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Terrifying: This is what it's like to drown

sortie en mer

A new French PSA-type ad for lifejackets will make you have a panic attack

Man walks right into path of oncoming train, and then this happened

Is he stupid, suicidal or drunk?

The answer to illiteracy might be in your pocket

A customer holds the "Vergatario II", the new cell phone fully assembled in Venezuela by Vtelca, in Caracas

UN study says cellphones may allow more people to read

UK woman says she is aborting unborn child to get on a reality show


‘An abortion will further my career’

Chris Wallace interrogates Russian ambassador: 'How far is President Putin prepared to go?'

Ambassador: ‘Ukrainians are just our brothers’

Iran says plane at airport leased to Ghana after US-flagged plane sighting


‘None of its crew members were American’

US ground troops heading to Poland in response to Ukraine crisis

Poland's Defence Minister Siemoniak speaks during an interview in Warsaw

‘Events show that what is needed is a re-pivot’

Europe may replace Russian gas with US coal

Employees work on a pile of coal gangue in Huaibei

‘Coal exports are already having an impact on geopolitics’

WHOA: Ukrainian Jews told to 'register' by pro-Russian mobs

Kerry arrives in Geneva

Kerry: ‘It is beyond unacceptable’

Global cooling: Glacial retreating has slowed since 1950

The average square mile of land in Montana contains 3.3 deer, 1.4 elk and 1.4 antelope. The state's National Merit qualifying cutoff score is 207. (Photo: Flickr/GlacierNPS)

Study contradicts widespread melting fears

UN says the world needs cap-and-trade, carbon taxes

Smoke billows from the chimneys of the Belchatow Power Station

‘We need to move away from business as usual’

FBI hunted for Hitler in Argentina immediately after WWII

Adolf Hitler's legendary mustache of evil is now symbol of crimes against humanity.

J. Edgar Hoover authorized mission to hunt him down

Ukrainian fighter jet makes EXTREME low, high-speed pass over Russian separatists

Air Force gives loud, clear and close message

Obama allows referendum on splitting Ukraine

A pro-Russia protester stands at a barricade outside a regional government building in Donetsk

Obama talks tough, but gives Russia what it wants

Fisherman finds dildo in cod's stomach

(Photo: Flickr/Creative Commons)

‘The chances of winning the lottery are probably greater’

Pro-Russian insurgents defy Ukraine's warning of military action

Pro-Russian activists guard the main administration building in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk on April 7, 2014, in Donetsk. They proclaimed on April 7 the creation of a sovereign "people's republic" independent of Kiev's rule

‘We will not allow Russia to repeat the Crimean scenario in the eastern regions of the country’

Report: Purged North Korean official burnt alive with flamethrower

Photo: Wikimedia Commons, United States Marine Corps, Lance Cpl. Russell Midori

‘These connections to Jang merited the execution of O Sang-hon, who was burned alive’

Brilliant idea to stop global warming: Shove all the CO2 underground

A picture taken on January 24, 2013 shows the boiler at the UEM (Usine d'Electricit? de Metz) biomass plant in Metz, eastern France, on January 24, 2013. (Photo: JEAN-CHRISTOPHE VERHAEGEN/AFP/Getty Images)

U.N. scientists’ latest idea to save the planet

Global warming? Blue whales crushed to death by heavy Arctic sea ice

A blue whale swims in the deep blue sea off the coast of Mirissa

‘We’ve taken to calling it the whale trap’

Global warming now literally part of religion

A priest and altar boys walk down the aisle after prayers were conducted during a mass service inside the church of Our Lady of Lourdes at Klang, outside Kuala Lumpur

From the U.S. to the UK to the Vatican, global warming activism has become part of the religious conversation

How progressive France became even more unproductive

Bank of France Governor Christian Noyer attends a news conference at the Bercy Finance Ministry in Paris

As if a 35 hour work week and a 75% top tax rate wasn’t enough

Ukraine blames Russia for causing violence in Kiev protests

Demonstrators take part in a pro-Russian rally in Odessa

‘FSB agents took part in both the planning and execution of the so-called anti-terrorist operation’

UK coal industry is looking for a BAILOUT

Britain's PM Cameron attends the opening session of the Nuclear Security summit in The Hague

‘If the talks fail, the pits will close imminently’

Russian minister advises US to watch sitcoms and do yoga instead of worrying about Ukraine

People take part in a group yoga practice on the morning of the summer solstice in New York's Times Square

‘Tantrums, weeping and hysteria won’t help’

EU abandons its plan for a carbon tax on US airliners

Workers work near airplanes in Yangon International airport in Yangon

‘It would’ve been better for Europe’s self-respect and reputation’

Famed environmentalist says no one 'knows what's happening' with the climate

Members of environmental associations gather to demand improvements in climate change and energy models, outside the European Commission headquarters in Brussels

‘They all talk, they pass laws, they do things’

Iran appoints suspected US Embassy hostage-taker as their UN ambassador

A United Nations logo and flag are seen during the U.N. General Assembly at U.N. Headquarters in New York

‘There’ll not be any rapprochement with Iran until hostages are compensated for their torture’

Wales may become the first part of the UK to ban e-cigarettes

A customer holds an e-cigarette at the Henley Vaporium in New York City

‘A new set of radical proposals to improve public health”

LETHAL WEAPON: Sniper deployed in Afghanistan kills six Taliban with one bullet

A sniper of Special Operations Battalion (BOPE) takes position at the Mare slums complex in Rio de Janeiro

‘The sniper engaged him and the guy exploded’

UK scientists: Frozen fruits and veggies are killers

(Photo: Flickr/Creative Commons)

‘Consider, gentle reader’

Russia increased Ukraine's gas bill by nearly 50 percent

Russian President Vladimir Putin addresses participants of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum in St. Petersburg

‘The gas discount can no longer be used’

Riots break out in France over nationalist political gains

French riot policemen stand guard in front of the campaign headquarters of David Rachline, France's far-right National Front political party member head of the list for municipal elections, in Frejus

Front National wins big in local French election

Hilarious fake election signs posted in Canada

anti rob ford ad

An anti-Rob Ford website has erected multiple signs for fake mayoral candidates

By the way, North and South Korea are now trading artillery rounds

North Korea leader Kim Jong Un presides over a meeting of the Central Military Commission of the Workers' Party of Korea
So at least they've established trade

Russian ambassador dodges challenge to 'unequivocally' rule out Ukraine invasion

'Well, we are not PLANNING to . . .'

Climate scientists release climate report to counter 'alarmist' UN claims

United Nations Climate Conference

‘Atmospheric carbon dioxide is not a pollutant’

Scientists pan 'alarmist' UN climate report, green groups cite in fundraising

U.S. Senators from the Senate Climate Action Task Force gather on Capitol Hill in Washington

‘We’re all sitting ducks’

Nazi porn queen banned by German neo-Nazi party for porn sex with black dude

Kitty Blair YouTube screenshot/kasuwelltv3

Now she may be blackballed from porn, too

Energy wars: Britain faces massive blackouts due to green politics

British Prime Minister Cameron

It’s not just utilities sounding the warning bell

Idiot teenager gets a McDonalds receipt tattooed on his arm

A McDonald's restaurant sign is seen at a McDonald's restaurant in Del Mar, California

Norwegian boy gets his McDonald’s receipt tattooed on his arm

Alan Grayson says US 'should be pleased' Russia annexed Crimea

Rep. Alan Grayson

‘This is not some new Cold War that’s occurring’

Obama couples Putin with conservatism

U.S. President Barack Obama looks on as he takes part in a EU-US summit in Brussels

If you wear progressive lenses, Lincoln looks like a T-90 tank