Peace is the Only Prize Donald Trump Wants

Opinion | Tony Shaffer
Trump did in months what multiple presidents failed to achieve in decades

The US Needs To Focus On Space Launch Security

Opinion | Robert Bunn
National security assets should be launched by American companies from American soil

Amazon Obliterates Toys 'R' Us In A Friendly Game Of Tycoon Rollercoaster

Opinion | Christian Josi
Amazon has used ethically questionable (at best) business practices to crush their competition

FBI: Trying To Separate Trump From His Kids

Opinion | Ron Hart
Our trust in government has never been lower

The Media Image Of Leaks Coming From Morally Troubled Whistleblowers Is Taking A Serious Beating

Opinion | John Lott
Reporters are themselves criminally liable for bribing government officials

Big Labor’s Big Pay Gap: Facts Overrun By Political Fiction

Opinion | Luka Ladan
The real numbers for CEOs and small business owners

Americans Must Now Face The Moral Problem Of Children Torn From Their Parents At The Border

Opinion | Raoul Lowery-Contreras
An immoral America in 2018

The Taxpayer Cost Of Playing With Trains

Opinion | Kerri Toloczko
Unfortunately for property owners, 'just' compensation is all they get

President Trump's Decision To Punish ZTE Is Justified And Firm

| Rep. Darrell Issa
The president has shown he is determined to rebalance our trading relationships

Border Enforcement Is NOT The Holocaust. The Analogy Is WORTHLESS

Opinion | Lew Olowski
People making this analogy cannot distinguish conventional law-enforcement from military aggression

The FBI, The DOJ And Hillary Clinton's HUGE Weiner Problem

Opinion | Sidney Powell
There is more than enough evidence to demand immediate production of the Carlos Danger laptop

Donald Trump: The Singapore Fox

Opinion | Peter Huessy
The president made North Korea an offer hard to refuse

Donald Trump Is In Real Danger Of Becoming America's POT PRESIDENT. Forever. Does He Want That?

Opinion | Jon Talcott
Trump should give heed the advice he has given his children to stay away from drugs

'Right To Try' And The Future Of The FDA

Opinion | William Smith
The Information Age makes the FDA's regulatory regime obsolete

Merkel Touts Feminism While Germany Defends Its Migrant Rapists

Opinion | Bradley Martin
Feminists should be outraged. Why aren't they?

Strategic Disruption: How Trump Can Derail China and Prevail in Afghanistan

| Lawrence Sellin
A viable option to counter China and create alternatives in Afghanistan

Tariff This, Not That: Chinese Goods That Should Be Tariffed But Aren't

Opinion | Joanne Butler
Let the free-traders wring their hands. America deserves better

OPINION: CRYSTAL BALL: Is The Trump Coalition Doomed?

Opinion | Keith Naughton
Trump voters, united by a shared set of economic and cultural grievances, are not a majority

OPINION: QUESTIONS OF TIMING: Withheld DOJ Documents May Provide Explosive Spygate Answers

Opinion | John D. O'Connor
Are we truly to be believe that Russian 'dirt' on Hillary triggered a treason investigation? Really?

OPINION: IT'S HAPPENING: The Obama-Holder Progressive Left Counter-Offensive

Opinion | Bill McCollum
Democrats are about to drop hundreds of millions of dollars in key battleground states

This Obama-Era UN-EPA Agreement Has To Go

Opinion | Bonner Cohen
A little-known document that entangles the U.S. in some of the worst schemes ever

'The Art Of The Deal' Meets 'The Art Of Deception': Reflections On The Trump-Kim Summit

Opinion | Suzanne Scholte
Trump has shown very clearly there is another way forward

The Ambiguous Future Of The Iranian-Russian Alliance In Syria

Opinion | Mohammed al-Sulami
Russia and Iran are finding a lot less common ground these days

Net Neutrality Debate Could Harm Northern Virginia’s Economy And Jobs

Opinion | Jason Flanary
Depression-era regulations in the name of net neutrality

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