Forget NAFTA. Here's The Trade Issue To Watch

| Maryalene LaPonsie
India Shutterstock/Roop_Dey

It’s time for Modi to practice what he preaches

Jimmy Kimmel: A Moron Or Just A Bigot?

op-ed | Jeffrey M. Trissell
Jimmy Kimmel YouTube screenshot/Jimmy Kimmel Live

Dear Mr. Kimmel: Can a Jewish baker be forced to bake a cake for a festive Kristallnacht-Holocaust party?

It's No Mystery Why Journos Fell For The Phony White Nationalist Connection To Florida Shooting

Editorial | Scott Greer
Students are evacuated from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School during a shooting incident in Parkland, Florida, U.S. February 14, 2018 in a still image from video. WSVN.com via REUTERS.

The desperation for answers is bringing up political narratives

Here Is How To Teach Your Child To Say 'No' To Sexual Monsters Like Larry Nassar

op-ed | Ira Chaleff
Larry Nassar Getty Images/Jeff Kowalsky

The skill is called Intelligent Disobedience

The Big Government Policies Of The Democratic Party Have Been Disastrous For Native Peoples

op-ed | Kambree Kawahine Koa
Native American Getty Images/Scott Olson

It’s time to give the Republican Party a chance

Hey, Nicholas Kristof: If You're Smart, Why Do You Act So Obtuse?

op-ed | Roger Stone
Nicholas Kristof YouTube screenshot/The New York Times

The irresponsible, misleading dreck has gone from annoying to old and stale

Here Is How To Start Reducing Casualties In All These Mass Shootings

op-ed | Joe Alton
Parkland Florida shooting Getty Images/Joe Raedle

Active shooters don’t have to be part of the New Normal

THE MUELLER MESS: Have The American People Lost Another Key Sovereign Power?

op-ed | Alan Keyes
Robert Mueller Getty Images/Alex Wong

Our liberty is standing in airlock, waiting to be blown into the vacuum of historical oblivion

STOP THE MADNESS: The Legal Shakedown Of America's Energy Industry Is Flagrant Abuse Of The Courts

op-ed | Craig Richardson
judge pop Shutterstock/bomg

The insatiable environmental movement is an absurd beast that will never be satisfied

Why General Flynn Should WITHDRAW His Guilty Plea

op-ed | Sidney Powell
Michael Flynn Getty Images/Drew Angerer

Judge Emmet G. Sullivan knows a cover-up when he sees one

Copernicus Inspires Us To Seek Out A Challenging Education

op-ed | Jamie Gass
The Milky Way Galaxy. Shutterstock

Let’s draw inspiration from his intellectual courage.

Dean Heller Is A Textbook Case On Why It’s So Tough To Drain The Swamp

op-ed | Danny Tarkanian
swamp ShutterstockPierre Jean Durieu

A love for the swamp.

Saudi Diplomat: Muslims Are Losing The Digital War Against ISIS, And No One Seems To Care

op-ed | Wajdi Homaid Al Quliti
ISIS flag AFP/Getty Images/Fadel Senna

ISIS defectors often credit their radicalization to being sucked into a virtual reality of online extremism

TRUMP TOWER POLITICS? GOP Bill Would Weaken Scaffolding Safety To Help New York Real Estate Tycoons

op-ed | Dean Clancy
Trump Tower Shutterstock/Eric Urquhart

It’s the ‘Make High-Rise Construction Work Even Unsafer Act’ and it’s very dangerous

Congress Owes It To American Businesses To Increase Regulatory Transparency

op-ed | Thomas Aiello
red tape Shutterstock/SeDmi

When government imposes regulations on businesses it drives up the cost of doing business

A Chance To Strike A Blow Against Cronyism

op-ed | Derek Hunter
A broken piggy bank. Shutterstock.

That a politician would shine the light of government favor on a friend is not shocking.

Analyzing The Latest Round Of Big Military Moves In The Middle East

op-ed | Shoshana Bryen
Middle East map Shutterstock/Robert Hale

Will Iran be permitted to build the platform in Syria for Israel’s destruction?

Agitators Of Outrage Have Lazily Misconstrued A Duke Professor's Comment On Conservatives And Autism

op-ed | Art Carden and Michael Munger
Duke University Shutterstock/Chadarat Saibhut

The cause of academic freedom is poorly served when an off-the-cuff remark is misinterpreted

LIFE AFTER COMMON CORE: Here's What To Expect From State Education Reform Efforts In 2018

op-ed | William J. Bennett
Common Core atomic bomb explosion Shutterstock/Romolo Tavani

Through local control, we reaffirm that educating students is the responsibility of communities

The EB-5 Visa Program Creates American Jobs And It Deserves Reauthorization

op-ed | Bob Barr
visa Shutterstock/Anton_Ivanov

Reauthorizing and expanding this valuable visa program must be part of any DACA legislation

WINTER OLYMPICS: Are Things That Happen On A Rich White Family's Aspen Ski Vacation Really Sports?

op-ed | Ron Hart
Winter Olympics 2018 Getty Images/Alexander Hassenstein

Ron Hart investigates

Matt Damon's 'Downsizing' Movie Is More Tired Overpopulation Nonsense From The Usual Suspects

op-ed | Steve Goreham
Matt Damon YouTube screenshot/Crusader Chan

‘In the 1970s and 1980s hundreds of millions of people will starve to death…’

Delivering Relief From The Burden Of Obamacare Taxes

op-ed | Rep. Luke Messer
Handing Over Money Shutterstock

‘This is a step in the right direction’

Dear Tea Party Activists: We Were Too Naïve About Congress

op-ed | Mark Meckler
The American Constitution. Shutterstock.

Washington loves the status quo.

Lefty Journos Weaponize Tweets Against Their Enemies -- Demand Exemption From The Same Treatment

Editorial | Scott Greer
REUTERS/Kacper Pempel/File Photo

Offensive jokes on Twitter can cost you a job, unless you’re a leftist

Big Pharma Skyrockets Prices By Opposing Generic Drug Reform

op-ed | David A. Ridenour
Pharmacy with drugs. Shutterstock

Who are you going to trust, your own lying eyes or us?

The Immigration Question No One Asks: How Did “DREAMers” Get Here?

op-ed | Ira Mehlman
A Stamp Of Approval Shutterstock

Whose fault is it that they are here illegally?

President Trump, Buy The Newseum!

op-ed | Todd Boulanger
Shutterstock/Richard Cavalleri, Reuters/Joshua Roberts

Annoy journalists. Also, open the Fake News Cafe in the back of the property

The Environmental Left Wants To Eliminate More Than Your Carbon Footprint

op-ed | Donald Kendal

Be fruitful and multiply—while you still can.

Mandatory Spending Is Quietly Killing America

op-ed | Eddie Zipperer
Money grows out of ground Shutterstock

I’m left to hope and pray that the fairy dust market will appreciate.

INFRASTRUCTURE GAME CHANGER: Equalize Tax Treatment Between The Public And Private Sectors

| Christopher H. Lee
infrastructure highways Shutterstock/zhangyang13576997233

A powerful tool to spark the revitalization of our transportation infrastructure

Will Lobbyists Derail Lower Drug Pricing For Americans Based On An Abortion Pill Fairy Tale?

op-ed | Kerri Toloczko
frog prince fairy tale Shutterstock/Lightspring

The CREATES Act does nothing to change the way FDA handles RU486 safety requirements

INJUSTICE: Members Of Raven 23 Risked Their Lives To Protect U.S. Officials. Now They're In Jail

op-ed | J.M. Phelps
injustice Shutterstock/Tomasz Guzowski

These men of Blackwater were treated as thugs and gangbangers

With Trudeau, It’s Like Obama Never Went Away

op-ed | David Krayden
Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau addresses the crowd during a town hall meeting at Vancouver Island University in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada, February 2, 2018. REUTERS/Kevin Light

‘Trudeau has never seen like such a stunning reflection of Obama as he has careened from one tortuous exercise in political correctness to another.’

Back To The Future – U.S. Mission In Afghanistan

op-ed | Gregory Keeley
Man in the military. Shutterstock

It seems everything old is new again – at least at the Pentagon.

Turkey Stokes The Toasty Bonfire Of Unrest Following Jerusalem Recognition

op-ed | Dmitri Shufutinsky
Turkey Turkish flag Shutterstock/Filip Bjorkman

Look no further than Turkey and its web of proxies.

Fear Of An Anglo America

Editorial | Scott Greer
DORAL, FL - FEBRUARY 08: U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions (C) joins with U.S. Navy Adm. Kurt Tidd, SOUTHCOM's commander (L) and Anthony Williams, Drug Enforcement Administration associate administrator, during the opening remarks at the U.S. Southern Command Opioid Summit on February 8, 2018 in Doral, Florida. During the day-long Opioid Summit officials are focusing on the crisis, considering approaches to strengthen the nation's response and define holistic strategies supporting the president's call to action in order to end what he has declared a 'national public health emergency.' (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Jeff Sessions triggers liberals just by saying ‘Anglo-American heritage’

Russiagate Journalism: Let's Tell Both Sides This Time

op-ed | John D. O'Connor
Robert Mueller Getty Images/Alex Wong

No broad Watergate-type consensus can be built today on the thin tissue of slanted reporting

The Disgusting Barbarism Of Female Genital Mutilation Is Not Religious Freedom

op-ed | Elizabeth Yore
graphic by Eric Owens

We protect little girls from torture

DON'T BE THE GANG OF EIGHT: Here Is How Congress Can Finally Pass Immigration Reform

op-ed | Cesar Conda
Gang of Eight immigration reform Getty Image/Alex Wong

Fixing DACA is President Trump’s opportunity to cement his legacy

Google's Monopoly Threatens Economic And Political Competitors

op-ed | Noah Peters

The danger of Google manipulating its search results for political purposes is very real

Teachers Who Insult The Military Are The Lowest Of The Low

op-ed | James Zumwalt
United States Marine Corps Shutterstock/Ujj Tibor

Did the latest teacher who went on an anti-military tirade manage to insult Asians? YES!

The Virtue-Signaling Of 'Don't-Have-Kids' Environmentalists Is LUDICROUS

op-ed | Gary Bauer
Parent holds child's hand Shutterstock

America could use more babies, not fewer

For The Average Joe, #MeToo Is Still There

op-ed | Scott Douglas Gerber
Woman Hugging Herself Shutterstock

what about victims whose sexual predators aren’t famous men whose misdeeds are exposed by major media outlets?

CINEMATIC INJUSTICE: Oscar-Nominated ‘Darkest Hour’ Leaves Out A Key Element

op-ed | Lloyd Billingsley
Movie theater Darkest Hour Shutterstock

Had Churchill had caved in to Hitler instead of fighting on, the world today would be a much different place.

Time for Boeing to Let Bombardier’s C Series Fly

op-ed | Peter Roff
Airplane Into The Sunset Shutterstock

In the Boeing-Bombardier dispute: case closed.

Americans Will Stand Together Against Hostile Foreign Agents -- And This Is How We Can Do It

op-ed | Mike Johnson
Capitol Building Shutterstock

In America, we enjoy a long tradition of standing together against hostile foreign nations

This Is How Congress Should Craft Its Immigration Legislation

op-ed | Raoul Lowery-Contreras
Climbing A Wall Shutterstock

There are five measures that Congress can, maybe even must, take