Surrender To Cuba? Why Didn't We Think Of That?

Opinion | Ken Blackwell & Robert Morrison
Members of the Cuban Revolutionary Army hold Cuban national flags during a march "For the Five and Against the Terrorism" in Havana

Obama bucks the last ten presidents

Meet The Solyndra Of Emergency Response Technology

Opinion | David Williams
An ambulance driver wearing a protective suit drives Amber Joy Vincent, the second health worker to be infected with the Ebola virus at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital to the airport in Dallas

The federal government is facing a choice on what technology to support. The result could be life and death.

Common Core Supporters Can't Demonstrate Its Effectiveness. Are They Counting On A Christmas Miracle?

Opinion | Neal McCluskey
Saving Cursive.JPEG

Support is plummeting and the Core’s best advocates aren’t making a good case for it.

When Security Fails, Gun Rights Are The Last Line Of Defense

Opinion | John Lott
Paramedics remove an injured woman on a stretcher from the Lindt cafe, where hostages were being held, at Martin Place in central Sydney

Since 1950, virtually all the mass public shootings in the U.S. have taken place in gun free zones.

Activists Green, Union, And Leftist, Cross The Line With Radical Protests

Opinion | Will Coggin
Greenpeace ship, the Rainbow Warrior, passes Russian oil tanker Mikhail Ulyanov after members of Greenpeace draped draped banners saying "No Arctic Oil" from it, in the harbour of Rotterdam

Get out of the harassment business and into the ideas business, or get out of the way of normal people.

Will Jeb Bush's Self-Audit Mention His Ties To Corrupt Mexican Political Party?

Opinion | Ian Smith
Jeb Bush

He once proposed welfare programs targeted specifically to Mexican-Americans.

The Cuban Embargo Was Never Meant To Cause Regime Change

Opinion | David Landau
Cuba's President Raul Castro attends a meeting of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) leaders summit at the Revolution Palace in Havana

Will Raul Castro run off with new U.S. investment dollars? We can’t be sure.

How Politics Ruined The Office Of The Surgeon General

Opinion | Richard Carmona
Doctor Murthy stands outside the Supreme Court during legal arguments over the Affordable Care Act in Washington

It used to be a position awarded for meritorious service; now it’s an opportunity for patronage.

Meet the New Boss, Same As The Old Boss: They Probably Didn't Read The Cromnibus Either

Opinion | Brian Joondeph
Speaker of the House John Boehner answers a question during a news conference on Capitol Hill, in Washington

The Hobbit is about one third as long.

No Real Conservative Alternative: Why Jeb Bush Is Going To Be The 2016 Nominee

Opinion | Ryan Girdusky
Former Florida governor Jeb Bush addresses the Wall Street Journal CEO Council in Washington

The crowded field is likely to pave the way for the next in the Bush dynasty

Coulter Dismantles The Rolling Stone Rape Story

Ann Coulter | Ann Coulter

We are truly in the middle of a rape epidemic: an epidemic of women falsely claiming to have been raped.

Export-Import Bank Gives Billions To Boeing, Coal To Taxpayers

Opinion | Stephen DeMaura
Hochberg, chairman and president of the Export-Import Bank of the United States, testifies before a Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee hearing in Washington

The bank ‘mislabeled’ a company that employs 53,000 as a small business

Millennials Hit Hard By Government Intrusion

Opinion | Jesse Hathaway
Deferred Action One Year Later.JPEG

Fewer young adults are able to find employment, and those who are do are earning less money for their work.

Obama Is Right On Cuba

Opinion | Jamie Weinstein

Finally a foreign policy achievement

Democrats, Not Republicans, Have A Gender Gap

Opinion | J.T. Young
Wendy Davis, Sandra Fluke and Lena Dunham

Women were a far more complex voting group than Democrat rhetoric implies.

Pity The Poor IRS And Its Union!

Opinion | John Linder

Most of its operations are fairly cheap, and it won’t be doomed by modest cuts.

Rise Of The Indian Drug Industry Demands Improved Regulation

Opinion | Roger Bate
India Generic Drug.JPEG

If India wants to take part in the biologics revolution, it has to play by the rules.

Sony Hack Reveals Celebrity Gossip, Plot To Undermine Free And Open Internet

Opinion | Zach Graves
The logo of Sony Corp and a Christmas tree are reflected on the company's 4K television set at the company's headquarters in Tokyo

It’s in the legitimate public interest to know how companies are plotting against search engines.

Don't Be The Next Sony

Opinion | Alexander Jones
Logos of Sony Corp are seen at an electronics retail store in Tokyo

A serious hack could send your company back to the stone age.

The Hypocritical Pressure Campaign Against The NAACP Over Title II

Opinion | Erik Telford
Supreme Court Voting Rights.JPEG

Unlike many progressive groups, the NAACP seems to understand the naiveté of pursuing Title II.

Hoodwinked By The Press On Lima Climate Agreement

Opinion | Tom Harris
U.S. Secretary of State Kerry delivers a speech at the U.N. Climate Change Conference COP 20 in Lima

‘Firewall’ between developed and developing countries as strong as ever.

Rolling Stone's Bumbling UVA Rape Detective And The Vexing Case Of The Dead Flamingos

Opinion | Eric Owens

‘Taylor, Jared, Connor, Biff and Cody: You will all be gang-raping the same co-ed’

The Tea Party Is Wrong About The Cromnibus Campaign Finance Rider

Opinion | Paul H. Jossey
Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) speaks with members of the Republican Senate leadership for the 114th Congress on Capitol Hill in Washington

Stronger parties mean better government.

Why Hillary Is Not Inevitable: Bill's Sordid Past

Opinion | Roger Stone

Evidence she helped cover up her husband’s misdeeds could come back to haunt her.

Rosie O'Donnell's Anti-Israel 'Art' Is Just The Latest In A Lifetime Of Lunacy

Opinion | Abraham H. Miller
People Rosie O Donnell.JPEG

From trutherism to anti-semitic art

UC Berkeley Still Doesn't Understand Free Speech

Opinion | Casey Given
Protesters rallying against police violence storm a lecture with PayPal co-founder Thiel at the University of California at Berkeley campus in Berkeley

The heckler’s veto is an enemy of the First Amendment.

Clinton And Warren -- Facts, Not Labels

Opinion | Lanny Davis
Sen. Elizabeth Warren speaks at the Center for American Progress' 2014 Policy Conference in Washington

They’re not as different as you might think.

Lower Oil Prices And King Dollar Are Unambiguously Good

Opinion | Larry Kudlow
Gas Drilling 2012.JPEG

Don’t listen to the naysayers.

Report From Lima Climate Conference: Secretary Of State John Kerry Tries To Out-Gore Al Gore

Opinion | Myron Ebell
U.S. Secretary of State Kerry delivers a speech at the U.N. Climate Change Conference COP 20 in Lima

“If we don’t lead, future generations will not forgive us.”

Time For The UN To Respect Sri Lankan Sovereignty

Opinion | Andrew F. Quinlan
A group of Sri Lankan Muslims shout slogans, protesting against the UN and U.S resolution against Sri Lankan war crimes, during a demonstration as they march towards U.S embassy in Colombo

Let Sri Lanka solve its own problems, don’t relitigate the civil war.

View From The Third Bathroom: The Transgender Movement Needs To Relax

Opinion | Bee Jones
Transgender Bathrooms

Transitioning isn’t for everyone, no matter their inclinations.

Vivek Murthy Is An Activist, Don't Confirm Him For A Useless Position

Opinion | Vik Khanna
File photo of Doctor Murthy standing outside the Supreme Court during the first day of legal arguments over the Affordable Care Act in Washington

Unless he’s willing to speak at an NRA convention.

A Rebranding Worthy Of Don Draper: 'Net Neutrality' Is 'Toasted' Title II

Opinion | Katie McAuliffe
Or does Santa smoke Lucky Strikes? WHICH IS IT?

Claiming Title II is “neutral” is like advertising Lucky Strikes as “toasted”

The Tax the GOP Needs, Not The One It Wants

Opinion | Brendon Steele

A carbon tax can supercharge the conservative economic agenda, if Republicans let it.

As Landrieu Goes, So Goes Pork: Taxpayers Are Still Fed Up With Earmark Spending

Opinion | Alexandra Booze
Democratic Senator Landrieu reacts while delivering a concession speech after the results of the U.S. Senate race in Louisiana during a runoff in New Orleans

From 2008-2010, she was responsible for 436 earmarks.

Florida Gets Another Chance To Appeal For The Right To Clean Voter Rolls, They Should Take It

Opinion | Robert D. Popper
Florida Voters

Pam Bondi and the rest of the Florida GOP have a responsibility to fight for election integrity.

Daily Beast Down On Dixie: Michael Tomasky Is A Cultural Posture With Typing Skills

Opinion | Chris Bray

The rest of the country isn’t racist, the South made them do it.

Janet Yellen Has Been Keeping Some Strange Company Recently

Opinion | Steve Lonegan
US Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen attends a conference of central bankers hosted by the Bank of France in Paris

The Fed chair meets with “labor and community organizers.”

Benghazi And Hillary: Will She Testify Before The Benghazi Select Committee?

Opinion | Kenneth Timmerman
File photo of Rep. Trey Gowdy during a House Oversight and Government Reform Committee session in Washington

Republicans want her on the stand. Democrats will try to block that.

COULTER: The College Rape Club

Ann Coulter | Ann Coulter

If we’re in the middle of a college-rape epidemic, why do all the cases liberals promote keep turning out to be hoaxes?

Why I Am Ready For Hillary

Opinion | Lanny Davis
Hillary Clinton Speaks At The University Of Miami

Maryland rallies around the former Secretary of State

How An Illegal Chokehold Became A Legal Headlock: The Eric Garner Story

Opinion | Randal Meyer
A female protester, demanding justice for Eric Garner,  plays the tambourine as she and others enter Brooklyn over the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City

How prosecutorial cronyism makes indicting a cop rare

Report From Lima Climate Conference: Al Gore Preaches Hellfire And Redemption

Opinion | Myron Ebell
Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore speaks at the South by Southwest Interactive festival in Austin

The former Vice President’s fantasy life is still vivid.

Republican Leadership Is Already Dropping the Ball On Immigration

Opinion | Dan Stein
Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) denounces the executive order on immigration made by U.S. President Barack Obama

The GOP is spooked by shadows and specters conjured up by pundits, consultants and certain key donors.

Why I'm Not Wetting My Pants Over The CIA Torture Report

Opinion | David Lawrence
Video grab shows Senate Intelligence Committee Chairwoman Feinstein speaking on the floor of the U.S. Senate in Washington

The harsher the better. This is war we are talking about, not Parcheesi.

Why Are Wind Energy Tax Breaks Cronyism But Not Ones For Nuclear And Fossil Fuels?

Opinion | Sen. Chuck Grassley
Wind Energy California

Opponents of renewable energy provisions want to debate cronyism in a vacuum.

Who Really Benefits From The Walmart Protests?

Opinion | Rian Wathen
People demonstrate for higher wages and better working conditions, outside of a Walmart during Black Friday shopping in Chicago

What they’re after is gleaning the paychecks of 1.4 million Walmart workers.

Venezuela, Not Russia, Will Be The First Domino To Fall With The Price of Oil

Opinion | Keith Naughton
Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro speaks during a cabinet meeting at Miraflores Palace in Caracas

Security services are restless, the opposition is angry, and the economy is tanking.

Liberal Orthodoxy, Not Jewish Orthodoxy: 'Repairing The World' Isn't In The Torah

Opinion | David Benkof
Italy Old Torah Scroll.JPEG

The concept of tikkun olam is less than 50 years old, and is usually used in service of politics.

Bad Reporting In UVA Rape Story Is On Rolling Stone, But Jackie's Story Still Doesn't Add Up

Opinion | Patrick Bissett

More of Erdely’s stories are now coming under scrutiny.

The Left's War Against Justice And Peace

Opinion | David Horowitz
Protesters march against the New York City grand jury decision to not indict in the death of Eric Garner in Oakland, California

What conservatives still must understand about progressives

The Gathering Danger Of Obama's Lame Duck Foreign Policy

Opinion | Robert G. Kaufman
U.S. President Barack Obama meets with Israel's PM Benjamin Netanyahu at the White House in Washington

The president had doubled down on his worst foreign policy instincts.

Open-Borders Republicans And Democrats Agree: Mass Immigration Weakens Democracy, And That's The Point

Opinion | Ian Smith
Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) denounces the executive order on immigration made by U.S. President Barack Obama

Our political leaders elect a new people

Why Hillary Won't Win

Opinion | J.T. Young
Former U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, departs a memorial service for the designer Oscar de la Renta in New York

‘Hillary’s task is far harder than most understand: It requires her to win without running.’

Columbia Law School Offers Students A Fainting Couch

Opinion | Jim Huffman
Student Loan Rates Double After Congress Fails To Agree On Legislation

‘It seems that a suspicion of bias justifies making an example of two police officers without regard for the facts.’

Memo To Protesters: You Wouldn't Like What Democracy Looks Like

Opinion | J. Arthur Bloom

“Direct democracy” could also mean running them over with a truck.

The Importance Of Picking The Right Cause Célèbre

Opinion | Alasdair Denvil
Protesters, demanding justice for the death of Garner, Brown and Gurley, congregate in Grand Central Terminal in Manhattan, New York

If there’s a forest of truth out there, you should be able to point to an actual tree.

Tea Partiers Should Stand With Ferguson And Eric Garner Protestors

Opinion | Allan Stevo
Protesters march against the New York City grand jury decision to not indict in the death of Garner on Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley

Better for police to act like sissies than as hardened thugs.

Reality Check: Law School Closures Are Unlikely

Opinion | Peter Nemerovski
Vermont Law School

If people are still willing to pay more than 100k for a law degree, they aren’t going anywhere.

Congress Should Let The Wind Production Tax Credit Bite The Dust

Opinion | Jason Stverak
Wind Energy Eagle Deaths.JPEG

The House retroactively extended the 2014 credit. The Senate should kill it.

Democrats Can Be A Working-Class Party, Or A Multicultural One, Not Both

Opinion | Ian Smith
Economy Manufacturing.JPEG

Oppressed white serfs have been sparking revolutions from Vladivostok to Galway for millennia.

21st Amendment Ending Prohibition Is A Good Model For Marijuana Legalization

Opinion | John Conlin
Marijuana plants for sale are displayed at the medical marijuana farmers market in Los Angeles

What if the GOP could create a new supporter every 48 seconds rather than trying to throw them in jail?

Hey, Progressives, It's OK To Declare Victory Sometimes

Opinion | Bill Frezza
A protester carries a sign during the "People's Climate March" in the Manhattan borough of New York

Much has been accomplished since the 1950s, but you wouldn’t know it listening to them.

What To Get The Wife For Christmas: An Oil Well

Opinion | Bill Regardie
Fracking In California Under Spotlight As Some Local Municipalities Issue Bans

“Shuttlecock, you’ve got a deal. Overnight the papers.”

Raising A Glass To The 21st Amendment

Opinion | Craig Purser

According to the Nielsen Company, there is more choice in alcohol than any other consumer good.

Your Rape: Is It Clickbait? Does It Pop?

Opinion | Chris Bray
UVa Fraternity

‘Sabrina Rubin Erdely auditions reality until it sits up and barks for her like a trained seal.’

Federal Regulators Continue War On Fun, Issue Warning Over Lighted Holiday Decorations

Opinion | Jesse Hathaway
White House Christmas.JPEG

Leave confiscating Christmas toys and decorations to the Grinch.

The Conservative Case Against Patent Reform

Opinion | Ken Blackwell
The US Patent and Trademark Office is sh

Surrendering conservative principles to solve a non-existent litigation crisis is the wrong way to go.

What #Gamergate's Critics Get Right And Why It Doesn't Matter: Ethics

Opinion | Mytheos Holt
California Town To Lift Ban On Controversial Pastime

Saying it’s about ethics in journalism gives the movement too little credit, not too much.

COULTER: Black People The Media Hate (And Rand Paul Isn't Wild About)

Ann Coulter | Ann Coulter

The only people impressed with Paul’s defense of black criminals are the ones who will never be victimized by them.

The Ferguson Story If The Mainstream Media Had Its Way

Opinion | Brian Joondeph
Police officers shadows are cast onto graffiti on the wall of a Subway during the second night of demonstrations in Oakland

Hands up, don’t spin

Time To Uber-ize Punishment

Opinion | Molly Gill
Nicu Vlasceanu, an unofficial tourist guide to the communist-era Ramnicu Sarat prison, looks on in the jail in eastern Romania

We can do better than ancient Venetians.

Poor Communication in Ferguson Only Made Things Worse

Opinion | Lanny Davis
Attorney General Eric Holder greets Capt. Ron Johnson of the Missouri State Highway Patrol at Drake's Place Restaurant in Florrissant

McCulloch should have admitted up-front that he soft-balled his questioning of Darren Wilson.

Whatever Ashton Carters Views On War Are, He Should Stick To The Pentagon Budget

Opinion | Christopher Preble
Pentagon Budget.JPEG

Uniformed personnel are harder to dismiss, and often less prone to politically-driven action.

Is Critical of Obamacare For The Same Reason He Loves Amnesty

Opinion | Ryan Girdusky
Sen. Chuck Schumer leaves after a vote on Capitol Hill in Washington

If the goal is to grow the middle class, why push immigration reform?

The Co-Opting Of Ferguson

Opinion | Alex VanNess
A protester confronts a police officer after a grand jury returned no indictment in the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri

The Palestinian struggle and Mike Brown’s shooting aren’t even close to the same thing.

Ferguson Brings Back Memories Of Samoan Police Shootings

Opinion | David Cohen
Protesters opposed to the grand jury verdict in the Michael Brown shooting take to the streets of Santa Ana, California

Reflections of a conservative who protested police brutality.

Burkina Faso Highlights Africa's Dilemma Of Democracy

Opinion | Ajibola Adigun
Burkina Faso's President Michel Kafondo is seen after being sworn into his post for the transitional period of one year, in Ouagadougou

Foreign aid has too often been used to prop up corrupt dictators, which leads to unrest.

Who Pays For Net Neutrality?

Feature:Opinion | Scott Cleland

‘Net neutrality has devolved into who pays’

Obama's Last Chance: Promoting Marriage Can Restore His Presidency

Opinion | Daniel Oliver
US President Obama and daughters pardon the National Thanksgiving Turkey at White House in Washington

The crisis of single parenthood is one of the most important challenges America faces.

Sounding The Alarm On Obama's Amnesty Agenda

Opinion | Ken Blackwell
President Barack Obama speaks about immigration reform in Chicago

Draft legislation is being circulated in the House.

Having Feasted On Microsoft, Eurocrats Go For Their Next Prey

Opinion | Bill Frezza
EU Google.JPEG

From ‘net neutrality’ to ‘search neutrality’

Why Hillary Clinton Loves The Ex-Im Bank

Opinion | David Williams
Hillary Clinton Speaks At The University Of Miami

She says opposing sweetheart deals for Clinton Foundation donor Boeing is driven by ‘ideology’

GOP Declines To Ban Online Gaming For Sheldon Adelson -- Is The Allure Of Cronyism Fading?

Opinion | Jerry Rogers
Las Vegas Sands Corp Chairman and CEO Sheldon Adelson points a reporter during a news conference in Tokyo

Staying out of picking winners and losers will help build the public’s confidence.

Across America, Every State's A Beer State

Opinion | Jim McGreevy
Barack Obama Drinking Beer

In 2012, the industry put more than 2 million Americans to work.

Even After All These Years, This Writer Is Still A Moron

Opinion | Jamie Weinstein


Actually, Getting Rid Of Local Policing Is A Terrible Idea

Opinion | Deputy Matt
National Guard soldiers stand in formation outside the Ferguson Police Department following a night of rioting in Ferguson

Traffic stops, from the people who brought you the income tax.

Hey Media, We Need Grown-Ups Reporting In Ferguson

Opinion | Hughey Newsome
Demonstrators protest the killing of unarmed teen Michael Brown across the street from the Ferguson Police Department  in Ferguson, Missouri

Is the KKK really a relevant player in this discussion?

What Did The Founding Fathers Think Of The Death Penalty?

Opinion | Marc Hyden
Death Penalty Ohio.JPEG

They weren’t as pro-punishment as you might think.

The Only Legitimate FCC Hybrid Net Neutrality Approach

Opinion | Scott Cleland
FCC Chairman Wheeler listens to public comments during a town hall meeting in Oakland

If the agency wants industry respect, it should follow the rule of law.

Lower Oil Prices Are A Free-Market Victory

Opinion | Larry Kudlow
A flare and pump jacks are seen at an oil well on the Fort Berthold Reservation in North Dakota

And a big tax cut.

Adventures In Passive Voice: Does The Media Think The Ferguson Fires Ignited Themselves?

Opinion | David Benkof
A man watches a burning building after a grand jury returned no indictment in the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri

When is racially-identifying information important to a story?

Any Amnesty Court Challenge From Congress Needs To Look At Last Year's Near-Win In Texas

Opinion | Ian Smith
U.S. President Obama signs two Presidential Memoranda associated with his Executive Actions on immigration from his office on Air Force One upon his arrival in Las Vegas

If law can be circumvented by cynical politics it simply doesn’t rule.

Black Friday May Be A Consumerist Nightmare, But Don't Blame Shoppers For Trying To Make Ends Meet

Opinion | Patrick Bissett
Happy Black Friday! (photo: Reuters Pictures)

Doing that makes us all look ugly.

Black Friday Protests Are Little More Than A Union PR Campaign

Opinion | Rick Berman
A man chants outside Wal-Mart during a protest for better wages and working conditions during Black Friday in San Leandro, California

They paid $240,614 last year to a PR firm to stage-manage the protests

COULTER: Liberals Willing To Fight To The Last Drop Of Black Blood

Ann Coulter | Ann Coulter

‘Officer Darren Wilson’s shooting of Michael Brown wasn’t reported like news. It was reported like a cause.’

What's Eating Chuck Schumer?

Opinion | Stephen Kruiser
Schumer holds a news conference in New York

Two members of Democratic leadership have essentially said they sold out the middle class

Ferguson Has A Nixon, But Needs An Agnew

Opinion | W. James Antle III

‘I cannot believe that the only alternative to white racism is black racism’

Who Suffers? Race Riots, Then And Now

Opinion | Jonathan Bean
Protesters sit in the street as a police helicopter circles overhead during a demonstration in Emeryville, California

The police are failing to protect property owners.

First He Was Purged, Now This Former Tech Exec Is Taking On The 'Journalism-Industrial Complex'

Opinion | J. Arthur Bloom

Pax Dickinson on Ferguson and when it’s OK to doxx a New York Times reporter

Economic Freedom And Religious Freedom Are Mutually Reinforcing

Opinion | Samuel Gregg
Believers take part in a weekend mass at an underground Catholic church in Tianjin

Religious organizations should be wary of state influence.

Another Open Letter To Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson

Opinion | Deputy Matt
Kings Sale Basketball.JPEG

It seems you want to skip the pre-trial, and the trial, and go straight to a conviction.

Obamacare's Gift To Big Business: The Largest Firms Can Offer The Skimpiest Health Plans

Opinion | John Goodman

What’s good for the employer is bad for the employee, and vice versa.

Traveling To North Korea? Then You Should Be On Your Own

Opinion | Keith Naughton
U.S. missionary Bae appears before a limited number of media outlets in Pyongyang

You just can’t save people from themselves.

Hagel Dismissed, But Not Missed, As Iran Talks Crumble

Opinion | Ken Blackwell & Robert Morrison
U.S. Secretary of Defense Hagel participates in the Washington Ideas Forum, in Washington

What is needed in Iran is what Reagan sought with the Soviets — peace through strength.

Do Democrats Really Believe Obama Is Within The Scope Of Executive Power?

Opinion | Jim Huffman
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) speaks with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) after a ceremony to present a Congressional Gold Medal in honor of the Fallen Heroes of 9/11

There is bipartisan agreement to be partisan about the constitutional limits of the presidency.

We Need Healthcare Reform, But Obamacare Is Not It

Opinion | Gerald B. Healy and Donald Palmisano
A man looks over the Affordable Care Act signup page on the HealthCare.gov website in New York in this photo illustration

The president’s law doesn’t address the endemic problems with our healthcare system.

An Eight-Step Action Plan For Conservatives On Obama's Immigration Order

Opinion | David A. Ridenour
U.S. President Obama announces executive actions on immigration during nationally televised address from the White House in Washington

First of all, don’t panic.

House Intelligence Committee Report Obfuscates Benghazi Arms Smuggling

Opinion | Kenneth Timmerman
Reps. Jason Chaffetz and Trey Gowdy talk during "The Security Failures of Benghazi" hearing on Capitol Hill

Some congressmen on the committee weren’t even cleared to be briefed.

DOD: The Real Fight Is... Global Warming?

Opinion | H. Sterling Burnett
Defense Secretary Hagel and Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Dempsey hold a press briefing at the Pentagon

If a few degrees of temperature or more rain are a security risk, someone should be fired.

Should Rep. Gowdy Question Rep. Rogers On Benghazi?

Opinion | Lanny Davis
Mike Rogers

An imagined conversation between the House Intelligence chairman and Benghazi’s inquisitor

Moral Preening As A Substitute For Science

Opinion | John Linder
Members of environmental associations gather to demand improvements in climate change and energy models, outside the European Commission headquarters in Brussels

Greens to the third-world poor: Suck it up, the world might be warmer in 100 years.

Consumers Have No Time For Flight Delays

Opinion | Zack Christenson
A Spirit Airlines airplane sits at a gate at the O'Hare Airport in Chicago, Illinois

Delays are at a 20-year high. The FAA should improve its hiring plans for air traffic controllers.

Obama's Amnesty Decree Follows The Gruber Model

Opinion | Jenny Beth Martin
U.S. President Obama signs two Presidential Memoranda associated with his Executive Actions on immigration from his office on Air Force One upon his arrival in Las Vegas

He lies because he thinks we’re chumps.

What About The Brainiacs?

Opinion | Larry Kudlow
U visa applicant Huang poses near her current home in Fairbanks

Obama’s failure to address the high-skilled visa problem is a huge mistake.

The Conservative Myth Of Equal Opportunity

Opinion | Chidike Okeem
Rep. Paul Ryan at a Victory Rally with Republican presidential candidate and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney August 12, 2012 at NASCAR Technical Institute in Mooresville, North Carolina. (Photo: John Adkisson/Getty Images)

Equal opportunity is right-wing utopianism.