Ohio State Basketball Player Invents New Way To Score

Christian Datoc
Ohio State's Sam Thompson Video

You’ve definitely never seen this before

LPGA Stunner Sinks Hole-In-1 At HSBC Championship, Looks Good Doin' It

Sports | Christian Datoc

‘Sexy’ Lexi Thompson has legs fore days

Masked Russell Westbrook Delivers Super-Hero Performance

Sports | Evan Wilt

Career-high in both points and rebounds after facial surgery

College Basketball Analyst Said He Has Been Milked

Sports | Andrew Lief

‘I have been milked’

Random Bros Really Need To Stop Picking Fights With UFC Champions

Sports | Christian Datoc

Ronda Rousey… still undefeated

The AP Will Flood NCAA Coverage With Robot Reporting

Sports | Evan Wilt
College World Series - Vanderbilt v Virginia - Game Three

‘The AP will be able to produce thousands of additional stories for the wire’

Pee-Wee Russians Skip Post-Game Handshakes In Favor Of Bench-Clearing Brawl

Sports | Christian Datoc

Those 8 year olds are adorably violent

This NHL Goalie's Wife Is A Pucking Bombshell

Sports | Christian Datoc
Noureen DeWulf (photo: Instagram)

Good God

POLL: Which Female Athlete Had The Hottest SI Swimsuit Shoot?

Entertainment | Christian Datoc
Caroline Wozniacki (screenshot: YouTube)

UFC’s Ronda Rousey vs. WTA’s Caroline Wozniacki… Take our poll!

SAFE BET: Philly Fan Isn't Happy With The Eagles' Off-Season Roster Moves

| Christian Datoc
File photo of Philadelphia Eagles running back McCoy is forced out of bounds by Indianapolis Colts linebacker McNary during game in Indianapolis

‘How the f**k do you trade LeSean McCoy to the BUFFALO F*****G BILLS?!?!?!’

NBA All-Star Posterizes Defender With FEROCIOUS Slam

Sports | Christian Datoc

‘The Manimal’ is unstoppable!

College Pitcher Has The Realest Leg Kick In Baseball And Is Probably Made Of Rubber

Sports | Christian Datoc

Mr. Fantastic-esque

NBA Coach Sings Michael Jackson Song

Sports | Andrew Lief

He should stick to coaching

7-Year-Old Spits Epic NASCAR Rap

Sports | Scott Cook

This kid is a prodigy

WICKED, HUGE Fight Breaks Out In Stands At NHL Game

Sports | Christian Datoc


NHL Defenseman Dealt to Hometown In Wake of Daughter's Heartfelt Letter

Sports | Scott Cook
Photo: Getty Images Sports/Elsa

‘My dad is very lonly without his family. We are living in Minnesota right now and I am lost without my dad.’

These Smokin' MLB WAGs Will Definitely Heat Up Spring Training

Slideshow | Christian Datoc

Play ball!

Guess Who Showed Up To Prime Minister Netanyahu's Congressional Address?

Sports | Christian Datoc
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (photo: Getty Images)

Super Bowl Champ shows Bibi some love

'Dude Perfect' And 2-Time World Long Drive Champ Team Up For Mind-Blowing Trick-Shot Video

Sports | Christian Datoc


Heat-Suns Game Erupts Into Full-Out Slug Fest

Sports | Christian Datoc

3 ejections in Goran Dragic’s first game against old team

Girl's Basketball Team Disqualified From Playoffs After Wearing Pink Jerseys For Charity

Sports | Christian Datoc
Narbonne High's pink uniforms (screenshot: Fox 11)

So much for breast cancer awareness

Can This Rugby Player Succeed In The NFL?

Sports | Evan Wilt

Jarryd Hayne announced he is signing with 49ers

DeRozan Punishes Rim With One-Handed Jam As Raptors Cruise Past 76ers

Sports | Christian Datoc

DeMar, da merrier

NBA Star Buys 1,000 Tickets for Fans in Gesture of Appreciation

Sports | Scott Cook
Photo: Craig Lassig/AFP/Getty Images

‘Love you all, and thanks for the love’

Syracuse Lacrosse Team Fakes Out Opponent With This Awesome Play

Sports | Jane Bartlett Pappas

Keep your eye on the ball

FOUL! MVP Candidate Gives King James A Kick In The Crown Jewels

Sports | Christian Datoc

Low blow from ‘The Beard’ lifts Rockets over Cavaliers

What Did Duke Officials Know About Sexual Assault Allegations?

Sports | Robert Pursell
Duke Chapel

Sulaimon was accused by two separate female students

Man Has Seizure Mid-Skydive, Saved By Instructor

Sports | Scott Cook

‘The scariest moment of my life’

Houston Rockets Troll LeBron By Naming A New 'King James'

Sports | Andrew Lief
The Houston Rockets trolled LeBron James after their win on Sunday. (Twitter/@HoustonRockets)

Is there a new king of the NBA?

College Basketball Player Brings Down Hoop With Dunk

Sports | Scott Cook
Photo: Screenshot from YouTube

Throw it down, big man!

PC Culture Now Coming After University Fight Songs

Opinion | John Steigerwald
University of Wisconsin vs Wofford College, 2010 NCAA East Regional Playoffs Round 1

That’s right. No more fight song

College Basketball Coach Threatens To 'Kill' His Own Player -- AFTER WINNING

Sports | Christian Datoc

He has zero chill

Former Louisville Basketball Standout Charged With Rape, Sodomy

Sports | Christian Datoc
Chris Jones (photo: Getty Images)

Chris Jones surrendered peacefully on Thursday

Mind-Blowing GoPro Video Showcases Sidney Crosby's Insane Skills

Sports | Scott Cook
Photo: Getty Images/Justin K. Aller

Amazing, purely amazing

Grizzlies Forward Drains 62-Foot Shot at the Buzzer [VIDEO]

Sports | Scott Cook
Photo: Screenshot from YouTube

From waaay downtown!

Nuggets Center Earns Hilarious Technical Foul After Defender Tries to Flop [VIDEO]

Sports | Scott Cook
Photo: Screenshot from YouTube

Jusuf Nurkic is not amused by your flops

Timberwolves' Fans Embrace Team's Legend In His Return

Sports | Andrew Lief
Fans were excited for Kevin Garnett's return Wednesday night. (Screenshot)

The ‘Big Ticket’ is back in Minnesota

This Freshman Scored 30 Points In Final Minutes, Team Still Loses

| Evan Wilt
Florida State v North Carolina

Near solo late game comeback

LA Angels Slugger Josh Hamilton Reportedly Relapses With Drugs

Sports | Scott Cook
Photo: Getty Images/Stephen Dunn

The troubled star once again hits a bump in the road

Did Rob Gronkowski Just Wife Up A Smokin' Hot SI Swimsuit Model?

Sports | Christian Datoc

Let’s investigate

McDonalds Spokesman LeBron James Is In The McDog House

Sports | Christian Datoc

Probably shouldn’t have bashed the food… just a guess

California Democrat: Ban Chewing Tobacco From Baseball -- FOR THE CHILDREN

Sports | Eric Owens
Getty Images/The Boston Glob/Jim Davis, Getty Images/Jonathan Daniel, Getty Images/Joe Robbins

‘It’s really cool to be like the pros’

LeBron Unhappy About 10-Year-Old Son Receiving College Offers

Sports | Scott Cook
LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers

‘It should be a violation. You shouldn’t be recruiting ten-year-old kids’

Need A Way To Smuggle Booze Into Games? 'The Cool Baby' Has Your Back

Sports | Christian Datoc

Infant-astic idea!

Former NBA MVP Needs Another Knee Surgery

Sports | Andrew Lief
Derrick Rose tore his right meniscus for the second season in a row. (Photo Courtesy of Flickr User Keith Allison)

Tough break for D. Rose

SAVE OF THE YEAR: NHL Goalie Flashes Some INCREDIBLE Glove Work

Sports | Christian Datoc

Pucking unbelievable

LeBron James Crowned King Of Assists

Sports | Evan Wilt
NBA All-Star Game 2015

Passes Scottie Pippen as the all-time leader

Nearly 7 Foot 14-Year-Old Basketball Prodigy Is A Shot-Blocking NIGHTMARE

Sports | Christian Datoc

Manute Bol 2.0

BREAKING: ESPN Suspends Keith Olbermann For Bashing Pediatric Cancer Charity

Sports | Christian Datoc
Keith Olbermann is a douche (photo: Getty Images)

What a jerk

Kobe Bryant Was NOT Happy With The Lakers Postgame Celebration

Sports | Andrew Lief

‘When I saw that, all I could think of was you’

In Honor Of Bobby Knight, A List Of The Top Sports Meltdowns Of All Time

Sports | Christian Datoc

Check out the greatest meltdowns in sports history

Random Guy Challenges UFC Fighter And Surprise, Surprise It Doesn't Go Well

Sports | Christian Datoc

Why do people keep doing this?

The Houston Rockets' Twitter Account Has Some Serious Game

Sports | Andrew Lief
The Houston Rockets beat the Minnesota Timberwolves 113-102 Monday night. (Twitter/@HoustonRockets)

‘Ricky Rubio may be dead’

Cleveland Browns Release Updated Logo... Except It's Exactly The Same As The Old One

Sports | Christian Datoc
The Cleveland Browns' new logo looks familiar... (photo: Cleveland Browns)

Is this a joke?

Blast Off! James Harden's Triple-Double Lifts Rockets Over Timberwolves

Sports | Christian Datoc

Fear the beard…

NBA Defensive Player of the Year Posterized

Sports | Scott Cook
Photo: Getty Images/Andrew D. Bernstein

DeAndre Jordan claims another victim

Marshawn Lynch Wants To OWN This Phrase

Sports | Evan Wilt
NFC Champion Seattle Seahawks Team Media Availability

‘This is just listening to the marketplace’

Kansas Basketball Coach Gets Crushed By Rowdy Fans

Sports | Evan Wilt
Bill Self Crushed

Court storming may have just crossed the line

Red Sox Agree to Deal With Prized Cuban Prospect Yoan Moncada

Sports | Scott Cook
Photo: Getty Images/J. Merick

The Red Sox stole him from the Yankees

Florida Police Seize Truck, $200,000 In Arrest Of Football Player

Sports | PG Veer
Las Vegas Metro Police officers and FBI agents stand in the street after a stand-off in Las Vegas

Justified under civil asset forfeiture law

Embattled NFL Star's Agent Makes Headlines

Sports | Mickey Hanley
Minnesota Vikings v Dallas Cowboys

‘It’s over’

Not Surprised: 10-Year-Old LeBron James Jr. Can Flat-Out Ball

Sports | Christian Datoc

Prince James has some nasty handles

UConn Cornerback Crushes Jump Record At NFL Combine

Sports | Jane Bartlett Pappas

His broad-jump and vertical are UNREAL

NFL Prospect Falls On His Face At The 2015 Scouting Combine

Sports | Christian Datoc


Why Is Phil Jackson S**t Talking The Knicks On Twitter?

Sports | Christian Datoc
Phil Jackson is not happy with the state of the Knicks (photo: Getty Images)

Seems like an interesting stance for the team’s president

Soccer Player Body-Slams Opponent

Sports | Scott Cook

That’s gotta hurt!

UFC Heavyweight Only Needed 100 Seconds To Deliver VICIOUS Knockout

| Christian Datoc
Frank Mir weighs in (photo: Getty Images)

One punch, son!

Ex-Knicks Embarrass Current Knicks On SICK Alley-Oop [VIDEO]

Sports | Scott Cook
Photo: Screenshot from YouTube

‘Enjoying every second of their return to The Garden’

NBA Center Rejected Harder Than A 'C' Student Applying To Harvard

Sports | Scott Cook
Photo: Screenshot from YouTube

Polish Hammered

Michael Phelps' Fiancee Is A Gold Medal Caliber Hottie

Sports | Christian Datoc
Michael Phelps and Nicole Johnson

Most decorated Olympian ever + Miss California = good gene pool

Leader Of The Pack: Joey Logano Holds Off Harvick, Earnhardt To Win Daytona 500

Sports | Christian Datoc

Second youngest winner in race history

NBA Veteran Turns Back The Clock With Monster Dunk

Sports | Andrew Lief

‘Put it on a Vine’

The MLB's Newest Dumb Idea

Opinion | John Steigerwald
New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg speaks as New York Mets Chairman and CEO Fred Wilpon smiles during a news conference in New York

Surprisingly enough, the federal government stayed out of this one.

Ouch! Teacher BODY SLAMS Female Colleague During Pickup Basketball Game

Sports | Christian Datoc

Elementary School Smackdown!

Bone-Crushing Hit Leaves Hockey Player Unconscious

Sports | Mickey Hanley

Here comes the.. BOOM!

This Miami Heat All-Star's Season Is In Jeopardy

Sports | Mickey Hanley
Miami Heat v New York Knicks

Best wishes for a speedy recovery

One Week Into The Season, This College Baseball Player Already Made The Catch Of The Year

Sports | Christian Datoc


Kevin Garnett Reunited With Timberwolves At Trade Deadline

Sports | Jude Abeler
Kevin Garnett, photo: Reuters Pictures

‘Big Ticket’ back home

49ers Quarterback Colin Kaepernick Vaporizes Hater On Twitter

Sports | Christian Datoc
Colin Kaepernick (photo: Getty Images)

‘You got 8 followers bruh your own family don’t even want to know what you doin! Get better at life!’

CAUGHT ON TAPE: Video Shows NFL Official Tampered With Game Balls During AFC Championship

Sports | Christian Datoc

The Deflate Gate ‘House of Cards’ finally falls

How Is That Possible? Trick-Shot Gods And GoPro Team Up For UNBELIEVABLE Video

Sports | Christian Datoc

The Bryan Bros are back at it

Undefeated MMA Fighter Alexa Grasso Is The Cutest Little Badass On The Planet

Sports | Christian Datoc

Total knockout

Overtime Thriller! #4 Duke Blue Devlis Rally Past #15 UNC Tar Heels

Sports | Christian Datoc


WATCH NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Run A Painfully Slow 40-Yard Dash

Sports | Christian Datoc

I guess that’s not bad for a 55-year-old white guy

ACC UPSET: Syracuse Orange Topples #12 Louisville Cardinals

Sports | Christian Datoc
Not in my house! (photo: Getty Images)

Orange on top!

The Sexiest Surfer On The Planet Wants To Heat Up Your Hump Day

Entertainment | Christian Datoc

Anastasia Ashley I love you

Sorry Doesn't Cut It, A-Rod, Even If It's In Cursive

Opinion | Marc Sterne
Yankees Rodriguez bats against the Blue Jays during their MLB baseball game in Toronto

His apology is as embarrassing as his steroid use.

8th Graders Lose Title Game When Final Shot Gets Stuck On Rim

Sports | Evan Wilt

How is this even possible?

Check Out These Outrageous Baseball Programs From The '60s

Sports | Mickey Hanley
San Francisco Giants v Houston Astros

‘There are no words’

UCLA Guard Splits Defense With INSANE Cross-Over And Dunks It Home

Sports | Scott Cook

Behind-the-back and between-the-legs

Jeff Gordon Wins Pole For His Last Daytona 500

Sports | Scott Cook
Photo: Getty Images/Brian Lawdermilk

Gordon and teammate Jimmie Johnson earn front row spots in controversial qualifying format

A-Rod's Steroid Supplier Gets Four Years In Prison

Sports | Evan Wilt
FILE -- Anthony Bosch, former Biogenesis of America clinic owner

Anthony Bosch owned the Biogenesis clinic

Happy Birthday MJ! Count Down His Airness' All-Time Top Plays

Sports | Christian Datoc

I could watch this all day

Beat The Blizzard Blues By Checking Out The Hottest Sports Reporter On The Planet

Entertainment | Christian Datoc
Charissa Thompson brings the heat (photo: Instagram)

Charissa Thompson… straight fire

Pakistan Cricket Fans Smash TVs After Loss to India

Sports | Scott Cook

It was time for them to upgrade to flatscreens anyway

College Basketball Player Ejected For Punching Opponent In The Face

Sports | Andrew Lief
Sterling Gibbs was ejected for punching an opponent Monday night. (Screenshot)

That can’t be legal