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Institutional Insanity

White privilege / Youtube screenshot

‘F— the time!’

TOTALLY WORTH IT: High school senior suspended for asking Miss America to prom

Nina Davuluri 2014 Miss America, Getty Images North America/Michael Loccisano

Sometimes a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do

Indiana Common Core battle a huge waste of time

(Photo: Flickr/Creative Commons)

‘Why try to fix something that wasn’t broken?’

Analysis: Colleges invited WAY MORE Dems than Reps to speak

Obama in graduation regalia. Photo: AFP/Getty Images/Timothy A. Clary

Political bias?

This professor's Google+ post earned him a suspension from idiotic administration

Daenerys and dragons / Youtube screenshot

Administration thought famous ‘Game of Thrones’ character’s quote was an actual threat

School suspends 10th-grader for having bright yellow squirt gun

Yellow squirt gun / Youtube screenshot LuckyPennyShop

Zero tolerance strikes again

Sallie Mae faces probe for massively ripping off soldiers on federal student loans

American solider salutes flag Getty Images/Catherine Lane

Mass and blatant noncompliance with servicemembers relief law

Llama mildly terrorizes junior college campus in Colorado

Calling all cars!

Guess what college the Jewish Community Center shooter lectured at

Frazier Glenn Miller Getty Images/David Eulitt

‘Hell yes, I hate you and all Jews’

Paul Krugman getting rich talking about income inequality

Paul Krugman three-photo combo

Krugman: ‘It’s remarkably generous’

Activists to UMich: Admit unqualified students, if they are black

Brooke Kimbrough / Fox 2 screenshot

‘I have been rejected because of the morals that I stand for’

Senior citizen Hillary Clinton aims to lock down college vote in 2016

Hillary Clinton Getty Images/Larry Marano

‘I think students really do see that Hillary stands for the issues that they care about’

Utah high school teacher who had kids brainstorm genitalia slang gets paid leave

students raising hands Getty Imagse/Victoria Pearson

‘They were put into groups, male and female, to come up with names for genitalia’

English teacher's ardent pickup truck romance with 17-year-old boy features ABORTION

Lakeland Police Department, YouTube screenshot/AVweb

As usual, text messages doomed the star-crossed lovers

White is not right: Campus admins ask for help weeding out white people

Western Washington University

‘If we 10 years from now are as white as we are today, we will have failed’

Satanists launch campaign to stop corporal punishment in schools

Satan Flickr/Creative Commons/the Comic Shop

They also ‘want children to know that they are permitted to pray to Satan in school’

French police require DNA from 475 male teens

DNA / Wikimedia commons

‘Only way to advance the investigation’

Chicago Teachers Union to Mayor Rahm: Improving failed schools full of black kids is RACIST

YouTube screenshot/CTUTV1

‘This is an attack on Black schools’

Teacher at private Christian school allegedly calls 12-year-old girl 'SASSY SLUT'

KTBS screenshot

Did the punishment fit the crime or was it a sweet paid vacation?

Wait until you see the unbelievably AWFUL Common Core standardized tests

confused student Getty Images

‘Vague and unreasonably difficult’ questions, ‘grim’ and grossly inconsistent grading

Teen wanted to buy dream prom dress, so she sold pot brownies. Now she is facing deportation

Yuba City Jail, Getty Images/Lew Robertson

‘There’s people that deserve to be deported, and she just wasn’t one of them’

Pope Francis: Parents should control their child's education

VATICAN CITY, VATICAN - APRIL 03: His Holiness, Pope Francis, leaves after hosting an audience with Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, in the Pope's study during their one-day visit to Rome on April 3, 2014 in Vatican City, Vatican. (Photo: Oli Scarff/Getty Images)

Schools or re-education camps?

High school teacher faces firing because student THREW A CHAIR AT HER

Principal more worried about paperwork, YouTube embarrassment than teacher safety

FINALLY! Lab-grown vaginas

surgery Getty Images

A new frontier for regenerative medicine

University's decision to rescind degree to critic of Islam not going over well

Ayaan Hirsi Ali / Fox News screenshot

‘A shameful and hypocritical act of cowardice on the part of the university’

Watch Colbert's hilarious takedown of absurd Common Core math problems

‘That’s a great question that teaches two important workplace skills: math, and passive-aggressive note-writing’

DAILY CALLER PRO TIP: Don't stage your prom photo with 22 kids on a rickety bridge

KTIV screenshots

‘It turned out to be a little too much weight’

Texas parents balk when transgender teacher shows up to teach their fifth grade children

KFDM screenshot

The teacher, Laura Jane Klug, was born Kurt Klug

North Carolina student gets DJ banned over 'Blurred Lines' because of 'rape culture'

public domain, YouTube screenshot

‘All I was aiming to do is to create a safe space in the Carolina community’

Arne Duncan slowly backing away from Common Core

Arne Duncan and Obama. Photo: AFP/Getty Images

Duncan once called them the best thing since Brown v. Board

With logo feminist says intimidates women and empowers rape culture, UConn sweeps NCAAs

terrifying UConn logo YouTube screenshot/The Young Turks

Carolyn Luby has got to be the most miserable person in Storrs today

School sued for banning first grader's Christian-themed valentines

(Photo: Flickr/Creative Commons)

‘I want you to know that God loves you!!!’

University rescinds honorary degree because recipient has criticized Islam

Brandeis University / Wikimedia commons

‘Inconsistent with … core values’

Massachusetts town votes to call Christmas vacation 'Christmas vacation' again

Getty Images/Matt Cardy, Getty Images/Jose Luis Pelaez, AFP/Getty Images, Brendan Smialowski

‘We think there is a movement in our country to demote Christianity’

Woman who can't become a nun because of $25,000 in student loans starts crowdfunding page

Getty Images, Twitter/Mary Beth Baker

‘Help Mary Beth Enter the Convent’

Christian college slapped with Title IX claim for denying transgender female room in all-male dorm

YouTube screenshot/NewsOnFireNow

‘He had to take the next step to protect himself’

'Approximately six' habanero peppers cause HAZMAT scare at Denver school

Getty Images, Getty Images/Danita Delimont

School was closed on Tuesday as officials searched for answers

Kids take Common Core tests with 'inappropriate content, ambiguous questions'

The Triumph of Death / Wikimedia commons

‘Teachers and administrators are truly devastated by what a terrible test it was’

You decide: Is this coach who wrestled a drug dealer a hero or villain?

‘Hero to exasperated teachers everywhere’

Of course the Duke hardcore porn starlet will now host a web-based porn reality show

Belle Knox screenshot

‘Simon Cowell will wish he’d thought of it himself’

N is for Nazi: German cops say neo-Nazis are using Cookie Monster to recruit children

Cookie Monster YouTube screenshot/Sesame Street

‘It’s an attempt to make it seem harmless and everyday’

Yale to skinny student: Fatten up or face expulsion (!)

Chris Farley / Youtube screenshot

Student forced to eat cheetos, ice cream

How stupid do these people think parents are?

(Photo: Flickr/Creative Commons)

‘[T]his is extremely concerning when you consider what’s at stake’

Update: College accused of censorship fights back... by censoring FB page

File photo of the log-on screen for the Website Facebook on an Ipad, in Bordeaux

‘Free speech and inquiry is an essential element’

AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL: Muslims, Presbyterians amicably resolve Easter egg hunt crisis

Getty Images/Gary S. Chapman, Getty Images/Mark Wilson

Muslim parent’s complaint about Eggstravaganza! turns out to be amazing free advertising

Now Muslim parents are complaining about flyers for Easter egg hunts

White House Easter Getty Images/Mark Wilson

‘A serious violation of separation of church and state’

Sex with this teacher was so traumatic for a male teenager he plans to sue school district

YouTube screenshot TomoNews US

Oh! The agony of three months of sexual frolics with a 31-year-old woman!

British government, BBC probe AL-QAIDA PROMOTION at taxpayer-funded schools

AFP/Getty Images, Getty Images, Carlos Latuff

Park View Academy students allegedly treated to terror seminars during assemblies

De Blasio vs. Cuomo: Democrats fight Democrats over charter schools

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio sworn in by former U.S. President Bill Clinton in City Hall, New York

‘We will save charter schools’

Bowdoin College publicly displays pictures of naked female students, because art


‘It’s a whole new level of intimacy’

You won't believe what happened to this kid's mom after she knocked Common Core

KXTV screenshot

Mark Twain Elementary struggles mightily to get its story straight

Tucson cop who randomly slammed woman to the ground not so tough after receiving threats

KGUN screenshot

Sgt. Joel Mann pulled off the streets for his own safety

Politically correct trigger warnings hit campuses nationwide


Danger! This article may offend you

Gym teacher's 'sex ed' course goes WAY too far

sperm Getty Images

Parents upset, daughters ‘really uncomfortable’

Richard Nixon's alma mater now leads the nation in free condom dispensers

Richard Nixon Getty Images/Arnold Sachs

Two dozen free condoms per undergrad at any time of the day or night!

More from the White Privilege Conference: Tea party = RACISM

Whoopi Goldberg white face / Youtube screenshot

‘Is it racist? Yes’

Cop who killed Hofstra student in hostage situation walks free

YouTube screenshot/talia sperandio

Nikolas Budimlic shot hostage because he ‘reasonably perceived threats of deadly force’

Yet another Common Core-aligned curriculum FAIL

Count to 19

‘If they are going to enforce this then they better double and triple check their work books’

College suspends student for asking questions about gun control


‘Should give all Americans great concern’

Second state poised to repeal Common Core

Titanic sinking YouTube screenshot/Alexis Tomorrow

Indiana was the first

Stop the presses! New York Times columnist says something sensible about college admissions

Harvard quad Creative Commons/JosephBarillari

Your diploma is, or should be, the least of what defines you

Four-day White Privilege Conference was quite an event

Nick Cannon in white face / Youtube ABC news screenshot

X is racist, where X is everything

Common Core documentary traces shady origins of the education standards

Building the Machine / Building the Machine screenshot

‘Is it the government’s right to the teach the child what the government thinks?’

The Daily Caller PRO TIP: For better academic performance, use marijuana, not tobacco

Dazed and Confused YouTube screenshot/Movieclips Classic Trailers

If you are a teen, smoking now pretty much signifies sure loserdom

Cops: Notre Dame student broke into South Bend spa, wrecked it, ate Hot Pockets

WNDU screenshot, YouTube screenshot Toubuscus, Getty Images/Jonathan Daniel

‘He wasn’t apologetic when he came down the stairs’

Students capture man after he sneaks into dorm, rapes girl in shower

shower head Getty Images/Justin Sullivan

‘There’s security here, and they still got in’