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This NFL E-mail Made Manziel's Finger Incident Awkwardly Sexual

Screenshot: YouTube/Popular Vine Videos

‘Manziel Fingers Redskins’

NFL To Performers: Pay Up To Play Halftime

Who’s playing depends on who’s paying

Jessica Alba Takes Mound To Throw First Pitch At Dodgers Game [VIDEO]

The ‘Sin City’ sequel actress has GREAT form

Two Games For Ray Rice. 42 Months For Gun Owning Mother Of Two

It’s time to direct some loud and long outrage at Judge Michael Donio and District Attorney Jim McClain.

GROSS: Soccer Player Receives A Disgusting Surprise Attack From Above

Some people pay $180 for a bird poop mask, a facial that spas claim acts as a cleanser. Others suggest just washing your face. (photo: Beppie K/ Flickr)

Manchester United lost 1-2 to Swansea City

FSU Female Rapper Is A Special Kind Of Crazy

Quit trying to be Iggy Azalea

College Football Playoff Criteria Finally Released

Get pumped!

OJ Simpson's Prison Cell Is Plastered With Kim K's Nude Pics

Not creepy at all

Tom Brady Touches His Center's Butts More Than Their Wives Do, Says Tom Brady

‘It’s a pretty unique trust and relationship you have’

ASU Lineman Coming Out Is A 'Non-Story' And That's Good For Sports

She had the best seat in the house

Paul Pierce Is Afraid Of The Basketball 'Afterlife'

Photo Credit: Getty Images

I ain’t afraid of no ghosts

Dog The Bounty Hunter To War Machine: 'I Am Coming After YOU'

That’s what you get for beating women, scumbag

Pirates Pitcher Makes RIDICULOUS Catch To Save A Run From Scoring

A modern-day Greg Maddux

Raiders And Cowboys Practice Gets Violent

At least it’s not a stabbin’!

Paul Bisonnette Destroys The Ice Bucket Challenge

Helicopters and glaciers and stuff.

Great Moments In Baseball T-Shirt Misprints: Mike Trout Is NOT A Los Angeles Dodger

Oakland Athletics v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

As if the Dodgers outfield wasn’t stacked enough

Ward Jr.'s Aunt Lashes Out At Tony Stewart Following Fatal Racing Collision

Flowers lay next to the front entrance of the Canandaigua Motorsports Park on August 10, 2014 in Canandaigua, New York. NASCAR Sprint Cup driver Tony Stewart hit and killed sprint car driver Kevin Ward Jr. during a dirt track race at Canandaigua August 9, after Ward Jr. had exited his car. Stewarts team announced he will not drive in the Cheez-It 355 At The Glen race. (Photo: Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)

‘Thanks for thinking of our family tony Stewart when you decided to be a d**k!’

NASCAR Star Tony Stewart Killed Walking Driver During Race

‘We’re business as usual today’

Why Minor League Football May Expose The Lie Of The NCAA

The NCAA logo is seen on the side of a hotel in Dallas, Texas

‘Everything stinks until it’s finished’

NCAA Loses BIG In Antitrust Case

‘This is a game-changer for college athletes, both current and former’

QB Throws Up On Field, Then Throws Touchdown Pass

He really hurled

ESPN Is Disgusting For Suspending Dan LeBatard

‘The Worldwide Leader In Sports’

Metta World Peace Is Changing His Name To WHAT?

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Probably should be Sir Throws-A-Punch

Shaq Has A Message For All The Lebron Haters

Reebok Classic Breakout

And it involves Photoshop

America Needs Drunk Fishing Championships NOW

‘That’s Andy, he never drinks beer.’

Here's Cristiano Ronaldo In A Japanese Mouth Shakeweight Ad

I don’t even know what’s real anymore

Be Forewarned: Calling Jim Edmonds A Huge D*ck Is A Bad Move

San Diego Padres vs St. Louis Cardinals - May 7, 2005

Bad life decision, kid

Pacman Jones Is About To Fight Ludacris Over Instagram Post

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Recidivism at its finest