Sexual Predators: Network Apologizes For Airing Porn

Sports | Mickey Hanley

‘We apologize for the technical difficulties’

Super Bowl Shines Spotlight On Stadium Subsidies

Daily Caller News Foundation | Peter Fricke

Arizona taxpayers are unlikely to recoup stadium subsidy costs from Super Bowl boost

Minnesota Timberwolves Take Shot At Former Timberwolves' All-Star In Video

Sports | Andrew Lief


Cavaliers Shower NBA All-Star In Water After Big Game

Sports | Andrew Lief

LeBron James rocks the underwear

The Great Beer Amid Cincy

Sports | Scott Cook
Photo: Twitter/@darrenrovell

$1 beer night a huge win with fans

Athletes Dropping Thousands On Tricked-Out Mouthpieces

Sports | Scott Cook

Shine bright like a diamond!

Chaffetz Wants An End To Pro Sports Tax Exemptions

Sports | Nick Givas
NFL: NFC Championship-Green Bay Packers at Seattle Seahawks

‘Professional sports organizations aren’t fooling anybody’

Based On This Golf Shot, Tim Tebow Went Pro In The Wrong Sport

Sports | Christian Datoc


Physically Impossible: Not Even Rachel Maddow Can Deflate Balls That Quickly

Sports | Christian Datoc

MSNBC host busts NFL’s balls over Deflate-Gate leaks

Meet The Classless Idiot That Mocked 'American Sniper' And Beastmode In A Single Tweet

Entertainment | Christian Datoc

Yeah… he probably shouldn’t have said that

'Key & Peele' Release Hilarious New Video With NFL Players

Sports | Andrew Lief
Aaron Rodgers made an appearance in the latest "Key and Peele" video. (Screenshot)

‘Is Ha Ha Clinton-Dix even real?’

Patriots Fans: Get Ready To Go Bananas!

Sports | Scott Cook

‘When in doubt, ask an orangutan!’

College Basketball Player Throws Down Monster Dunk, Then Falls Down Hard

Sports | Andrew Lief

‘Havoc’ strikes again

Power Drunk NFL Fining Marshawn For Wearing A Hat At NFL Media Day

Sports | Christian Datoc
Marshawn Lynch at Super Bowl Media Day (photo: Reuters Pictures)

This is getting ridiculous

NBA Legend Honored with 7-Foot-Tall Bobblehead

Sports | Scott Cook
Photo: Screenshot from Twitter @warriors

A whole lot better than other bobblehead blunders

Pete Carroll Asked About 9/11 During Super Bowl Media Day

Sports | Mickey Hanley

‘I don’t recall that conversation’

This Pass Is Why This NBA All-Star Is The Best Point Guard In The League

Sports | Christian Datoc

He’s not just a one trick pony

Rajon Rondo Can Dunk?! [VIDEO]

Sports | Scott Cook
Photo: Getty Images/Ronald Martinez

Big surprise from the little guy!

NBA D-League Teammates Ejected For Fighting Each Other

Sports | Andrew Lief
Teammates Kalin Lucas and Jarnell Stokes fought each other Tuesday night. (Screenshot)

It’s not every everyday two teammates fight during a game

Check Out The BEST Moments From The Circus That Is Super Bowl Media Day

Sports | Christian Datoc

‘I’m here so I don’t get fined.’

It's Almost NASCAR Season, Let's Remember Danica Patrick's HOTTEST Moments

Slideshow | Christian Datoc

Guaranteed to rev your engine

NBA Star Completely BLOWS Wide-Open Layup

Sports | Scott Cook

NBA or backyard basketball?

Future University Of Tennessee Player Trolls Auburn Coaching Staff

Sports | Christian Datoc

This kid is definitely going places

Deflate-Gate: Tom Brady Accused Of White Privilege

Sports | Patrick Howley
NFL: NFL: Super Bowl XLIX-New England Patriots Press Conference

‘He seems most responsible for these balls being deflated, which gives people a competitive edge’

NBA Center Makes a Weeks Worth of Highlights in 39 Seconds!

Sports | Scott Cook

Block, block, block, DUNK!

Patriots Cornerback Tells Teammates To Target Injured Seattle Players

Opinion | Christian Datoc
Brandon Browner plays tough (photo: Reuters Pictures)

Seahawks somehow OK with their former teammate’s comments

NBA Swingman's Incredible Save And Pass Leads To Basket

Sports | Andrew Lief
Jamal Crawford saved the ball and made a behind-the-back pass to Matt Barnes for a layup Monday night. (Screenshot)

And people think he’s only a scorer

The Ten Lamest Super Bowls EVER

Entertainment | Scott Cook
Super Bowl XLVIII: Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks (Photo: Getty Images/Elsa)

Big game busts!

Frank Caliendo's Deflate-Gate Impressions Are HILARIOUS

Sports | Christian Datoc


NBA All-Star Tried To Score With His Head

Sports | Andrew Lief
Marc Gasol tried to score with his head after a whistle in the Grizzlies win on Monday night. (Screentshot)

Spain could have used him at the World Cup

DEFLATE-GATE LATEST: Patriots Owner Says NFL Should Apologize To Belichick, Brady

Sports | Christian Datoc

‘They are my guys. They are my family’

These Winter X Games Athletes Really Heated Things Up

Slideshow | Scott Cook

Smokeshows on the snow

MMA Fighters Knocking Themselves Out Is A Reminder That Things Could Always Be Worse

Sports | Christian Datoc

Stop hitting yourself!

You WON'T BELIEVE This Russian Hockey Player's Epic, 360 Penalty Shot

Sports | Christian Datoc


Lance Armstrong Speaks Out On Doping: 'I'd do it again'

Sports | Christian Datoc
Lance Armstrong (photo: Reuters Pictures)

‘It’s a complicated question, and my answer is not a popular answer’

10 Times Athletes ACTUALLY Cheated

Slideshow | Robert Pursell

Forget about ‘deflate-gate’

Did A Pats-Hating NFL Executive LIE About How Deflated Balls Really Were?

Sports | Christian Datoc

‘They hate us cuz they ain’t us’

10 Snack Foods You MUST Have At Your Super Bowl Party

Slideshow | Andrew Lief

The second-best game on Super Bowl Sunday is seeing how much you can eat

Jay Cutler Is The Worst Babysitter Ever

Sports | Jane Bartlett Pappas
Kristin Cavallari & husband Jay Cutler (photo: Instagram)

“I’m about to leave”

I Stand Corrected: THIS NHL Player's Model Girlfriend Is The Sexiest Woman On The Planet

Sports | Christian Datoc
Mara Teigen, take a bow (photo: Instagram)

Move over Chrissy, there’s a new Teigen in town

Chris Berman Gets Angry On Camera Again

Sports | Andrew Lief

In fairness, the Pro Bowl makes everyone angry

Conflict Of Interest In Dwight Howard Abuse Case

Sports | Nick Givas
Kevin Garnett runs Dwight Howard (photo: Reuters Pictures)

His uncle’s the prosecutor

JJ Watt Makes SICK ONE-HANDED Grab At The Pro Bowl [VIDEO]

Sports | Scott Cook

What can’t J.J. Watt do?

NBA All-Star Is A 'Wizard' On The Court

Sports | Andrew Lief

‘Do the John Wall, John Wall’

UPDATE: ESPN Yanks 'Sports Science: Deflate-Gate' Video Exonerating New England

Opinion | Christian Datoc

This is getting pathetic

BREAKING: Bill Belichick Says Investigation Clears Patriots Of Wrong-Doing

Sports | Christian Datoc

‘At no time was there any attempt whatsoever to try to compromise the integrity of the game.’

Stop What You're Doing And WATCH Klay Thompson MAKE NBA HISTORY

Sports | Christian Datoc

Even if you’re not a basketball fan, this is amazing to watch

BREAKING: Cubs Legend, Dead At 83

Sports | Christian Datoc

R.I.P. Ernie Banks

BREAKING: Physics Professor Gives DEFINITIVE COUNTER To Deflate-Gate Accusations

Sports | Christian Datoc

Science, 1. Goodell, 0.

Beliebers Secure All-Star Starter Status For Toronto Point Guard

Sports | Mickey Hanley
Indiana Pacers v Miami Heat - Game Seven

Don’t mess with the Biebs

Is This The Silkiest, One-Handed, Curveball Bounce-Pass OF ALL TIME?

Sports | Christian Datoc

Yes. Yes it is.

Charismatic NHL Goalie To Debut Star-Studded TV Series

Sports | Mickey Hanley
New York Rangers v Montreal Canadiens - Game Two

‘The King’ and I

NCAA, UNC Sued Over Bogus Classes

Daily Caller News Foundation | Blake Neff
UNC basketball

NCAA ignored widespread fraud, athletes argues

$20 Says This NBA Team Isn't Happy Their Leading Scorer Just Got A DUI

Sports | Christian Datoc
Ty Lawson (photo: Reuters Pictures)

Arrested early Friday morning

Clippers All-Star Has Some 'Fun' On National TV

Sports | Mickey Hanley

‘No, don’t do that!’

Fistfight Breaks Out During Alabama-Auburn Game

Sports | Mickey Hanley
Colorado v Arizona

And down goes the ref!

Doh! Goalie Phenom Looked Pretty Un-Phenomenal While Scoring On His Own Goal

Sports | Christian Datoc

Yeah… you’re supposed to keep the pucks out of there

NFL Hires Major Democrat To Investigate Brady's Balls

Sports | Patrick Howley
NFL: New England Patriots-Tom Brady Press Conference

‘Ted served as national treasurer for Senator Bill Bradley’s presidential campaign’

Liberals Are OUTRAGED This Tennis Star Sizzles On The Court

Sports | Christian Datoc

She’s damn good at tennis too

Tom Brady Addresses Deflate-Gate: 'This Isn't ISIS'

Sports | Al Weaver

‘No one is dying’

Back-To-Back Golds! American Snowboarder Makes X Games History

Sports | Christian Datoc

U-S-A! U-S-A!

Inmate Files $88 Billion Lawsuit Against NFL

Sports | Mickey Hanley

‘Dean Blandino, Gene Steratore, and Roger Goodell are wrong’

Spurs Guard Pays Tribute To Late ESPN Anchor

Sports | Mickey Hanley

‘He brought a different kind of culture to the sports world’

Tom Brady Addresses 'Deflate-Gate' Scandal

Sports | Scott Cook

‘When I felt them, they were perfect’

Hey Patriots, This Chick Just Solved Your Deflated Ball Situation

Sports | Kaitlan Collins

‘Did you feel them?’

The Best 'Balls' Related Tweets From Tom Brady's Press Conference

Sports | Derek Hunter
Tom Brady (photo: Reuters Pictures)

Rarely does any scandal’ so easily lend itself to jokes

Australian Sniper! Ball Boy Hit In Groin By 121 MPH Serve

Sports | Scott Cook

That’s gotta hurt!

This 2015 NFL Bad Lip Reading Is THE MOST Hysterical One Yet

Sports | Kaitlan Collins

‘Did I mention that I never planned to serve you rodent meat?’

Soccer Star Scores Fantastic Goal, Flubs Celebration

Sports | Scott Cook

Smooth, real smooth…

Star Shooter Dunks For The First Time In Two Seasons, Wins $100 Bet With Teammate

Sports | Andrew Lief
Kyle Korver dunked in the Hawks win over the Pacers on Wednesday. (@Sportingnews/Twitter)

White men CAN jump

NBA MVP Puts Wizards Center On A Poster

Sports | Andrew Lief
Kevin Durant dunked over Marcin Gortat

‘He punched it on Gortat’

SHOCKING VIDEO: Mixed Martial Arts Fighter Gets Tased By Police In Front Of Family

Sports | Christian Datoc

Tape proves cops were in the wrong

A Boston Coffee Shop Is Taking Shots At The Patriots

Sports | Andrew Lief
Boston Common Coffee Company made deflated football cookies. (Bostoncommoncoffee/Instagram)

Would you like deflated or regular?

Victoria's Secret Models And Football? YES PLEASE!

Sports | Christian Datoc

Check out the HOT new commercial

Seahawks Punter Trolls Old Team With Aaron Rodgers' Touchdown Celebration

Sports | Christian Datoc

‘Discount Double Check’ it out

Pro Surfer Dies After Being Shot On Brazilian Beach

Sports | Scott Cook
Ricardo dos Santos - Photo courtesy of: Flickr user Rafael Calsinski de Assis

40 liters of blood couldn’t save him

Who Deflated The Balls? Here Are The Suspects

Slideshow | Christian Datoc

TheDC knows who’s really responsible