The Conservative Myth Of Equal Opportunity

Chidike Okeem
Rep. Paul Ryan at a Victory Rally with Republican presidential candidate and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney August 12, 2012 at NASCAR Technical Institute in Mooresville, North Carolina. (Photo: John Adkisson/Getty Images)

Equal opportunity is right-wing utopianism.

U.S. Prisons Churning Out Thousands Of Radicalized Inmates

Opinion | Joy Brighton
Alton A. Nolen Oklahoma Department Of Corrections

A disturbing pattern of hiring extremists as prison chaplains

Could Black America's Long National Nightmare Be Over?

Opinion | Alveda King and Niger Innis
South Carolina Senate Scott.JPEG

The black community is fed up with Dems taking them for granted, and is starting to break rank.

Why Clint Lorance Deserves Clemency

Opinion | Karen Vaughn

His trial was irregular, and the rules of engagement are rigged against the troops

Another Round With Michael Phelps

Opinion | Marc Sterne
File of Michael Phelps reacting after placing seventh in the 100m freestyle in the 2014 USA National Championships in Irvine, California

Some schadenfreude from the man who he threw out of a limo

The Thin Line Between Us And The Enemy

Opinion | Abdo Roumani
File photo of a medic examining a Kurdish Syrian refugee child inside a temporary medical facility for children on the Turkish-Syrian border near the southeastern town of Suruc

‘Blind outrage often encourages us to be both immoral and foolish.’

What #Gamergate's Critics Get Right, And Why It Doesn't Matter: Sex, Race And Rock n' Roll

Opinion | Mytheos Holt
Games-Xbox One-Saving Face.JPEG

Yes, they really are treated badly by the media.

Obama's Constitutional Quagmire: Squaring Keystone Delay And Executive Amnesty

Opinion | Kayleigh McEnany

The president claims he’s powerless to speed up pipeline approval, but omnipotent on immigration

The Feds Finally Act To Investigate Operation Choke Point

Opinion | Ted Saunders

It was an attempt to destroy entire industries the administration didn’t like.

COULTER: Jonathan Gruber Is Worse Than The Downing Street Memo

Ann Coulter | Ann Coulter

‘The Downing Street memo writer had no meetings at the Bush White House.’

'No Labels' Is Exactly What America Needs

Opinion | Lanny Davis
U.S. Rep. Kurt Schrader listens as Rep. Reid Ribble delivers remarks on behalf of No Labels, a group of Republican and Democrat Congressmen calling for a solution to end the U.S. Government shut down on Capitol Hill in Washington

The House should take up the Senate’s immigration bill.

Let's Not Mince Words: Gruber Tapes Show President Obama Is A Liar

Opinion | Jamie Weinstein

Tapes confirm what we already knew

Yes Governor Nixon, You Are In The Driver's Seat In Ferguson

Opinion | Stacy Washington
Missouri Governor Jay Nixon is photographed while introducing the Ferguson Commission in St. Louis, Missouri

He has a responsibility to prevent violence and property damage.

There Are Two Ways To Fight ISIS: The Right Way, And Obama's Way

Opinion | Amber Smith
File photo of fighters of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) standing guard at a checkpoint in the northern Iraq city of Mosul

Defeating ISIS is not a matter of capability, it’s a matter of resolve and leadership.

Mr. President, Build Up This Wall!

Opinion | Deputy Matt
President Barack Obama attends the 2nd ASEAN-USA Summit in Naypyitaw

I stand with Sheriff Jones — amnesty is the wrong move.

How to Ensure The IRS Never Abuses Its Powers Again

Opinion | Chuck Warren
A woman walks out of the Internal Revenue Service building in New York

The commissioner position cannot remain a political appointment.

Why Tennessee Should Reject Gov. Haslam's Version Of Medicaid Expansion

Opinion | J. Scott Moody and Lindsay Boyd

It’s just Obama’s by another name.

Mail Surveillance: The Time For Secrecy Has Passed

Opinion | Kevin R. Kosar
Postal Service Priority Mail.JPEG

We should know the scope and level of oversight.

House Republicans Can Stop Obama's Amnesty Agenda

Opinion | Ken Blackwell
President Obama (Getty Images)President Obama (Getty Images)

Blocking funding to executive amnesty orders will tie the president’s hands.

Why Ending FEMA Will Improve Disaster Response

Opinion | Chris Edwards
Obama Superstorm.JPEG

National-level aid is more wasteful and less effective than at the local level.

Seven Myths About Net Neutrality Regulation

Opinion | Zack Christenson
Pro-net neutrality Internet activists rally in the neighborhood where U.S. President Obama attended a fundraiser in Los Angeles

There is no Internet monopoly. Stop saying there is one.

Professor Gruber And The Progressive Dream Team

Opinion | Bill Frezza
Economist Jonathan Gruber listens during a conference of the Workers Compensation Research Institute in Boston

Warren-Gruber 2016: If a ticket like that doesn’t get you to vote, nothing will.

Is Obama's Taking A Page From The U.K. Labor Party On Executive Amnesty?

Opinion | Ian Smith
U.S. President Obama smiles during news conference in the East Room of the White House in Washington

The president wants to create more Democrat voters and remake the country.

Liberals Are Hedonists With Short-Term Time Preference

| David Lawrence
Wealth gap

They put a chicken in every pot but facilitate the disappearance of the pot.

GOP Messaging In 2014 Wasn't Progressive, It Was Unifying

Opinion | Corie Whalen Stephens
GOP IL Gubernatorial Candidate Bruce Rauner Votes In Primary Election

We have more in common that it seems.

#Shirtstorm: When The Brilliant Are Hurt By Casual Marxism

Opinion | Robert Mariani

Spacecraft built with “oppression theory” don’t leave the ground.

The Tri-Faith Initiative And Warren Buffett's Daughter Are Paving The Way For Radical Islamism In Omaha

Opinion | Joe Herring

The board has ignored the warnings of an ex-Muslim activist

EV-D68: The Mystery Illness That's Not Actually A Mystery

Opinion | Brian Joondeph
Jayden Broadway, 9, was diagnosed with EV-D68 in early October (http://www.cbsnews.com/videos/enterovirus-spreads-across-the-nation/)

The connection between the immigration wave and enterovirus is hard to deny.

Miracle On 37th Street

Opinion | David Pietrusza

Holy Innocents parish may be saved, but the priest who spoke up for them is now a world away.

U.S. Must Reject The Green Climate Fund And Its Indulgence Scheme

Opinion | Tom Harris
World Bank President Kim speaks during the opening ceremony of the headquarters of the Green Climate Fund in Incheon

Berlin conference should zero out all climate pledges

Attkisson: Faith In Government Has Declined Due To Obama Administration Lies

Ginni Thomas | Ginni Thomas

Creating a ‘climate of distrust’

Marriage Is Pro-Growth

Opinion | Larry Kudlow
Reverend Hotze-Wilton signs a marriage license at a same-sex wedding ceremony at City Hall in St. Louis

The economy can’t do without it.

I'd Rather Die Of Obesity Than Starvation

Opinion | Mischa Popoff
Food and Farm - Farm Defense.JPEG

Calls for a unified, centralized food policy are dangerous.

How Obamacare Hurt Us, Personally

Opinion | Christopher Bedford
Barack Obama at Temple Emanu-El on Nov. 6, 2013. Brendan SMIALOWSKI/AFP/Getty Images.

Even its biggest fans think Obamacare is a fantasy clown train barreling off the page

U.S. Energy Exports Can Improve Global Security

Opinion | Andrew Garfield
A line of trucks carrying water to Natural gas rigs in Monroeton Pennsylvania

Sanctions don’t work because Europe depends on Russian natural gas. Let’s change that.

Rule Of Law: How States Are Taking The Lead In The Fight Against Patent Trolls

Opinion | Jessica Medeiros-Garrison
The US Patent and Trademark Office is sh

After patent reform stalled in the Senate, state AGs have been the last line of defense.

A Return Of Earmarks? Not So Fast

Opinion | David Williams
NSA Surveillance al-Qaida.JPEG

The GOP has a responsibility to keep them out of spending bills.

'Conservative' Educational Expert Spins Republican Landslide In Favor Of Common Core

Opinion | Karen Schroeder
Saving Cursive.JPEG

Even parents at private and parochial schools are rejecting the standards.

Praise The Lord And Fill The Casino Buses

Opinion | Bill Regardie
Revel Opening.JPEG

‘In the first ten months, 258 religious institution made religious pilgrimages to Shyster’s’

Rethinking Coastal Development In Virginia Beach

Opinion | Christy Everett
unnamed (2)

How a planned development became a wetland environmental center

The #WaronNerds: How Far-Left Feminists And The Media Created #Gamergate

Opinion | Mytheos Holt
Games E3 Ubisoft.JPEG

Pasty white basement-dwellers are the last acceptable targets of bigotry.

Dumb And Dumber: How The Left Believes A Myth About Obamacare

Opinion | Mark Meckler
Other Health Care Mandates .JPEG

Here’s the truth: Americans never fell for Obamacare.

The FDA Should Make Way For Better Hearing

Opinion | Gary Shapiro
Employee of GN, the world's fourth largest maker of hearing aids, demonstrates the use of ReSound LiNX in Vienna

The FDA won’t acknowledge the value of low-cost hearing aids

Of Course Obamacare Was Deceptively Passed, What's Worse Is The Media Let Them Get Away With It

Opinion | Ken Hoagland
Economist Jonathan Gruber speaks at a conference of the Workers Compensation Research Institute in Boston

Jonathan Gruber told us what we already knew.

9 Graphs That Prove Using Fossil Fuels Hasn't Harmed The Planet

Opinion | Alex Epstein
Drilling wells are pictured in Los Angeles

They’re making it a better place to live. Let’s use more.

Vladimir Putin's Humanitarian Cover-Up

Opinion | David Bernstein
Azerbaijan Presidential Election.JPEG

In Azerbaijan, as in Ukraine, the U.S. must see through the deception

The Real Reason Obama's Foreign Policy Has Failed

Opinion | Christopher Bedford

Latest push brings failed foreign policy into focus

COULTER: Voters Are Giving You One More Chance, GOP

Ann Coulter | Ann Coulter

The establishment has to drop amnesty and the tea party has got to drop government shutdowns to repeal Obamacare.

The Facts About School Choice

Opinion | Erik Telford
GED Changes.JPEG

Charter schools as a whole are improving at a faster rate than traditional public schools.

Medicaid Spending Has Exploded, And It Will Keep Rising Faster Than Expected

Opinion | John R. Graham
Registered nurse Paige Duracher checks Jacqueline Parker's vitals in the cardiac step-down area of the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson, Mississippi

Spending growth is projected to be 6.8 percent per year on average.

The Endangered Species Act Set To Harm Another Endangered Species

Opinion | Brian Seasholes
Sage Grouse.JPEG

Listing the sage grouse will only discourage local conservationists

Pro-Liberty Activists Harassed By Government Thugs, Neo-Nazis, And Communists

Opinion | Casey Given
unnamed (1)

Three separate incidents highlight the dangers students face fighting for freedom.

How Horse Therapy Can Help Veterans With PTSD

Opinion | Monty Roberts

The trust of a large draft animal can be the first step on the road to recovery

Humble Thanks To Those Who Have Served

Opinion | Marc Sterne
World War II veterans joke as they sing along to wartime classic "We'll Meet Again" during a ceremony in Arromanches

Why I’m ignoring the Veterans Day sales

How The Free Market Can Save American Education

Opinion | Justin Haskins
school choice now. Photo: Getty Images

Not just in governance models, but in the classroom

Let's Put People Ahead Of Big Pharma And Protect 340B

Opinion | Gil Gutknecht
Heart Disease New Guidelines.JPEG

It’s a winner for public health and for taxpayers

Watch For The Return Of Congressional Earmarks

Opinion | Bill Frezza
Congress Earmarks

It’s a great deal for politicians, but not for the rest of us.

Election 2014: Turning Point Or Speedbump? It's Up To Us

Opinion | John Zmirak
Republican Cory Gardner waves with his wife Jamie after winning the midterm elections in Denver, Colorado

Why do conservative electoral victories rarely lead to conservative policy?

Providing Opportunities For Our Veterans

Opinion | Dan Brodbeck and Don Whyte

We’ve made a commitment to hire 100,000 vets in the next 5 years

The Academy And The Right To Be Comfortable

Opinion | Jim Huffman
Smith College YouTube screenshot Smith TV

Preparing kids for the real world by teaching them to whine to get what they want

Obama's Lawyer: Jerusalem = Crimea

Opinion | Ken Blackwell & Robert Morrison
Health Care Winners and Losers.JPEG

A disgraceful comparison.

WWII Heroes Deserve Better Than The Memorial They Got

Opinion | Drew Johnson
World War II Memorial

The only sensible solution is to tear the thing down.

25 Years After The Berlin Wall Fell, We Must Remember It Took More Than Sledgehammers

Opinion | Sen. Marco Rubio
The fall of the berlin wall 1989

Moral clarity was what Reagan had, and it’s what the administration is sorely lacking.

Have We Forgotten More Than We Remembered About The Fall Of The Berlin Wall?

Opinion | Robert G. Kaufman
A woman takes pictures of stands with balloons placed along the former Berlin Wall location in Zimmerstrasse, to be used in the installation 'Lichtgrenze' (Border of Light) in Berlin

The best way to honor its legacy? Stop doing everything the U.S. and Western Europe are doing now.

For 2016, Hillary Had The Worst Night

Opinion | Larry Kudlow
Hillary Clinton makes remarks at a groundbreaking ceremony for the U.S. Diplomacy Center at the State Department in Washington

But voters said no to Christie, Bush, Paul, and Perry.

A Mayday PAC Postmortem: Lawrence Lessig And The Right To Lose

Opinion | Paul H. Jossey
Lawrence Lessig

Only two of its eight candidates won on Tuesday.

President Obama: Irrelevant, Incompetent, Or Intentional?

Opinion | Ken Blackwell
U.S. President Obama answers questions during news conference in the East Room of the White House in Washington

He knows what he wants and he knows how to get it.

Barack Obama's Executive (Dys)Function

Opinion | J. G. Collins
President Barack Obama answers questions at press conference at White House after mid term elections

It really is about leadership

Rule Of Law: Republican AGs Join GOP Election Wave

Opinion | Jessica Medeiros-Garrison

All incumbent attorneys general won, plus these seven new ones.

BOZELL: McConnell Needs To Do What He Promised And Repeal Obamacare

Opinion | David Bozell

We now have a repeal Obamacare majority

Commerce Department's Sugar Deal May Avert A Full-Fledged Trade War

Opinion | Ike Brannon
Mexican Coke-Sweetener.JPEG

But America’s sugar prices are still vastly higher than the world price.

The Hedge Fund Guarantee Corp

Opinion | Bill Regardie
William Ackman, founder and CEO of hedge fund Pershing Square Capital Management, speaks to the audience about Herbalife company in New York

A pension plan for plutocrats

Energy: A Nonpartisan Priority Obama And The New Congress Should Agree On

Opinion | David Holt
A worker walks toward a part of a Consol Energy Horizontal Gas Drilling Rig exploring the Marcellus Shale outside the town of Waynesburg, PA on April 13, 2012. (Photo: MLADEN ANTONOV/AFP/Getty Images)

American consumers need Alaska, and Keystone.

Why Poetry Should be Abolished

Opinion | Ulf Kirchdorfer
A handwritten manuscript by Scottish poet Robert Burns entitled "The Death and Dying Words of Poor Maillie" is displayed at the Dick Institute in Kilmarnock, Scotland

STEM or bust

2014 Marijuana Victories Set The Stage For 2016

Opinion | Aaron Houston
File photo of Production Assistant Dan Brennan collecting marijuana plant clones to be moved into a growing room at Tweed Marijuana Inc in Smith's Falls, Ontario

In 2016, legalization will be on the ballot in many swing states

Is On To Something: Conservatives Need To Take Governing Seriously

Opinion | Keith Naughton
U.S. House Majority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) arrives at a House Republican Conference meeting August 1, 2014 on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. (Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images)

When conservatives govern badly, the public doesn’t want less government, it wants fewer conservatives.

Apple's CEO Tim Cook's Coming Out Party Is Laced With Hypocrisy

Opinion | Daniel Mael
Apple CEO Tim Cook speaks at the WSJD Live conference in Laguna Beach

Should a company with a gay CEO do business in a country that executes gays?

The Three Most Laugh-Out-Loud Explanations For Dems' Midterm Defeat

Opinion | Christopher Bedford

Spin really is a dying art


Ann Coulter | Ann Coulter

‘After Tuesday night, Republicans’ main objective is clear: Convince Oregon Measure 88 to run for president.’

The Next Supreme Court Justice Will Be A Conservative

Opinion | David Benkof

Why the court is going to stay right-leaning for at least a generation

Obama's Amnesty Advocates Are Pretty Forthright About Their Plan To Ignore The Law

Opinion | Ian Smith
Anti-immigration protester holds a flag and waves to motorists on a highway overpass on Murrieta Hot Springs Blvd in Murrieta

The presentation was supposed to show how the president could act unilaterally. It did the opposite.

Tea Party Values, And Enthusiasm, Paved The Way For GOP Victory

Opinion | Jenny Beth Martin
Demonstrators with the Tea Party protest the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) targeting of the Tea Party and similar groups during a rally called "Audit the IRS" outside the US Capitol in Washington, DC, June 19, 2013. (Photo: Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images)

Don’t believe the spin — the tea party delivered the Senate.

R.I.P, 'War On Women'

Opinion | Gary Bauer
Texas Sen. Wendy Davis sits at her desk. Erich Schlegel/Getty Images.

The real war is against the unborn, and increasingly, voters’ credulity.

Lessons for Democrats: It's Time to Remember Who We Are

Opinion | Lanny Davis
U.S. Senate Majority Leader Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) (L) talks to House Minority Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) (R) after a Congressional Gold Medal presentation ceremony at the Emancipation Hall of the U.S. Capitol Visitors Center September 10, 2014 on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. (Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images)

We should find the purple ground and support fact-based solutions and compromises.

California Voters Go Soft On Crime With Prop 47

Opinion | Deputy Matt
Policemen on bicycles are pictured before the NBA playoff game 5 between Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Clippers in Los Angeles

The measure to reclassify felonies to misdemeanors will make Californians less safe.

Notes From A Republican Tsunami In Georgia, And The Untold Story Of It All

Opinion | Brandon Howell
David Perdue Georgia Signs

How David Perdue beat the Democrats’ much-vaunted ground game.

Kansas Proves 2012 Was The Outlier, Not The Trend

Opinion | Joe Herring

Two years of treading water will not ease the anger today’s electorate feels toward Washington.

Martha Coakley Is A Very Bad Politician

Opinion | W. James Antle III

But then, you knew that

Obama's Most Dangerous Years Are Just Ahead

Opinion | Keith Naughton
Obama holds a meeting with Ebola Response Coordinator Klain (not pictured) at the White House in Washington

The worst is yet to come.

The U.S. Plans To Draw An Iron Curtain Around The Internet

Opinion | Katie McAuliffe
Tens of thousands of Hungarians march across the Elisabeth Bridge during a protest against new tax on Internet data transfers in centre of Budapest

If Congress doesn’t act, the internet tax moratorium will end soon.

Election Day: What To Watch For, When To Watch For It

Opinion | Chris Wilson
Senate Minority Leader McConnell (R-KY) listens to members of the Republican Senate leadership after the Republican caucus meeting on Capitol Hill in Washington

Things are looking pretty good for the GOP.

States Should Secure Parental Consent Before Storing Newborn DNA

Opinion | Twila Brase
A nurse holds a certificate of membership from "El Sistema", as part of its "New Members" program, next to a newborn baby at a public maternity hospital in Caracas

Nine states store newborn DNA indefinitely, but only Michigan requires parental consent.

Who's Really Behind Our Elections?

Opinion | Jill Burcham
A woman walks into a polling station in Louisville, Kentucky,

America’s election officers have a thankless job.

If NIH Hadn't Spent So Much Money Abusing These Baby Monkeys, We Might Have An Ebola Vaccine By Now

Opinion | Mary Matalin
APTOPIX Brazil Golden Monkeys.JPEG

If NIH hadn’t spent so much money on abusing monkeys, we might have an Ebola vaccine by now.

School Choice Is Making Stunning Gains, Vote To Encourage Them

Opinion | Ashley Bateman
Georgia charter schools

The Christo Rey Network has a 100 percent record of college acceptance for graduates.

Obama Admin To Poor Africans: Choose Food Or Marriage

Opinion | John-Henry Westen

Africa is ground zero of the Obama administration’s social experiments

10 Things To Know On Election Night

Opinion | Ken Nahigian
View of Washington Poll.JPEG

It’s possible the Senate will still be up in the air by the end of the evening.

Can Big Data Help Eliminate Voter Fraud?

Opinion | Bill Frezza
Voter Fraud Sign

A new lawsuit compares non-citizens excused from jury duty with voter rolls.

A Return To The JFK-Reagan Economic Model

Opinion | Larry Kudlow
The facade of the U.S. Federal Reserve building is reflected on wet marble during the early morning hours in Washington

A big Republican win on Tuesday will signal it’s time to start.

Democrats Also Aided, Abetted And Protected Obama's Illegal Power Grabs

Opinion | Seton Motley
Obama talks to the press after meeting with his team coordinating the government's Ebola response in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington

Senate Dems begged Obama to do by fiat what they should have been doing in Congress.

Rand Paul And Bill O'Reilly Are Wrong On Race: It's The NAACP That Should Make The First Move

Opinion | Keith Naughton
Obama speaks at the NAACP anniversary convention in New York City

As long as the definition of black means ‘not ever Republican,’ Senator Paul won’t get anywhere.

Defending Coal Takes Courage: Grimes Must Ignore Climate Change Political Correctness

Opinion | Tom Harris
Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Grimes prepares for her debate with Republican U.S. Senate Minority Leader McConnell at the Kentucky Education Television network headquarters in Lexington

Unless Grimes and the UMWA contest the science, they can’t save the coal industry

Team Obama Inadvertently Takes 'Credit' for Ensuring Iran Goes Nuclear

Opinion | David Cohen
U.S. President Barack Obama meets with Israel's PM Benjamin Netanyahu at the White House in Washington

Has the President’s pressure on Israel guaranteed that Iran will get nukes?

Rule Of Law: The Scourge Of Human Trafficking

Opinion | Jessica Medeiros-Garrison
Illegal migrants from Guatemala, deported from Phoenix, Arizona in the U.S., walk after arriving at an air force base in Guatemala City

Republican AGs are fighting this national problem.