This Dubbed Version Of 'The Hunger Games' Gets Really, Really Weird

Entertainment | Katie Frates

‘I get weiiird when you kiss me’

Bill Cosby Leaked Story About Daughter's Drug Use To Cover Up Sex Scandal

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins
Bill Cosby responds to rape allegations

This story just keeps getting worse

The First Trailer For 'Jurassic World' Is Finally Here

Entertainment | Giuseppe Macri

‘You just went and made a new dinosaur? Probably not a good idea’

UPTOWN HURL: Obama Once Offered Billy Joel A Cigarette

Entertainment | Patrick Howley
Grammy award winner Billy Joel performs in Johannesburg

More like Captain ‘Hack’

Watch Chris Pratt Expertly Defend Hunting During This Interview

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins

The ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ star knows it’s much more than just a sport

It's A Little Cold Outside For A Bikini, Eva Longoria [PHOTOS]

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins

The weather doesn’t seem to be stopping her

Rachel McAdams Joins The Cast Of 'True Detective'

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins

Along with another Hollywood actress

Halle Berry Takes Ex-Boyfriend To Court For Trying To 'Make Their Daughter White'

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins

As one does

Sorry Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Aniston Says Her Bare Butt Picture Was The Original

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins

1996 was a good year for bums

Chrissy Teigen Has A Not So Nice Message For Your Thanksgiving Turkey

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins

It’s actually pretty explicit

The First Trailer For The New 'Star Wars' Debuts In Theaters On Black Friday

Entertainment | Giuseppe Macri
Star Wars The Force Awakens Disney Twitter


Safe Bet: Katy Perry's Super Bowl Performance Will Be Super Hot

Sports | Christian Datoc
Singer Katy Perry performs at a concert commemorating the Special Olympics at the White House

Roger Goodell finally made a good decision.

OUT: Budweiser's Clydesdales. IN: Hipsters And Jay Z

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins

More evidence of the world’s decline

Jennifer Lopez Brings Up The Back With Her 'Booty' Performance At AMAs

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins

Things got a little filthy for live television

Jennifer Lopez Stuns In Flesh-Colored Bondage Dress At AMAs

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins

This ‘American Idol’ judge knows that less really is more

Jimmy Kimmel Turns Kim Kardashian's Backside Into A Snowblower [VIDEO]

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins

This can’t be unseen

Alessandra Ambrosio Flaunts Cleavage In Low-Cut Mini [PHOTOS]

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins
Alessandra Ambrosio cleavage

This Victoria’s Secret model knows how to capture attention

Pretty Obvious A Casual Drug Deal Happened On Live TV

Entertainment | Matthew Bedford

Stay classy, Worcester

Kim Kardashian's Rump Used For SAT Prep

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins

That’s one way to study

This Boxer Whooped His Biggest Fan On Camera

Sports | Matthew Bedford

A promise is a promise

'Bourne' Director In Talks To Remake '1984'

Entertainment | Giuseppe Macri

Big Brother could get big-screen comeback for the first time since 1984

Butts At Stake: ABC Execs Won't Allow J. Lo And Iggy Azalea To Rub Rumps At AMAs

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins

But spanking is just fine

10 Hours Of Being A Lamborghini In NYC Is The Greatest

Entertainment | Matthew Bedford

Tough life

Bill Cosby Bullies AP Reporter To Delete Rape Question From Interview

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins

‘If you want to consider yourself to be serious…’

Jay Leno Surprises Wounded War Hero With Brand New Dodge SRT Hellcat

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins

‘America loves you’

Award-Winning Director Mike Nichols Dies At 83

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins
Mike Nichols dies at age 83

Director of ‘The Graduate’ and ‘The Bird Cage’

NBC Kills Planned Bill Cosby Pilot In Wake Of New Rape Accusations

Entertainment | Al Weaver

NBC follows Netflix’s announcement canceling comedy special slated for next week

Bill Cosby Jokes About Drugging Women's Drinks In Old Stand-Up Segment

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins

14 women have accused him of sexual assault or rape

Latex Dress Can Hardly Contain Kim Kardashian

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins


Tony Hawk Rode A REAL Hoverboard

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

‘If you don’t believe me, it’s your loss’

Kim Kardashian Said Those Nude Photos Made Her Feel 'Really Good' About Herself

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins
Kim Kardashian nude photos

‘I’m never one to preach, but…’

Angry Hula Hooper Puts Oprah Through The Ringer

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins

Stirs up hoopla

Memphis Native/Grizzlies' Owner Embarrasses Fool On Twitter

Sports | Christian Datoc
Justin Timberlake accepts the award for favorite album for "The 20/20 Experience" at the 2014 People's Choice Awards in Los Angeles

When you play with fire, you’re gonna get burned

This Hollywood Actor Is Pro-Gun And Anti-Coyote

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins

‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ actor shoots, skins and tans them by hand

Question: How Many Drugs Did Willow And Jaden Smith Take Before This Interview?

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins

Answer: all of them

Kim Kardashian Is Buying Her Toddler A Private Island, Complete With Theme Park

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins
Kim Kardashian buying private island

And building a theme park on it, too

Kate Upton's Zero Gravity Stunt

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins

This time it doesn’t involve a gold bikini

Bono Does Not Know How To Ride A Bike

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins

And continues his streak of terrible luck

Amanda Bynes Was Just Kidding About Wanting To Murder Her Family

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins

After being caught on tape saying, ‘Nothing would give me greater pleasure than slitting his throat’

New Dance Craze, Or The Weirdest Thing You'll See On The Internet This Week?

Entertainment | Derek Hunter

This Chinese music video has it all

No Punchline Here: Bill Cosby Stays Silent On Screams Of Rape

Entertainment | Reuters

The comedian has been accused of rape and sexual assault over 13 times

Obama And Mitch McConnell Get WASTED Together In 'SNL' Opener

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins

And prank call Hillary Clinton

These Left-Handed Babes Are 'Right' Up Your Alley

Entertainment | TheDC Entertainment

I’ve gotta ‘hand’ it to ya, these chicks are smokin’

Victoria's Secret Fantasy Bras Through The Years, And The Babes Who Wore Them

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins

These babes brought the bling

The Daily Caller Visits The NRA Headquarter's Gun Range

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins

An office outing that’s just appropriate

Woman Calls Cops Because Charlize Theron Put Her Child In Timeout

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins
Charlize Theron disciplining child

Because disciplining a child is wrong, apparently

Chrissy Teigen's Wardrobe Malfunction

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins

Walks through the airport with a rip in her pants

Hilarious Video Skewers Feminism Through Breakfast Cereal

Entertainment | Derek Hunter

GamerGate gets its comeuppance through parody

Absolute Smokeshow Nails National Anthems At Bruins-Canadiens Game

Sports | Christian Datoc

Briannah Donolo melts ice… and my heart

Katy Perry Teases Cleavage On Twitter [PHOTOS]

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins
Katy Perry cleavage

What is this, racy picture season?

This Year's Victoria's Secret Holiday Commercials Are The Best Ones Yet

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins

Christmas comes early!

Kim Kardashian Goes Fully Nude, Free Of Charge [NSFW PHOTOS]

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins

It was only a matter of time

Emily Ratajkowski's Underboob Is Over The Top [PHOTOS]

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins

And it can’t be unseen

Fox News' 'Man Who Killed Usama Bin Laden' Interview Scores Ratings Boon

Entertainment | Al Weaver

Special documentary pulls in highest viewers total during 10 p.m. hour of 2014

Kim Kardashian's Talent Is Balancing A Champagne Glass On Her Backside [PHOTOS]

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins

Well, this one just makes sense

Does Chelsea Handler's Rear Live In Kim Kardashian's Shadow? [PHOTOS]

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins

‘Guess which one’s real?’

Ryan Seacrest Is The Only Person Who Hasn't Abandoned 'American Idol'

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins

Another judge gives up on the lifeless show

Khloe Kardashian Thinks The KKK Is Hilarious [PHOTOS]

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins

Makes joke but quickly deletes it

Candice Swanepoel Is Getting Ready For The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show [PHOTOS]

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins

First stop? Lingerie fitting