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Testmakers Say Glenn Beck Is WRONG

Glenn Beck addresses the crowd during a Tea Party rally to "Audit the IRS" in front of the U.S. Capitol in Washington

States are ’100 percent in control’

Rand Paul Touts Education, Prison Reform To Black Audience

Sen. Rand Paul speaks during the inaugural Freedom Summit meeting in Manchester, N.H.

‘Washington has no clue how to fix education’

Jindal: You Can't Sue Me Without My Permission

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal attends Conservative Political Action Conference in Oxon Hill

A new twist in Louisiana’s Common Core fight

Globetrotting Harvard Prof Takes Break From Jet-Setting To Gripe About Climate Change Deniers

Getty Images, YouTube screenshot TED

‘They’ve pooh-poohed the mounting evidence,’ frequent flier complains

Will This Device Make School Shooters Obsolete?

Getty Images, Getty Images

American ingenuity strikes again

Organization Strongly Disputes Charter School Study

Elementary School Classroom

‘Claims that charter schools are more productive than traditional public schools cannot be substantiated’

Homeschoolers Confident They Can Sink Disability Convention

‘Activist judges’ could restrict homeschooling rights, warns group

Glenn Beck's Anti-Common Core Crusade Seeks Test Boycott

‘Don’t use Glenn Beck!’

Minnesota Sues For-Profit Colleges For Misleading Students

Wolf of Wall Street. Photo: Screenshot.

Schools’ recruiting tactics were likened to this movie

EPIC Common Core Battle Likely Headed For Recount

"I voted" stickers are shown at a polling station during a special election for mayor in San Diego, California

Georgia Republicans’ clear referendum on Common Core

Poll: UCLA Students View $300,000 For Hillary Speech A Waste Of Money

‘It’s difficult to see that UCLA is paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to someone who is already wealthy’

Extremist Muslim Teachers Try To Overthrow School System, Claim Boston Bombing Was A Staged HOAX

Also, white kids are lazy and white women don’t have morals

Study: Charter Schools More Cost-Effective

Students at Rose Hill Elementary School jump around doing a counting exercise that is also aerobic exercise in their classroom in Commerce City

Nearly 40 percent more efficient in boosting test scores

Louisiana Sees Flurry Of Common Core Lawsuits

Bobby Jindal speaking at CPAC - Daily Caller/Kelsi Thorud

‘We don’t want to hold the children of the state hostage to somebody’s political ambitions’

Obama Announces More Funding For Program For Minority Men

President Barack Obama talks about Ukraine while in the press briefing room at the White House in Washington

‘You’re where I was 40, 35 years ago’

Illegal Immigrant Students Bleed Massachusetts Public Schools For Special Education Classes They Don't Even Need

Mexico Border Dreamers.JPEG

The kids who really need the extra classes are left in the dust

University Grading Based On Race, NOT Merit

The Midwest farmers daughters really make you feel alright, and so it must surely go with the ladies of the University of Wisconsin ("sugar baby" signups: 73). It's not clear if Wisconsin's "sugar babies" come only from the flagship campus in Madison or from the 12 other UW campuses (and several two-year schools) as well.

Affirmative action at a whole new level

WaPo Advice For Indebted College Grads: Get Used To Your Parents' Basement

Student Debt Getty Images

Also, spend well over half your income on taxes and loans

Jews To Blame For Anti-Semitism, Says Scumbag University of Illinois Professor

Anti-Semitic Cartoon (YouTube Screenshot/infolivetvenglish)

The terrorist-loving University of Illinois system moves on to vicious Israel bashers

Louisiana Common Core Feud Hurtling Toward Courtroom

Last-ditch negotiations are a total failure

Two More Governors Want Common Core Out

Wisconsin Governor Walker speaks during the Republican Jewish Coalition Spring Leadership Meeting at the Venetian Resort in Las Vegas

Scott Walker demands repeal

Harvard Professor Blames US FOREIGN POLICY For Downing Of Malaysia Airlines Plane

Legendary blame-America-firster Stephen Walt beclowns himself on Twitter

MIT's New Robotic Hand Gives You Two Extra Fingers

‘You feel the robot as an extension of your hand’

FINALLY! An Ivy League Anthropology Professor Says Something Intelligent

Lower the damn drinking age and stop being like Pakistan, Indonesia and Oman

Penniless New Jersey Public Schools Slash Budgets For Books, While Teachers Spend State Cash On Lavish Meals

Not enough paper and supplies in the classroom, but the teachers’s bellies are full

Rubio Introduces Bipartisan Student Loan Bill

‘No one should be forced to go broke because they choose to go to college’

Tax Foundation: Stop Tax Giveaways For Education

Brooklyn College Creative Commons/Gabriel Liendo

‘More a windfall for universities than for students’

Student Suspended, Called Racist Because He Wore White, Made 'W' Sign

WHO-TV screenshot, art by Eric Owens

‘The actual school chose the colors that each grade would be wearing’

HuffPo: Evil Koch Brothers -- GASP! -- Want To Teach Poor Kids Entrepreneurial Skills

lemonade stand Getty Images

Better to work at the post office, or just sign up for food stamps

North Carolina Approves Bill To Tweak Common Core

North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory arrives for a celebration for evangelist Billy Graham's 95th birthday in Asheville

Both supporters and foes claim a victory

Federal Appeals Court Rules University Of Texas Can Discriminate On Basis Of Race

University of Texas flag Getty Images/Eric Francis

Reagan appointee’s decision is a huge win for affirmative action everywhere

Required Reading Convinced California Eighth Graders To Deny The Holocaust In Essays

‘I believe the event was fake, according to source 2 the event was exhaggerated’