Obama Demands Turkey Close Borders, Turkey Reminds Him Of Mexico

Daily Caller News Foundation | Jonah Bennett
U.S. President Barack Obama listens as he is introduced to speak at the White House Summit on Worker Voice in Washington October 7, 2015. (REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque)

'There is no need to receive any kind of warning or advice from anyone, including our U.S. partners'

Dump Trump: Top Conservatives Say They Couldn't Support Trump As Nominee

Politics | Jamie Weinstein
Trump: I'm Working On Getting Into Heaven (Getty Images)

'Would have to find a good conservative to run as an independent'

Dear Conservatives: Stop Trying To Promote Teenage Pundit Superstars

Opinion | Scott Greer
Black Middle Schooler Tears Into Obama For Playing 'Agenda' Politics (YouTube)

The tale of CJ Pearson shows it's a bad idea

14 Celebrities Wearing Tights [SLIDESHOW]

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins

These stars aren't embarrassed to show it all

SHOCKER: You Won't Believe Who's Watching You Online

Featured Partner | TrackOFF

Value your privacy rights? Learn how to fight back.

Black Pastor: 'The Liberal Media' Doesn't Know The Real Trump

Elections | Steve Guest

'We made history today because we had had meaningful dialogue from Mr. Donald Trump'


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It’s not about meeting the needs of small-dollar banking customers anyway.