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One guy's pee responsible for 38 million gallons of waste

The Mt. Tabor reservoir in Portland. (Photo: Flickr/Creative Commons)

Portland is VERY eco-conscious

Bloomberg kicks off new gun-control efforts

Michael Bloomberg. Reuters/Shannon Stapleton

$5 million effort takes aim at the NRA

Poll: Sen. Mark Udall has slight edge on Rep. Cory Gardner

Sen. Mark Udall

But it’s still within the margin of error

Harry Reid: Cliven Bundy and supporters are 'domestic terrorists'

Reid answers questions from reporters after the weekly Republican caucus luncheon at the U.S. Capitol in Washington

‘These people who hold themselves out to be patriots are not’

Media Matters lawyers up in response to unionization petition


Unions for thee but not for me

White House to use executive orders to aid the solar industry

President Obama makes remarks during an Easter prayer breakfast in the East Room of the White House in Washington

‘The President is committed to continuing the momentum’

Man didn't know soda refill wasn't free, now faces federal charges

Federal citation for illegal refill

The $0.89 drink is costing Christopher Lewis $525

DC viewers choose 'Fox News Sunday' over NBC's 'Meet the Press'

Chris Wallace Interviews U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia On 'Fox News Sunday'

Defeat the ‘Press’

Obama the 'deporter in chief'? The data says no

Immigrants rights supporters rally outside the US Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma, Washington

The administration opened 26 percent fewer deportation cases last year than in 2009

Guy wears a T-shirt on CNN, fired for 'shaming' Canada

(Photo: Flickr/Creative Commons)

‘Even though I let him be on TV, he shamed us Canadians’

Cop beats up model Air Force captain in his own home, issues arrest weeks later

‘Excuse me sir, but who are you? And why are you here?’

Koch brothers unite right and left, sponsor panel on prison reform

Alcatraz / Wikimedia commons

‘I think it destroys society’

Colorado ethics panel caught with unethical records policy

Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper lays out his plans for the next state legislative session at a news conference in his office at the Capitol in Denver

Agency charges 5-10 times what the law allows

EPA likely to expand its regulatory reach over methane

Gina McCarthy testifies before a Senate Environment and Public Works Committee hearing on her nomination to be administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency

‘An important step in the administration’s plan’

The quiet bailout for Detroit

U.S. President Barack Obama speaks at the National Action Network's 16th Annual Convention in New York

$100 million here, a $100 million there, pretty soon we’ll be talking real money

Strict Obama administration ivory ban infuriates musicians

Ivory tusks are stored in boxes at Hong Kong Customs after they were seized from a container from Nigeria

Sweeping rule makes traveling abroad with musical instruments illegal

Are your parents the reason you're lazy?

A child plays with a mouse at a temple fair in Sheqi county

New study says loafing may be written in your genes

GOP congressional candidate shoots down drone in new ad

Rifle Shot

‘Spying on our citizens — that’s just wrong’

All of the above? Oil and gas production on federal lands is in FREE FALL under Obama

MCKITTRICK, CA - MARCH 23: Pump jacks and wells are seen in an oil field on the Monterey Shale formation where gas and oil extraction using hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, is on the verge of a boom on March 23, 2014 near McKittrick, California.(Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)

‘Suppressing development of the energy that all Americans own’

This might be the strangest jury duty summons

K9 police dog has his picture taken at the Capitol in Washington

Uncle Sam wants your dog to do his civic duty

Victory for pro-choice activists in Midwest

WASHINGTON, DC - JANUARY 22: Pro-choice activists hold signs as marchers of the annual March for Life arrive in front of the U.S. Supreme Court January 22, 2014 on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. (Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Federal judge overturns North Dakota abortion ban

Necrophilia is legal in these states

Necrophilia map

But oral sex is not

PETA furious Michelle Obama plans to use real eggs for Easter

‘Michelle Obama, We Need to Talk!’

NYC mayor paid just over 8 percent tax rate

New York City Democratic mayoral nominee de Blasio speaks after receiving endorsement of former mayoral candidate and City Council Speaker Quinn during press conference at City Hall in New York

A champion of progressive causes

Outraged judge throws the book at five cops who lied on the stand

The judge's gavel is seen in court room 422 of the New York Supreme Court

Dashcam footage saves the day again

Feds to crack down on pot farms on public lands over environmental concerns

A fully budded marijuana plant ready for trimming is seen at the Botanacare marijuana store ahead of their grand opening on New Year's day in Northglenn, Colorado

‘Makes our public and private lands unsafe for all of us’

Oklahoma bans local minimum wage hikes

Protesters calling for higher wages for fast-food workers stand outside a McDonald's restaurant in Oakland

‘This is a fair measure for consumers, workers and small business owners’

Colorado's cool new thing: 'bud and breakfast' hotels

A Seattle Seahawks fan smokes marijuana in a car before watching Super Bowl XLVIII in Seattle

Let’s hope room service is open late

GAO: Feds can't say how much spent on environmental litigation

Environmentalists rally and pretend to be dead on a black sheet symbolizing an oil spill as they rally in front of the White House and call on President Barack Obama to reject the Keystone XL oil pipeline, in Washington

‘Little information exists on the costs and benefits’

A family affair: Now Harry Reid's son says Cliven Bundy 'should be prosecuted'

‘He’s not a victim and he’s not a hero’

Obama and immigration allies meet, ignore Americans

Two men are taken into custody by the U.S. Border Patrol near Falfurrias, Texas

Most Americans oppose additional immigration

Obama admin alters census, destroys reliable data on Obamacare

U.S. President Barack Obama speaks before signing a Presidential Memorandum at the White House in Washington

Government changes to the census will corrupt analysis

T. rex finds home in the Natural History Museum in D.C.

The current T. rex will be replaced by the 'Nation's T. rex' within the next couple of years. The fossils will be on display at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. (Photo: Gareth Williams, Flickr)

‘In some ways, I think of it as the most American of all dinosaurs’

How burdensome is the tax code?


Americans spend 7.7 billion hours on paperwork

Who will win? Drunk guy or the fence?

Guess who

Pa. man doesn't understand lottery, threw away $1.25 million

Pennsylvania Lottery

‘He was mad. Wouldn’t you be?’

Eric Holder admits to smoking pot

U.S. Attorney General Holder testifies about his FY2015 budget request at a Senate Appropriations Committee hearing on Capitol Hill in Washington

The nation’s top law enforcement official called it a ‘youthful experimentation’

Strange, but true: Weird things you can deduct from your taxes

Fafie Moore, a Reality Executives owner/broker, and realtor Helen Riley look over the backyard of a home being offered for sale in Nevada

Just in time for tax day, see what the government will cover

Rancher: Feds use 'threats, bullying, and intimidation'

A protester waves the U.S. flag near the Bureau of Land Management's base camp where seized cattle, that belonged to rancher Cliven Bundy, are being held at near Bunkerville

‘I personally have been at the receiving end of this criminal conduct’

Cop swerves into longboarders, almost kills them, issues ticket

Longboard / Youtube screenshot

‘You made us all crash’

Death and corruption at the Veterans Administration


No repercussions for management

Obamacare not bringing new patients to California clinics

People sign up for health insurance information at a Covered California event in Los Angeles

‘We were hoping to have more of an impact’

Colorado GOP a step closer to challenging Hickenlooper

Republican presidential candidate Rep. Tom Tancredo

Cory Gardner to take on Mark Udall

Colorado Democrats deeply divided over energy issues

MCKITTRICK, CA - MARCH 23: Pump jacks and wells are seen in an oil field on the Monterey Shale formation where gas and oil extraction using hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, is on the verge of a boom on March 23, 2014 near McKittrick, California.(Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)

State party officially opposes Keystone pipeline, split on fracking

Reid warns Nevada cattle rancher who faced down feds: 'It's not over'

‘Can’t have people violate the law and just walk away from it’

Bundy supporters planned to sacrifice women to feds

‘It’s going to be women … getting shot’

CBO: 'Less attractive' exchange plans cut Obamacare cost estimate

Vice President Biden and Speaker of the House Boehner applaud as President Obama finishes his State of the Union speech on Capitol Hill in Washington

Lower quality, lower cost

WaPo, Guardian newspapers win Pulitzer Prize for public service after reporting on Snowden leaks

A protester carry a portrait of Snowden during a demonstration against secret monitoring programmes PRISM, TEMPORA, INDECT and showing solidarity with whistleblowers Snowden, Manning and others in Berlin

Peter King calls it ‘a disgrace’

Ohio cracks down on fracking over earthquake worries

MCKITTRICK, CA - MARCH 23: Pump jacks and wells are seen in an oil field on the Monterey Shale formation where gas and oil extraction using hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, is on the verge of a boom on March 23, 2014 near McKittrick, California.(Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)

‘The seismic testing will be done in real-time’

Victory for Cliven Bundy, Nevada rancher who challenged feds

A protester reacts in Bunkerville, Nevada

‘People are getting tired of the federal government having unlimited power’

Did Sharyl Attkisson get too close to the truth?

Jeff Fager, Scott Pelley and David Rhodes speak at the CBS Television Network's 2011 Summer Television Critics Association Press Tour in Beverly Hills

Famed reporter alleges MSM bias

God denied credit rating from Obamacare verification company


Is going to have trouble enrolling in Obamacare

GOP Reps press DHS on releasing thousands of criminal aliens

U.S. President Obama announces Johnson to be his nominee for Secretary of Homeland Security, in Washington

Including 59 murders, 21 attempted murders and 542 sex crimes

Can you tell when your partner's satisfied?

(Photo: Flickr/Creative Commons)

He or she can, so don’t bother faking it

Free market groups challenge unions on minimum wage

Stephen Baldwin holds his fist in the air outside a Subway restaurant during a strike aimed at the fast-food industry and the minimum wage in Seattle

‘Wowkanech is hiding under his desk’

Poll shows Americans unswayed by Obamacare enrollment numbers

U.S. President Obama speaks at Civil Rights Summit to commemorate 50th anniversary of signing of Civil Rights Act at LBJ Presidential Library in Austin

Not much difference from glitchy roll-out

Republicans warn of a federal tax on cow flatulence

Cows. Getty.

‘Heavy-handed regulations on farms across America’

NYPD routinely handcuffs shooting victims... they could be dangerous!

Police personnel stand and talk with each other at Times Square in New York

‘They consider everyone who has a warrant a fugitive’

Denver girds for epic 4/20 celebration

A sign celebrates the day at the Botana Care marijuana store just before opening the doors to customers for the first time in Northglenn

Even though smoking pot in public is still illegal

This bully got what was coming to her

‘Who you f–kin with?’

Colorado pot sales continue to climb in second month

A bag of marijuana being prepared for sale sits next to a money jar at BotanaCare in Northglenn, Colorado

But lawmakers are still wary of spending it too quickly

MSNBC castoffs bond by criticizing 'corporate USA'

'Nightline' anchors Moran, Bashir and McFadden take part in a panel discussion at the ABC television network Summer press tour for television critics in Beverly Hills

‘[H]ow to do authentic journalism in corporate USA’

'MEGA-TRAP': Massive solar facility chars birds right out of the sky

Heliostats reflect sunlight onto boilers in towers during the grand opening of the Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System in the Mojave Desert near the California-Nevada border

Officials ‘observed birds entering the solar flux and igniting’

Russians withheld information on Boston bombing suspects

Boston bombings (Getty Images)

“based on everything that was available the F.B.I. did all that it could”

This land is my land: Feds declare war on cattle rancher

Federal law enforcement personnel walk back to their truck as they block access to thousands of acres of BLM land that have been temporarily closed to round up illegal cattle that are grazing, south of Mesquite, Nevada

‘We own this land’

Appeals court rules unanimously against 'hypocritical' anti-discrimination agency

Job-seeker completes an application at a career fair held by civil rights organization National Urban League as part of its annual conference, in Philadelphia

‘EEOC sued the defendants for using the same type of background check that the EEOC itself uses’

Proven wrong: Democrat who said white people never adopt black kids

Alabama families / ABC3340 screenshot

‘He needs to put his money where his mouth is’

Photo proof parking in front of a fire hydrant is NBD

(Photo: Screenshot/YouTube)

Definitely won’t stop firefighters from doing their job

If you are a taxpayer, your data may still be at risk thanks to the IRS

Internal Revenue Service

‘Until IRS takes additional steps … its financial and taxpayer data will remain vulnerable’

Feds send armed officials to deal with ranchers

Heliostats reflect sunlight onto boilers in towers during the grand opening of the Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System in the Mojave Desert near the California-Nevada border

Does nothing against solar facilities hurting tortoises

SHOCK: Federal regulators leaked classified information about US electrical grid

High voltage power lines are seen near a wind farm in Guazhou, 950km northwest of Lanzhou, Gansu Province

‘This was a dangerous leak of highly sensitive information’