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'These people are our geopolitical enemies'
'They are negotiating with Spock with a pitching wedge'
They fear the passage of right-to-work legislation
For a class assignment
Photo of Steve Pociask
President, American Consumer Institute
Ticket sellers are doing what they can to make paperless, and competition-free sales the norm.
Photo of Christopher Bedford
Managing Editor
No justice, no peace
Photo of Corie Whalen
Spokesperson, Generation Opportunity
Progressives and conservatives should both support ending the Ex-Im Bank, so why is Elizabeth Warren for it?
Photo of Ann Coulter
Political Commentator
'Stirring up racial hatred is how journalists make up for sending their own kids to lily-white private schools.'
Photo of Bob Bowdon
Executive Director, Choice Media
Teacher-tenure fights pit old guard union members against newer, often better, teachers.
Photo of Brian Joondeph
Retina Surgeon
There are times when pistols and squad cars don't cut it.
Photo of Gregory Conley
President, American Vaping Association
'The main reason the U.K. ex-smokers gave for using e-cigarettes was to quit or to avoid tobacco products.'
Photo of Fox Odoi
Member of Parliament, Republic of Uganda
The bill only passed with strategic misdirection from activists who tied child abuse to homosexuality.
Photo of Jim Huffman
Visiting Fellow, Hoover Institution
Democracy depends on accepting the burdens of self-government, not just goosing the rolls.
Photo of Oliver Williams
Freelance Writer
Local officials are resistant to Western medicine's remedies


Indicting Rick Perry seemed like a good idea at the time
'In effect Governor Dayton is picking the SEIU as the lobbyists for Minnesota's personal care provider'
Colorado Marijuana
But not everyone in the industry is high on the incumbent
Colorado Senate race may be most expensive
President Obama
Anything to avoid the Cadillac tax
Hundreds of thousands spent Wednesday
'At least pay for my kids' braces or something'
'You're telling me that a potential grand juror doesn't see that and say 'the governor just took sides?''
'Their victims are overwhelmingly Muslim'
'It would be immoral to bring it into the world if you have the choice'
State regulators are now fining people who are wasting water
'Now this is deeply shocking.'
Is climate change really causing 'extreme weather?'
'They do this to people every day'
No, it's not bring your daughter to work day
Hint: she wears leather chaps
(Photo: Flickr)
You'll never swim again
Sea Lion Attack Mark Kelly.JPEG
Dumping water on your head is important to gun banners
A chinook salmon along with a school of shad pass through the viewing room at McNary Lock and Dam on the Columbia River, June 7, 2005 near Umatilla, Oregon. (Photo: Jeff T. Green/Getty Images)
'It's not our fault they have orchards to water in the desert'
'we're talking about something important here'
A woman inserts her ballot into an intake machine at a polling station during the U.S. presidential election in Los Angeles
'We can't do anything in the time we have'
(Photo: YouTube)
Seriously, it's adorable
Beach Bunny Swimwear - Runway - MBFW Swim 2012
Add her to the list of celebrities who don't own clothes
Employees stock shelves near a sign supporting non genetically modified organisms (GMO) at the Central Co-op in Seattle, Washington
Critics say if it passes it will 'absolutely raise food prices'
Former NSA technical director Binney sits in the witness stand of a parliamentary inquiry in Berlin
'It contributes to law enforcement, not intelligence against terror. That's the whole point'
An ANA's Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner airplane, which carries Japanese and U.S. children in Japan as its first passengers, flies after a ceremony at Haneda airport in Tokyo
'You could tell it shouldn't take that much groping'
'F**k the bucket of ice, man'
(Photo: Facebook/Rho David Chalmers)
'For me, it's not a political decision'
Tough stance contrasts with Sen. Rand Paul's equivocation
Other GOP leaders are focusing on economic impact of immigration
World Premiere Of "IRIS - A Journey Into The World Of Cinema By Cirque du Soleil" At The Kodak Theatre - Red Carpet
Holy abs
No justice, no peace
ECO 110 wind turbines manufactured by Alstom are seen in the Landes de Couesme wind farm near La Gacilly
'This is not about pollution control'
'We've been training black people to think racism is a bigger deal'
No longer under Obama's protection
Immigration and economics have merged into one issue, pollster says
They know how to make a good or bad mugshot
Screenshot: YouTube/rokafella77
He had over $10,000 worth of marijuana plants in his home
He knows what he's talking about
Little weird
But it covers about as much as one
$ierra Club
Football players warned they could be Michael Brown
Bullets were wadded-up pieces of paper; a white kid played the cop
Texas Governor Rick Perry at the Travis County courthouse in Austin
Stupid, stupid, nonsense, lame
Asymmetric Solutions
Private security contractor sends in The Expendables
Ann Coulter
'Stirring up racial hatred is how journalists make up for sending their own kids to lily-white private schools.'
If history is any guide, perhaps not
Not as lame as you might think
He's already said he's afraid of beheading himself
Opponents cite lack of flexibility for teachers as key issue
Check out these photos of Ferguson, Missouri at it's worst
'We obviously wish this had been successful'
Can't be that proud of it