Student Loses Marks For Using 'Mankind,' Not 'Humankind'

Education | David Krayden
Gender neutral written in white chalk on a black chalkboard isolated on white

‘I wasn’t sure if she was serious’

Womyn? Womxn? Womban? Taxpayer-Funded University Ponders Alternate Spellings For ‘Woman’

Education | Eric Owens
pop art woman Shutterstock/Nataliya Komarova

Your tax dollars at work!

California Could Force Colleges To Dispense Abortifacient Pills To Students

Education | David Krayden

‘Will help to improve the academic success of students’

MUST-SEE PHOTO: Spiked Schoolyard Fence DE-PANTSES A Guy

Education | Eric Owens
photo from Google maps

‘One more reason not to jump fences in baggy pants’

Transgender People Are Now Oppressed Because 'Pussy Hats' 'Equate Womanhood With Having A Vagina'

Education | Eric Owens
womens march pussy hat Getty Images/William Edwards

‘Transgender women certainly should not be left out of any definition of womanhood’

'White Genocide' Professor Tries Not To 'Vomit' When Someone Gives Up Plane Seat For Soldier

Education | Rob Shimshock
Fort Carson Holds Deployment Ceremony For Soldiers Heading To Afghanistan

‘People are thanking him. I’m trying not to vomit or yell about Mosul’

Oklahoma Student Delegates Call On State Gov't To Mandate Trigger Warnings

Education | Rob Shimshock
Woman covers her ears (Shutterstock/

They want trigger warnings for rape, self-harm, and kidnapping, among other topics

This $56,199-Per-Year Campus Offers 'Self-Identified White Students' A Safe Space To Feel Guilty

Education | Eric Owens
rehab group therapy safe space Shutterstock/wavebreakmedia

This is not a joke. This is a real thing

Young Illegal Immigrants Are Avoiding Free School Lunches For This Reason

Education | Eric Owens
school lunch Shutterstock/Monkey Business Images

All students are eligible for free and reduced lunches regardless of immigration status

College Group Plans To 'Organize White Men'

Education | Rob Shimshock
A group at a Texas college is seeking to "organize white men" for the purposes of "racial justice and equity." (Shutterstock/Mangostar)

The group consists of mostly faculty members

Muslim Prof Insists Jesus Wasn't Crucified, Christian Student Suspended After Disagreeing

Education | Rob Shimshock
Crucified Jesus (Shutterstock/germip)

A male Muslim student suggested that adulterers, gays, and thieves should be decapitated

DC Mayor Launches 'Reign' Program To Train Teachers On 'Gender And Racial Equity'

Education | Jonah Bennett
Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser stands between Cuban (L) and U.S. national flags during a news conference in Havana, February 22, 2016. REUTERS/Alexandre Meneghini

‘Reign will ensure that our young women of color are not left behind’

An LA School Was Considered To Have Too Many White Students -- It Then Got Its Funding Cut

Education | Amber Randall
Police officers walk near students in front of Venice High School in Los Angeles, California December 16, 2015. REUTERS/Jonathan Alcorn

‘No longer qualifies’

Tree Huggers At $63,550-Per-Year College SHOCKED To Learn They Can Be Punished For Breaking Rules

Education | Eric Owens
Swarthmore protest/Swarthmore Mountain Justice

‘I was really disappointed and confused’

Students Confess Their Sins At 'Masculinity Confession Booth'

Education | Rob Shimshock
A man has his beard shaved. (Shutterstock/David Tadevosian)

‘We have all reinforced hypermasculinity’

Campus Carry Considered In Georgia

Education | Jordan Fox

‘In the world in which I grew up, guns were just very commonplace’

Christian University Illegally Fired Professor Who Got Pregnant And Stayed Single, Judge Rules

Education | Eric Owens
YouTube screenshot/Northwest Christian University, courtesy of HKM Employment Attorneys

‘any religious function was wholly secondary to her secular role’

Texas A&M Names First Gay Student President, Despite Him Losing By WIDE Margin

Education | Rob Shimshock
A general view shows Texas A&M University campus in College Station, Texas REUTERS/Spencer Selvidge

‘Did A&M shun due process in the name of ‘diversity?”

Ohio State 'Interfaith' Room Has No Bibles, But Several Copies Of This Famous Book

Education | David Krayden
Muslim students hold a prayer before a rally against Islamophobia at San Diego State University in San Diego, California, November 23, 2015. REUTERS/Sandy Huffaker

‘This place is is huge, I don’t even know where to pray’

College Sign: Blacks 'Can't Be Racist'

| Rob Shimshock

‘Using the term ‘African American’ is borderline racist now’

College Student Ruthlessly Harassed For Saying She Fears Expressing Conservative Views

Education | Rob Shimshock

“Bobblehead,” “f*****g moron,” “heartless a**hole”

The Sad Fate Of The Kid Who Became Famous For Shooting His Marshmallow Cannon With President Obama

Education | Eric Owens
Obama marshmallow collage Getty Images/Saul Loeb

‘It was something I never dreamed of hearing’

Dem Virginia Governor Signs College Free Speech Bill

Education | Rob Shimshock
Virginia Democratic governor-elect Terry McAuliffe speaks to supporters during his election night victory rally in Tyson's Corner, Virginia November 5, 2013. REUTERS/Gary Cameron

Will this help conservative speakers?

Maryland High School Rape Suspects Illegally Crossed Southern Border To Join Relatives

US | Will Racke
Border Security Remains Key Issue In Presidential Campaigns

They were apprehended by Border Patrol agents and then turned over to social services

First Time In History, Mortality Rate Among Middle-Aged Whites Outpaces Blacks

Business | Robert Donachie
3D illustration of human male anatomy and skeleton. Standing pose. Torso with head Flikr/Creative Commons

‘Deaths of despair’

'Stolen': Rick Perry Criticizes The Way College Elected First Gay Student President

Education | Phillip Stucky
Republican U.S. presidential candidate and former Texas Governor Rick Perry participates in the Voters First Presidential Forum in Manchester, New Hampshire August 3, 2015. REUTERS/Brian Snyder

‘Deeply troubled’

Columbia's Muslim Students Demand Advisor And Prayer Space

Education | David Krayden
File photo of Muslim students holding a prayer before a rally against Islamophobia at San Diego State University in San Diego, California, November 23, 2015. REUTERS/Sandy Huffaker

‘President Trump’s recent executive order…’

Students, Professors And Media Start Database To Document 'Hate'

Education | Rob Shimshock

It does not, however, address the numerous hate crime hoaxes

Princeton Yanks Award From Accomplished Theologian Over His Views On Gender, Gays

Politics | Rachel Stoltzfoos
Boy Scouts gay pride parade Reuters/Noah Berger

‘Commitment to academic freedom’

Teen Boy Suffered 'Humiliation' After Sharing Locker Room With Girl Pretending To Be A Boy

Education | Amber Randall
A gender-neutral bathroom is seen at the University of California, Irvine in Irvine, California, in this file photo taken September 30, 2014. REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson

‘Immediate confusion’

College Tells Students To Ditch 'He' And 'She,' Even When Grammatically Correct

Education | Rob Shimshock

Use ‘parent’ instead of ‘father’ or ‘mother

Married Biology Teacher Traumatized 17-Year-Old Male Student With Sex Romps, Cops Say

Education | Eric Owens
Sarah Fowlkes Lockhart Police Department

‘Seventeen years old is obviously older’

US Attorney Fired By Trump Joins Weather Underground TERRORIST On NYU 'Scholar In Residence' List

Education | Eric Owens
New York State Department of Correctional Services, Getty Images/Spencer Platt

‘I welcome the chance to contribute in such a thoughtful setting’

'Safety Not Sanctuary': Parents Protest School Where Illegal Alien Raped A 14-Year-Old Girl

Education | Rob Shimshock
A protester takes part in a demonstration calling for immigration reform at a rally in Chicago, Illinois, March 27, 2014. REUTERS/Jim Young (UNITED STATES - Tags: POLITICS CIVIL UNREST TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY) - RTR3IWQ3

‘It’s just gotten to the point where illegals are more protected than our own children’

University Admin: 'Whiteness' Goes Against Christianity

Education | Rob Shimshock
Confused woman (Credit: sheff/Shutterstock)

‘I’m morally compelled to act’

Ivy League Study Comes To Surprising Conclusion About Politics On The Internet

US | Eric Lieberman
Women frustrated over computer. [Shutterstock - Antonio Guillem]

‘increase in polarization’

FINALLY! A Former Law Student Hilariously Attempts To Be Neil Gorsuch's Anita Hill

Education | Eric Owens
Anita Hill Getty Images/Jennifer K. Law

Will recent law school grad sink Trump’s Supreme Court nominee?

Wellesley Students Can't Handle Controversial Opinions, Professors Say

Education | Will Racke

There is such thing as too much freedom of speech on campus

'Shirtless White Dude With Dreadlocks' Apparently Way Too Much For Editorial Board Member

Education | Rob Shimshock

‘The bottom line is white people should not have locks’

Conservative Students Live In Terror Of Liberal Peers At Minnesota College

Education | David Krayden
Students protest the election of President-elect Donald Trump during a march in Washington, U.S., November 15, 2016. REUTERS/Joshua Roberts/File Photo

‘If you voted for Trump, you better be f***ing scared.’

Fancypants College Student Brutally Attacked White Woman Over BRAIDED HAIR, Cops Say

Education | Eric Owens
POW pop art Shutterstock/SFerdon

A vicious beatdown over ‘cultural appropriation’

University Poster Insists Israel Operates 'The Largest Concentration Camp In The World'

Education | Rob Shimshock
A girl is seen through an Israeli flag during a demonstration against a court decision to demolish housing units in the Jewish settlement of Beit El, outside the Supreme Court in Jerusalem July 8, 2015. Israel's Supreme Court ruled that 24 housing units, built on Palestinian owned land, be razed by July 30, according to local media. REUTERS/Ammar Awad

‘Ending white privilege … starts with ending Jewish privilege’

Young Adult Novels Focus On Black Lives Matter

US | Amber Randall
Texas A&M Black Lives Matter supporters listen as white nationalist leader Richard Spencer of the National Policy Institute speaks on campus at an event not sanctioned by the school, at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas, U.S. December 6, 2016. REUTERS/Spencer Selvidge

‘Reflection of what we’re facing right now’

UVA Illegal Immigration Activists Plan Training To Recruit 'Allies'

Education | Rob Shimshock

‘Now, more than ever, DREAMers and undocumented communities need allies’

Poison Control Gets A Call Every 45 Minutes For Opioid Poisoning In Kids

US | Steve Birr
Left: Little girl with her book ready to learn in class. [Shutterstock - Sergey Novikov] Right: Prescription bottle of Oxycodone, the generic name for a range of opioid pain killing tablets. [Shutterstock - Steve Heap]

‘Danger to the children’

Virginia College Students Complain Of 'Racial Battle Fatigue' Due To Traumatic Microaggressions

Education | Justin Caruso
Protesters march near Times Square in the Manhattan borough of New York City, calling for social, economic, and racial justice April 29, 2015. REUTERS/Mike Segar

University involved in planning

University: Students Should Say 'Ouch' When Offended

Education | Rob Shimshock

Discourage the devaluation of emotions and feelings

COMMON SENSE COMES BACK: West Virginia Rescinds Ban On Classroom Cupcakes

Education | Eric Owens
cupcakes Shutterstock/Ruth Black

‘You have permission to have fun’

80 Percent Of Kids In Oklahoma City Can't Even Read A CLOCK

Education | Eric Owens
Shutterstock/Nestor Rizhniak, Shutterstock/aquariagirl1970

‘You say it’s 1:00, when it’s kinda still 12:00. That confuses me’