is a tradition held in Washington and is in it's 57th year. (Photo: Kristoffer Tripplaar-Pool/Getty Images)

‘If I were Sasha or Malia, I’d say ‘Thanks Obama’ all the time’

Who's Hotter? Mila Kunis Vs. Halle Berry

We’re happy both of these hotties were born!

Instagram Hottie Bryana Holly Brings The Summer Heat

It’s getting hot in here, so …

Guy Offers Cop Weed, Makes It Disappear With Magic

Modern day Houdini

Robin Williams Had Parkinson's Disease, Wife Reveals

Actor ‘was not yet ready to share publicly’

Miley Cyrus Pitched A Fit At NYC Hotel

And people are surprised because…?

Kim Kardashian Can Withstand 'Weeks' Without Taking Selfies

A true testament of human strength

OJ Simpson's Prison Cell Is Plastered With Kim K's Nude Pics

Not creepy at all

'American Horror Story: Freak Show' Adds World's Smallest Woman To Cast

She stands a little over two feet tall

So You Don't Have A Chanel Bag Yet? Too Bad. North West Does.

13 month old poses for fashion shoot

MTV 'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham Turns To Stripping


Giant Spider Interrupts BBC Broadcast

Definitely gross but awesome