Kevin Durant on Oklahoma City: 'I Love It Here and I Would Love to Get My Jersey Retired Here'

Sports | Scott Cook
Kevin Durant dunked over Marcin Gortat

The 2014 NBA MVP speaks out on his free-agency options in 2016

Michigan State Fan Could Win $1 Million From December Bet

Sports | Evan Wilt
The Michigan State Spartans

50-1 odds

'Kim Jung-un' Gets White Girl Wasted, Makes Out With 40 Chicks At Hong Kong Rugby Match

Sports | Christian Datoc

‘It’s good to be the king’

Welsh Cyclist EATS IT Thanks To Huge Gust Of Wind

Sports | Christian Datoc

… ouch

HOT TAKE: Little Kid SKEWERS NFL Quarterback In Elementary School Paper

Sports | Christian Datoc

‘The team never seems to win and I think he is the reason. He gets intercepted a lot’

Which Bombshell, Russian Supermodel Is The NHL's Leading Goal Scorer Now Dating?

Sports | Christian Datoc

She puts the ‘ass’ in ‘d-ass-vidanya’

Star Rookie Throws Down Monster Dunk Over Opponent

Sports | Andrew Lief
Andrew Wiggins dunked over Rudy Gobert Monday night. (Screenshot/Vine)

Expect dunks like this for the next 10 years

Is March Madness Rigged For Michigan State?

Sports | Robert Pursell
NCAA Basketball Tournament - Regionals - New York

The Illuminati has already decided who will win March Madness

LA Clippers Stars Impress With Ridiculous 180 Block and Skyscraping Alley-Oop [VIDEO]

Sports | Scott Cook
Photo: Getty Images/Ethan Miller

Human-highlight-reels Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan are at it again!

INSANE Brawl Between Two Greek Soccer Teams

Sports | Scott Cook
Photo: Screenshot from video

I can’t stress ‘INSANE’ enough!

Bro Goes Shopping With GF At Target; Balls So Hard M**********S Try To Find Him

Sports | Christian Datoc

‘Basketball Never Stops’

BUSTED! NFL Hands Out Punishments For Browns, Falcons

Sports | Christian Datoc

Fines and loss of picks in the upcoming draft

AMAZING! Dancing Kid Steals The Show At High School Basketball Game

Sports | Christian Datoc

Gettin’ jiggy wit’ it

WATCH The Cleveland Indians Read Mean Tweets From Fans

Sports | Christian Datoc

‘Nick Swisher is getting a second opinion on his knee. The first opinion is he sucks.’

CRAIGSLIST: Thirsty Michigan State Fan Offers 'Kiss and Boob Flash' For Final Four Tickets

Sports | Christian Datoc

How bad do you want it?

PACKED! Aaron Rodgers Manhandles Man-Baby Reporter On Twitter

Sports | Christian Datoc
Olivia Munn and Aaron Rodgers (Getty Images)

#quitcrying #youreajoke

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: 'Why I Converted To Islam'

Sports | Christian Datoc

‘It’s not easy being Muslim in America, but my choice was a spiritual transformation’

Maple Leafs' Dumpster Fire Intensifies

Sports | Mickey Hanley

Now burning as bright as the Sun

Victoria's Secret Angel Is Pretty Good At Golf But Better At Being Smokin' Hot

Entertainment | Christian Datoc

Nice swing

Based On These Hilarious Commercials, ESPN Needs To Get Christian Laettner On TV ASAP

Entertainment | Christian Datoc

‘… Impressive’

Closed Captioning Grants NBA Player Killer Nickname, Internet Loses Its Mind

Sports | Christian Datoc
Nik Stauskas is Sauce Castillo (photo: Twitter)

Nik Stauskas a.k.a. ‘Sauce Castillo’

These HILARIOUS Gym Fails Will Make You Feel Better About Being So Out Of Shape

Entertainment | Christian Datoc

Do you even lift, bro?

Sweet 16 Recap: Top Seeded Kentucky Steamrolls Into Quarterfinals

Sports | Christian Datoc

Wisconsin, Notre Dame and Arizona also advance

Forbes Just Estimated All 30 MLB Teams' Values; How Much Is Your Team Worth?

Business | Christian Datoc
New York Yankees' Alex Rodriguez takes batting practice at the Yankees minor league complex for spring training in Tampa

Average team value hits all-time highs

Mascot Madness: The 15 Most Bizarre Mascots In College Sports

Slideshow | Scott Cook

Go … uh … Artichokes?

Looking To Clog Your Arteries This Baseball Season?

Sports | Christian Datoc
The Brewers' Deep-Fried-Nachos-On-A-Stick (photo: Twitter)

These 8 concessions-stands offerings will help get the job done

Bro Rides Snowmobile Over Rapids And UP A FREAKING WATERFALL

Sports | Christian Datoc

Now I’ve seen everything

FURIOUS STUDENT: Hot Malaysian Race Car Driver Pranks Driving Instructors

Sports | Christian Datoc

These will never get old

LEGEND: Dean Smith Willed His Trust To Send $200.00 To Each Of His Former Players

Sports | Christian Datoc
Dean Smith (photo: Reuters Pictures)

It doesn’t get much classier than that

Bomb Threat At Aaron Hernandez Trial, Courthouse Evacuated

Sports | Christian Datoc
Aaron Hernandez (photo: Reuters Pictures)


Have You Banked In A Backwards, No-Look Buzzer Beater? This Third Grader Just Did

Sports | Christian Datoc

The bank is OPEN!

Tim Duncan Hits a Rare 3-Pointer and Wins $100 [VIDEO]

Sports | Scott Cook
San Antonio Spurs v New York Knicks

Don’t bet against the Big Fundamental!

Clippers-Knicks Game ERUPTS Into DeAndre Jordan's Dunk-A-Palooza

Sports | Christian Datoc

Highlight after highlight!

BOLD: Ohio State Already Penciled In The National Championship To Next Year's Schedule

Sports | Christian Datoc
National Champion Ohio State Buckeyes (photo: Reuters Pictures)

‘Watch out. We got a badass over here’

NEWS FLASH! UFC Octagon Girl Brittney Palmer Still Looks Good In A Swimsuit

Entertainment | Christian Datoc
Brittney Palmer (Instagram)

The evidence is undeniable

NBA Star Leaves Defender in Shambles After NASTY Crossover

Sports | Scott Cook

Should have worn ankle braces

MLB All-Star Gets First Haircut In 8 Years, Will Auction Dreadlocks For Charity

Sports | Christian Datoc
Andrew McCutchen (photo: Getty Images)

‘Why I love sports’ reason no. 2378286365287

Why Did UFC Champion Ronda Rousey Just Nearly Tear Off Jimmy Fallon's Arm?

Sports | Christian Datoc

They don’t call her ‘The Arm Collector’ for nothing…

WEDNESDAY WORKOUT: Circuit Training With Smokin' Hot Jaclyn Swedberg

Entertainment | Christian Datoc

The 2012 Playboy ‘Playmate Of The Year’ knows a thing or two about fitness

TAKE NO PRISONERS: MVP Candidate Reaches Back For Thunderous Alley-Oop

Sports | Christian Datoc

No regard for human life…

Spring Training Cinema: WATCH The Yankees Recreate 'The Sandlot'

Sports | Christian Datoc


Watch This Team Win On Crazy Last-Second Shot

Sports | Andrew Lief
Khris Middleton's game-winning shot beat the Miami Heat Tuesday night. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Right at the buzzer

Hockey Player Pranks Rival Fans With His New McDonald's Burger

Sports | Scott Cook
Photo: Getty Images/Al Bello

Watch what happens when Bruins fans enjoy a burger named for a Canadiens player

Warriors Guard Throws Down 360 Dunk Against The Wizards

Sports | Scott Cook

The Wizards were so bad that the Warriors had a mid-game dunk contest

MARCH MADNESS: Stay Up-To-Date On The Action With TheDC's Live Game Tracker!

Sports | Christian Datoc
March Madness (Getty Images)

GAME TIMES and SCORING UPDATES for all 32 first round matchups

College Athlete Finds Out How Life Can Change At The Speed Of Tweet

Daily Caller News Foundation | Josh Fatzick
Mo'Ne Davis pitching in Little League World Series

Saying it to the Internet is saying it to the public

Trashing The Home Team

Opinion | John Steigerwald

It takes guts to call out the Cowboys in Dallas

NC State Player Has Profane Response To Obama's NCAA Pick

Sports | Chuck Ross

Obama gets called out for third time this tourney

Obama Enjoys Ivy League Women's College Basketball As US Troops Flee Yemen

Politics | Eric Owens
Obama at basketball game Getty Images/Saul Loeb

Fans at the game chanted ‘four more years’

Lacrosse Goalie Scores Improbable Long-Range Goal

Sports | Mickey Hanley

Where was the other goalie?

Your Bracket Is Already Busted, UAB First Upset Of March Madness

Sports | Evan Wilt

95 percent of people picked this first round match-up wrong

Notre Dame Guard May Have Already Had The Play Of The Tournament

Sports | Andrew Lief
Demetrius Jackson had an incredible play during Thursday's game. (Screenshot/vine)

Play of the day

This Smokin' Hot Olympian SSLLOOWWWLLYY Exiting A Pool Is The Only Video I'm Watching Today

Sports | Christian Datoc

This requires multiple viewings

BRACKET POLITICS: Obama Down On UVA's Style Of Play

Sports | Patrick Howley
University of Virginia, Facebook

‘I’m an advocate of the NCAA changing the rules’

College Basketball Player's Shorts Fall Down While Going For A Rebound

Sports | Andrew Lief
Dayton's Dyshawn Pierre's shorts fell down during Wednesday night's game. (Screenshot/Vine)

Make sure your shorts are on tight, kids

Outright Madness: The Greatest Upsets and Cinderella Runs in NCAA Tournament History

Sports | Scott Cook

Hate it or love it; the underdog’s on top

WEDNESDAY WORKOUT: Nicole Mejia Gets 'Fit And Thick,' Looks Great Doin' It

Sports | Christian Datoc

You don’t want to skip-out on THIS leg day

The Flyers Fly To Home Floor To Begin Tournament Run

Sports | Evan Wilt
Georgia Tech v Dayton

First team since 1987 to play at home for NCAA tournament

ESPN Points Out That Obama Kinda Sucks At This Whole March Madness Thing

Sports | Alex Griswold

‘He’s correctly picked only four of the total twenty teams…’

Gatorade's Revamped 'Like Mike' Commercials Will Make You Wish It's '92 All Over Again

Sports | Christian Datoc

So retro, so amazing

'Cinderella Story' Advances To Rd. Of 64; Busts Out Hilariously Choreographed Celebration

Sports | Christian Datoc

Now that’s what I call teamwork

NFL Player Celebrates Daughter's Positive Cancer Diagnosis

Sports | Evan Wilt
Screen Grab (Instagram)

‘The best news you’ve ever received’

Barack-etology 2015: WATCH The President Fill Out His March Madness Bracket

Sports | Christian Datoc

Villanova in the final? C’mon Barry!

MARCH MADNESS: Take Part In TheDC's "100% Pure Adrenaline Barack-et Bonanza"

Sports | Christian Datoc
Don't forget to fill out your Barack-ets! (photo: Getty Images)

Fill out your brackets now!

FLIGHT SCHOOL: College Basketball Players Throw Down Mind Blowing Alley-Oops

Sports | Christian Datoc

Thank God for Instagram

Kobe Bryant: The NBA's Most Hated Man

Sports | Scott Cook

One of the games all time greatest and all time most hated

ESPN Analyst Blasts Oregon's Neon Yellow Jerseys While Wearing Same Color Shirt

Sports | Christian Datoc

Classic Gruden

Dwayne Wade Impresses with Insane Pass And Silky-Smooth Layup Against LeBron And Cavs

Sports | Scott Cook
Photo: Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

‘He was vintage!’

Hall Of Famer Tommy Lasorda Dancing To 'Lil Jon' Is Oddly Amazing

Sports | Christian Datoc

‘Turn down for what?!?!’

Past Obama Vs. Present Obama On: Basketball

DC Trawler | Jim Treacher
Barack Obama Basketball

Nothin’ but rim

This Is The Most Amazing 'Jeopardy' Sports Question Ever

Sports | Andrew Lief
Gilbert Arenas' gun incident was a clue on "Jeopardy" Monday night. (@Twitter/@seth_rosenthal)

Remember the Bullets?

Here's 6 Of The Most Un-Athletic Sports Injuries Of All Time

Sports | Christian Datoc

I’d tell these guys to break a leg… but…

Robin Lopez: The Mascot Killer

Sports | Scott Cook

Mascots beware, this NBA star is out to hurt you!

MSNBC Host Doesn't Get What's So Great About This Whole 'March Madness Thing'

Sports | Christian Datoc

Why am I not surprised?

Pete Rose Petitions MLB Commish For Reinstatement

Sports | Mickey Hanley
Pittsburgh Pirates v Cincinnati Reds

‘I want to hear what Pete has to say’

This Is One Of The Craziest Plays At The Plate You Will Ever See

Sports | Mickey Hanley

(College) baseball is back!

Watch John Oliver Blow Up The NCAA And Steamroll Over The Fragments

Sports | Christian Datoc

‘The NCAA considers them amateurs because they don’t get paid’

Tebow Time? Former NFL Quarterback Works Out For Eagles

Sports | Andrew Lief
Tim Tebow worked out for the Eagles Monday. (Photo Courtesy of Flickr User Jeffrey Beall)

Enough is enough, Tim

Post-Game Head-Butt Leaves Soccer Player Bloodied

Sports | Mickey Hanley

‘They obviously didn’t lose with class’

SAFE BET: NFL QB's Fiancee's Bachelorette Party Was More Fun Than Your Weekend

Sports | Christian Datoc
Kelly Hall's bachelorette party (photo: Instagram)

Let’s look back at the festivities

POWER MOVE: Undefeated Kentucky Doesn't 'Cut The Nets' Following SEC Championship

Sports | Christian Datoc

‘Those aren’t the nets we’re really looking to cut down… we’re looking for something bigger’

Did This Rugby Player Really Deserve A Two-Week Suspension For His WWE-Esque Body Slam?

Sports | Christian Datoc

Actually … yeah, he probably did

Take The Money And RUN

Opinion | John Steigerwald
Super Bowl IX: The Pittsburgh Steelers defeated the Minnesota Vikings 16-6 in 1975. Despite featuring two Hall of Fame QBs -- Terry Bradshaw and Fran Tarkenton -- this one was a boring defensive struggle. The defenses, dubbed the "Steel Curtain" and the "Purple People Eaters" lived up to their hype, as this was the second lowest-scoring Super Bowl in history. Even the venue was boring, as the game was held at Tulane Stadium. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Super Bowl IX)

More are starting to walk away because there’s so much they’ve already made.

Try Not To Cry Watching A Young, One-Armed Fan Meet The Kentucky Basketball Team

Sports | Christian Datoc

‘Why I love sports reason #179371238512367′

Milwaukee Brewers Declare War On Fun, Issue Ban Against High-Fives

Sports | Christian Datoc
A Brewers high-five... the last of its kind? (photo: Getty Images)

What’s next? No beer in the stands?

Nothing To See Here: Just Some Lacrosse Bros Playing Catch Across Baltimore Harbor

Sports | Christian Datoc

Paul Rabil is a machine!

Bill Walton Is A Beautiful, Soaring Phoenix

Sports | Robert Pursell
Bill Walton

‘I’ve milked cows … and I’ve been milked before’

MUST WATCH: 54-Year-Old Texan SHATTERS World Record For Pull-Ups

Sports | Christian Datoc

That’s only, like, 4,000 more than I can do

STILL THE CHAMP: Mike Tyson Lists Which Real & Fictional Boxers He Would Knock Out

Sports | Christian Datoc

Iron Mike (hilariously) clears the air

Little Kid Flips 'Sad LeBron' The Double Bird At Cavs-Spurs Game

Sports | Christian Datoc

Sometimes, it ISN’T good to be the king

CAUGHT ON TAPE: Fan Fight At Celtics Game Ends In Gruesome Stabbing

Sports | Christian Datoc

WARNING: Graphic!

Unknown Wide Receiver Wants To Race Star Player Over Jersey Number

Sports | Andrew Lief
Saalim Hakim challenged Brandon Marshall to a race over the No. 15. (Instagram/saalimhakim15)

The race better be televised if it happens

HEADS UP! Errant Pass DRILLS Woman In The Face At NBA Game

Sports | Christian Datoc

She really kept her eye on the ball

Basketball Players Stop Game After Fans Tease Cheerleader With Down Syndrome

Sports | Kaitlan Collins

‘It’s not fair’

NASCAR Reinstates Suspended Driver Kurt Busch

Sports | Scott Cook
Photo: Getty Images/Robert Laberge

Criminal charges dropped allowing him to return to racing

Bros! Let This Smokin' Hot Fitness Model Sex Up Your 'Wednesday Workout'

Entertainment | Christian Datoc

Leg day never looked so good

POLL: Is This Genetically Modified Doughnut-Hot Dog Hybrid Glorious Or Terrifying?

Sports | Christian Datoc

Is this behemoth glorious or terrifying? Take TheDC’s poll!

MLB Pitcher Plays 'The Meow Game,' Drops 10 Meows During Live Interview

Sports | Christian Datoc

This is purrrfect

Giant Alligator Invades Florida Golf Course

Sports | Evan Wilt
Myakka Pines Golf Club Alligator

Later, gator

Jimmy Graham Trade Is Making Little Girls Cry

Sports | Evan Wilt

This 7-year-old couldn’t back the tears when she heard the news