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Miss Israel 2013 Is Back In Uniform, Ready To Fight For Her Country

(Photo: Laisha Magazine)

This girl knows how to represent

Obama: Attendees Of Africa Summit Will Be Screened For Ebola

Obama: ‘We’re talking the appropriate precautions’

Giraffe In Open Truck Smashes Head Into Freeway

Photo Credit: Getty Images

‘That’s something we are very concerned about…’

Hamas Concealing Their Role In Innocent Gaza Deaths By Threatening, Expelling Reporters


Italian journalist reports misfired Hamas rocket — not IDF strike — killed civilians earlier this week

Alleged Transcripts Show Obama As Hostile Towards Israel

‘Israel is not in the position that it can choose its mediators’

Honduran Community Leader Begs Obama: Don't Give Money To Our Government

‘Corruption in our country is huge, no limits’

Americans Struck With Deadly Ebola Virus

The biggest recorded Ebola virus outbreak continues to spread

Chinese Police Remove Cross From Church Steeple In 'China's Jerusalem'

‘The only reason I can think of is that the Zhejiang authorities intend to humiliate Christians by taking down the symbol sacred to them’

What's Really Happening In Antarctica?

Hint: it’s still rapid ice growth

Audit: US Weapons Could Fall Into Hands Of Insurgents

‘There is real potential for these weapons to fall into the hands of insurgents’

Three Nuclear Power Plant Cooling Towers Collapsed At Once, And Someone Got It On Video

Meanwhile, in Springfield, Homer Simpson weeps

Iran General: We Will Hunt Down Israelis House To House

‘We will chase you house to house and will take revenge for every drop of blood of our martyrs in Palestine’

Kerry's Failed Cease-Fire Leads To More Violence

‘If America was attacked… you would take action, and Israel is taking action to neutralize this threat’

GOP Rep: Obama Does Nothing While Genocide Against Christians Goes On In Iraq

‘Nobody is saying anything’

Congressman Urges Obama To End Deals Between Ex-Im Bank, Russia

House Financial Services Committee Chairman Rep. Hensarling speaks during the testimony of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Director Cordray in Washington

‘The situation in Ukraine grows worse every day’

Sen. Cruz Wants Investigation Into FAA Ban On Israel Flights: 'Was This A Political Decision Driven By The White House?'

Worried it was ‘designed to exert economic force to pressure Israel into giving into the demands from America’

ISIS Militants Destroy Biblical Site

The terrorists destroyed the shrine to Jonah

Congressman Slams Obama For Ignoring Christian 'Genocide' In Iraq

Romney's Vice Presidential Pick Paul Ryan Campaigns In Virginia

‘Where is the Obama administration? The silence is deafening’

Democracy At Work: Ukrainian Parliament Erupts Into A Brawl [VIDEO]

Started from accusations of the Ukranian army killing people

Chinese Shopping Mall Offers Larger Parking Spaces For Women Drivers

Hot pink spaces installed ‘for practical reasons’

Professor Exposes The Media's 'Racist' Coverage Of The Israel-Hamas Conflict

Alan Dershowitz

‘When an Arab and Muslim kills another Arab and Muslim, it is not news’

Israeli Tanks Block Missiles With Mini 'Iron Dome' System

It may become an luxury option on 2020 model-year BMWs

Cafe Bans 'Loud American's'

American flag. Photo: Creative Commons/Mike LoCascio

Can they at least use correct grammar? #NoApostropheNecessary

CNN Vs. RT Shouting Match: 'You're Supposed To Be A Journalist!'

‘Why are you afraid to hear what I’m saying?”

MSNBC's Ronan Farrow Runs Awkward Segment On Israeli-Palestinian 'Hookups,' Panelist Derides Israeli 'Racism'

Doesn’t blink an eye when guest suggests Israelis are racist and solely responsible for violence

9 Disturbing Things You Need To Know About Hamas From Its Founding Document


‘There is no war going on anywhere, without having [the Jews'] finger in it’

Woman Lives As 1950s Housewife, Encourages Other Women To Follow Her Lead

Vintage car

‘We should all take advice from our grandparents and start living the Fifties way’

Kiev: Pro-Russian Rebels Shoot Down Two Ukrainian Fighter Jets

In the eastern part of the country

Christians Sheltering Muslims Fleeing Israeli Bombings

Palestinians Burn Church After Papal Remarks Against Islam

‘This is the duty of the church’

Russian-Backed Separatist Leader Declares Internet 'All Lies'

‘All the information that comes through the Internet … is practically all lies’

Journalist Gone Wild: Throws Water Bottle And Chair At Rival

This isn’t his first time attacking an opponent on live television

Germany's $412 Billion Green Energy Plan Meets Harsh Reality

‘A net increase in costs to consumers and other stakeholders’

Outrage After Sky News Reporter Pokes Through Luggage Of Malaysian Flight Victim On-Air

‘We shouldn’t really be doing this, I suppose’

'Helluva Pinpoint Operation:' Kerry Caught On Open Mic Sarcastically Slamming Israel

‘I reacted, obviously, in a way that anybody does with respect to, you know, young children and civilians’

Obama Pressures Israel To Curb Anti-Tunnel Defense


He’s pushing a ceasefire deal that would help Hamas survive

Rebels Take Control Of Bodies From MH17 Crash, Store Them In Train Cars

International investigators are demanding access to the remains

These 5 People SURVIVED Incredible Air Crashes And Falls

Vesna Vulovic Yugoslav Airlines DC-9

33,000-foot falls, bombs, and more

Malaysia Airlines: It's Not Our Fault!

Malaysia Airlines: It's Not Our Fault!

‘It could just as easily have been the aircraft ahead of Malaysia Airlines or the aircraft behind that was hit.’

Export-Import Bank Backed Two Russian Companies Hit By Sanctions

U.S. subsidizes, then sanctions

Krauthammer: 'Disinterested, Detached' Obama 'Unwilling To Say The Truth' About Shot Down Plane

‘There’s no passion, there’s no interest in this’

Study: Economist Says Global Cigarette Tax Is A Terrible Idea

‘One size does not fit all’

Islamic State To Christians: Convert Or Face The Sword

‘There is nothing between us and them except the sword!’

Sen. Ayotte: U.S. Must 'Shame' Europe Into Stronger Sanctions Against Russia

‘Europeans were murdered in this’

Putin Calls For Cease-Fire To Investigate MH17

Photo Credit: Getty Images

‘Direct talks between the opposing sides must be established as soon as possible’

Horror In Ukraine: 'I Opened The Door And I Saw People Falling'

‘One fell in my vegetable patch’

Woman Loses Family In Malaysia Airlines Disaster -- Again

‘It’s just brought everyone, everything back’

Nearly 100 AIDS Researchers Perished In Malaysia Airplane Shoot-Down

‘It does set back work for a cure and strategic prevention of HIV/AIDS very significantly’

CNN Pulls Reporter From Gaza Coverage After Calling Israelis Cheering Airstrikes 'Scum'

She ‘deeply regrets the language used’

Great White Shark Chokes On A Sea Lion And Dies

Screenshot: YouTube

‘May have damaged the shark’s internal organ’

UN Discovers Palestinian Terror Rockets In Gaza School

Smokes rises following what witnesses said was an Israeli air strike in Gaza City

‘A flagrant violation of the inviolability of its premises under international law’

Pentagon Official: Russians Likely Responsible For Shooting Down Malaysia Plane

‘It would have to have been provided by a state military like Russia’

Passenger Makes Eerie Facebook Post Before Boarding Downed Malaysia Airlines Plane

Doomed passenger jokes about plane going missing

McCain: 'Hell To Pay' If Russia Shot Down Civilian Flight Over Ukraine

‘I think the repercussions are incalculably huge’

'Highly Inappropriate': Fox's Shepard Smith Scolds State Dept For Burying News On Shot Down Plane

‘Well that’s the State Department, Shep. I’m not surprised’

Malaysia Airlines Plane Reportedly Shot Down In Ukraine Near Russian Border

Airline confirms losing contact with Boeing 777 carrying 295