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Federal Judge Strikes Down Texas Law Demanding Abortion Clinics Meet Standards

AUSTIN, TX - JUNE 25: State Sen. Wendy Davis (D-Ft. Worth) (3L) holds up two fingers against the anti-abortion bill SB5, which was up for a vote on the last day of the legislative special session June 25, 2013 in Austin, Texas. (Photo: Erich Schlegel/Getty Images)

Another win for pro-choice activists

O'Keefe Documentary Spreading Awareness Of Border Holes To ISIS

James O'Keefe video screen cap

‘Possible ISIS Interest on the US Southwestern Border’

US Quadruples Expat Fee As Record Numbers Of Americans Renounce Citizenship

(Photo: Getty Images)

Backlog at US Consulate in Toronto through 2015

Fixer For Oregon Obamacare Fiasco Balloons To Six Times The Cost

Cover Oregon

Cost of Obamacare failure is never-ending

Couple Fined For Refusing To Host Gay Wedding Shuts Down Venue

Robert and Cynthia Gifford. (Photo: YouTube/Screenshot)

‘even though it will likely hurt their business in the short run’

Thank Fracking For Falling Gas Prices This Labor Day Weekend

‘It’s only fitting that millions are choosing to celebrate this positive direction with an all-American road trip’

Pentagon Spokesman: I Can't Reveal Our ISIS Strategy Or I'll Be Fired

‘Would make your jobs a lot easier and mine pretty much nonexistent’

Report: ISIS Planning Imminent Terror Attack At U.S. Border

‘It’s coming soon’

1,200 Parasite-Carrying African Snails Tracked Down And Seized

‘The snails are difficult to eradicate’

Colorado Gun Lobby Threatens To Sue Library Over Weapons Ban

‘There is no doubt about the law in this case’

Memphis VA RETALIATING Against Daily Caller Whistle-Blowers

New secretary’s promise broken: ‘There are no bad whistle-blowers’

One In Four Republicans Say Global Warming Is 'Major Threat' To US

More Dems scared of it than ISIS, Ebola and nuclear war

You Won't Believe What's Now Considered Racist

Did you know reading is totally racist too?!

Nevada Obamacare Exchange Isn't Paying Its Insurance Brokers

‘It makes life extremely difficutl when you dont’ get paid after working very hard’

Santa Fe Joins Others In Decriminalizing Marijuana

‘It still is an historic win for us all’

Chat Service Confirms Brown Gun Shot Recording Time Stamp

Unconfirmed audio first reported by CNN on Monday

Spotted Owl Takes Priority Over Public Safety, Environmentalists Says

‘It’s basically an extinction plan for the California spotted owl’

Armed Pastor Defends Church From Burglars

(Photo: Flickr/Creative Commons)

‘If the robbery suspects would have asked him for money … he would have given it to them’

US Territory Bars Retired Air Force Major From Voting Because He's White

Denver Prepares To Host The Democratic National Convention

‘Native inhabitants’ only

Adopted Pit Bull Saves Little Boy's Life

‘Hades saw me and … let me crawl on her back’

Is The EPA Preparing For A Massive Private Land Grab?

‘The EPA’s job is to regulate. The maps must have been created with this purpose in mind.’

New VA Secretary Praised Hospital Where 6 Vets Died After Screening Delays

Nine lawsuits pending against South Carolina facility

The Left Is Asking For Obamacare For DREAMers

‘We are deeply concerned with the restrictions on access to affordable health coverage’

Bud Light Wants To Turn This Mountain Town Into A Beer Drinker's Paradise For A Weekend

Trouble is, no one who lives there knew about it

St. Louis Transit Union Negotiations Crumble After 'Oreo' Comments


Race-baiting or recipe-sharing?

Obama Admin Still Silent On Obamacare Enrollment

Several investigations have found problems with their numbers

Low Blow: Katie Couric Accused Diane Sawyer Of Trading Head For Headlines

4th Annual WIE Symposium - Day 1

Yes, you read that correctly

Obama's Illegals Swamp Blue-Collar City In Massachusetts

Hundreds coming to Lynn

CNN Guests Think Brown Shooting Audio Is A Hoax

'My first inclination is someone is trying to punk CNN'

EPA Chief: CO2 Regulations Are About 'Justice' For 'Communities Of Color'

‘Carbon pollution standards are an issue of justice’

Philadelphia VA Depicts Vets As 'Oscar The Grouch'


‘I feel like this is perpetuating some of the worst stereotypes of veterans’

Police In Washington State Have Been Secretly Intercepting Cellphone Traffic For Years

Police monitor Seahawks fans celebrating in the streets after their team won their NFL Super Bowl XLVIII against the Broncos in Seattle

‘They are essentially searching the homes of innocent Americans to find one phone used by one person’

Dead American ISIS Fighter Despised White People And Gays

Twitter feed provides insight into ISIS fighter’s mind-set

Scarborough Nearly Loses It Over Accidental Shooting Range Death

‘Why are you putting an Uzi in the hands of a nine-year-old girl!?’

Environmentalists Ditch The Polar Bear

‘Stop climate change… or the kitten gets it’

Exclusive: An Inside Look At America's Most Protected Border

‘You’re almost always outnumbered’

As The Global Warming 'Pause' Continues Scientists Make More Dire Predictions

‘The risk of abrupt and irreversible change increases…’

New Details In Case Of Fatal Wal-Mart Police Shooting


‘Everything released is one-sided’

Child Porn Conviction For Former HHS Cyber Security Director

The US Department of Health and Human Se

Suggested meeting another pedophile in person to violently rape and murder children

California Farmers Rally Against Forced Unionization

‘We’re going to fight them’

Denver Sheriff's 'Training Video' Ignores Responsibility For Inmate's Death


‘That’s not a training video, that’s a whitewash’

Report: Remove Ban On Transgendered Military Personnel

Recommends military should be open to paying for sex change surgery

Postal Service Didn't Know You Should Back Up Data On Separate Hardware

Thankfully only lost an entire database

CNN: New Report On VA 'Damning,' 'Scathing Rebuke'

’40 veterans on electric wait lists have died’

Secret Service Prevents News Site From Filming Michelle Obama On Public Property

‘Come on sir, she’s having a private moment right now’

Environmentalists Try To Connect Ferguson And 'Climate Crisis' In Hysterical Screed

Attacked for lack of diversity, greens try appeal to blacks

Passenger Uses 'Knee Defender,' Ruins Flight For Everybody

Give the woman some space!

Hate Crime Alleged In Attack On White Man

Screenshot: YouTube/themop11

Family says attackers called him ‘white boy’

HealthCare.Gov Set To Blow Past $1.7 Billion Budget

Unclear how far…

New Audio Recording Of Michael Brown Shooting Unearthed

‘At the time he didn’t realize the import of what he was hearing’

California Cops Used Government Database To Screen Women They Wanted To Date

‘I feel like it’s an abuse of their power’

GOP Challenger Slams Progressive Pat Murphy For Saying Illegals Could Become Terrorists

“This is one of the most irresponsible things I’ve heard a politician say’

Obama Sent NO White House Representatives To James' Foley's Memorial Mass

Sent three to Michael Brown’s funeral, though

Turner Offers Buyouts To Older Employees (Layoffs Expected To Hit A Few Hundred CNNers)

Some 600 employees to be affected

Warren Buffett Bucks Obama In Burger King Deal

Goes against Democratic grain

Funeral Pastors Compare Michael Brown's Death To Jesus Christ's Crucifixion

‘Michael Brown prophetically spoke of his demise’

Federal Reserve Banks Agree Obamacare Is Hurting Business

Everyone’s going to see higher costs

Obamacare Might Kill Your Tax Refund

‘They are not messing around’

Chris Matthews On ISIS: 'We Created Their Opportunity. How Are We Their Enemy?'

‘Why aren’t the Islamists happy with us?’

Illinois Governor Vetoes Attack On Uber

Stops anti-ridesharing bill

Bloomberg Collaborates With Human Rights Violator

Who needs freedom of the press anyway

Racism Is Totally EVERYWHERE All The Time. 11 More Examples

Getty Images/John Moore, YouTube screenshot/kitsune21809, Reuters/Jim Young

‘P’ is for PUNCTUATION, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and more!

Boulder Schools Opt Out Of Controversial Rat Cage Anti-Pot Campaign

Giant cages not ‘a positive or intelligent way to approach young people’

Washington Post Columnist Gets In Another Bar Skirmish

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Doorman accuses him of drunkenness

As CNN 'Braces' For More Cuts, Fears Are Palpable

‘CNN is going to get hit HARD’

Another State Adds 'Don't Tread on Me' Flag To License Tags

Gadsden flag closely associated with tea party movement

All-Clear After Active Shooter Reported At Fort Lee Army Base

‘The law enforcement event is over’

Ben Carson Clashes With Jesse Jackson Over Ferguson: 'Nothing To Do With Race'

Neurosurgeon blames drugs, alcohol, lack of personal responsibility

A VERY Humble Al Sharpton Likens Himself To Frederick Douglass

‘It is a customary, traditional role’

Obama Admin Conducting A Review Into Police Militarization

Ferguson, Mo. Protests

In light of killing of Michael Brown

Jason Riley, Juan Williams Agree: Asking If Cops 'Value Black Lives' Is 'A Stupid Conversation'

‘We talk about unemployment, we talk about poverty. But we don’t talk about black crime rates’

Curse Of Obamacare Now Curses Cursed Chicago Cubs

Tarp flop caused because Cubs want to avoid paying higher healthcare costs

Inmate Released 90 Years Early Is Back In Prison, But Fighting To Get Back Out

Clerical error led to his release, but he says he’s done his time

White House Strongly Hints US Will Bomb ISIS In Syria

‘We’re not going to be restricted by borders’

GAO: Growth in Food Stamp Recipients Overwhelms Anti-Fraud Efforts

‘States will continue to have difficulty effectively combating fraud’

Lawsuit Number Two: Now Oregon's Suing Oracle Over Obamacare Disaster

Cover Oregon

More blame-throwing about failed Obamacare website

Cardiologist Indicted For Making Millions Performing Unnecessary Medical Procedures

Dr Persaud outside an Ohio courthouse Thursday

Knowingly misdiagnosed patients, referred them for costly surgeries

Foreign Killers Released Into US Neighborhoods

169 foreign killers were released in 24 states

Pentagon Official: ISIS Executioners Had No Idea Special Forces Chasing Them -- Until Admin Told Them

The failed, deadly politics of the Obama White House

St. Louis Medical Examiner SLAMS Man Hired To Conduct Independent Autopsy On Michael Brown

‘I find what Parcells does to be abysmal’

Anonymous Day Of Rage Over Michael Brown Fizzles Nationwide As Ragers Fail To Materialize

A couple dozen in Chicago; ’15 strong in Spokane at the moment!’

EPA Asks DHS To Go On Poop Patrol In Its Denver Office


The s**t hits the fan

State Department Bans Diplomats From Ice Bucket Challenge

U.S. Secretary of State Kerry delivers opening remarks at the "Our Ocean" conference at the State Department in Washington

‘Concerns about preference and favoritism always arise’

GAO: Obama Administration Broke Law With Bergdahl Swamp

Congress needed a heads up, report says

Philly Fed: Obamacare's Increasing Part-Time Work

U.S. President Obama delivers a statement on the situation in Iraq from his vacation home at Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts

And cutting full-time jobs

Farmers Compete With Wild Salmon For Water In California

A chinook salmon along with a school of shad pass through the viewing room at McNary Lock and Dam on the Columbia River, June 7, 2005 near Umatilla, Oregon. (Photo: Jeff T. Green/Getty Images)

‘It’s not our fault they have orchards to water in the desert’

Genetically Modified Food Labeling Initiative Makes The Colorado Ballot

Critics say if it passes it will ‘absolutely raise food prices’