'Finally There's Some Justice'

This Appearance On 'Judge Judy' 15 Years Ago May Explain Mosby's Views Toward Police

Daily Caller News Foundation | Blake Neff
Marilyn Mosby on Judge Judy

Here Are The Two Main Reasons The Cleveland Police Officer Was Found Not Guilty

Daily Caller News Foundation | Casey Harper
The windshield of Timothy Russell’s vehicle. Credit Aaron Josefczyk/Reuters

He jumped on the hood and fired 15 shots into the car

The Clintons Want The Races To Fight For Scraps

Opinion | Patrick Howley
FILE -- Former U.S. President Bill Clinton and his wife Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton and civil rights leader the Reverend Jesse Jackson

Bill and Hillary gave us this nonsense

Marilyn Mosby's Surprising Twitter History

US | Chuck Ross
Baltimore City State's Attorney Marilyn J. Mosby announces that criminal charges will be filed against Baltimore police officers in the death of Freddie Gray


Kate Upton Chugs Booze From A Brown Paper Bag Like A Homeless Person

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins
Kate Upton chugs beer out of a bag

Total. Meltdown.


Photo of James Lee
NIAC's Trita Parsi seems to be on the ropes.
Photo of Ian Smith
Immigration Reform Law Institute
Both organizations are close comrades when it comes to pushing for open borders.
Photo of Steve Goreham
Executive Director, Climate Science Coalition
European governments have realized that they can no longer afford the green energy revolution.
Photo of Alan Daley
Writer, American Consumer Institute
The FCC now must block Dish’s improper claim of $3.3 billion in funds the pubic earned by selling its spectrum.
Photo of Paul H. Jossey
Attempts to purify politics through campaign finance reform end in predictable disaster.
Photo of Brian Joondeph
Progressives can pat themselves on the back for their compassion, while ignoring the destruction left in their wake.
Photo of Ron Arnold
Executive Vice President, Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise
Obama's resistance to Arctic drilling is endangering national security.
Photo of Larry Kudlow
Senior Contributor, CNBC
Wrong reasons, but right policies.
Photo of Nathan Leamer
Policy Analyst, R Street Institute
Politics is the art of the possible, and surveillance reform is no different.
Photo of Michael C. Kerrigan
I should note that this tasting was the last time I socialized with John, but I'm fine with that.

Watchdog Sues Justice Department, IRS

US | Ethan Barton
Clouds gather over the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) building in Washington

'This lack of agency oversight is a threat to our privacy and democracy'

Limbaugh Rails Against DOJ: Why Go After FIFA And Let Clintons 'Off The Hook?'

US | Al Weaver
Photo courtesy Newsbusters.

'They're selling influence!'

Al Sharpton Asks If God Is Punishing Texas With Torrential Rains, Flooding

US | Chuck Ross
Civil rights activist Reverend Al Sharpton arrives for a meeting with Sony Pictures Co-Chairman Amy Pascal at a hotel in New York

Leave it to Al

Marie Harf Contradicts Defense Sec: Iraqi Army Does 'Have The Will To Fight'

Video | Al Weaver

Your thoughts, Ash Carter?

EPA Grants Itself Power To Regulate Ponds, Ditches, Puddles

Daily Caller News Foundation | Michael Bastasch
Gina McCarthy YouTube screenshot/U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

'The administration's decree to unilaterally expand federal authority is a raw and tyrannical power grab that will crush jobs'

Tracy Morgan Settles Lawsuit Over Deadly Accident With Walmart

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins
Tracy Morgan settles lawsuit with Wal-Mart

It's been almost a year since an 18-wheeler hit his limo, killing his friend

Politico Quotes Scott Walker Wildly Out Of Context To Invent Abortion Attack

Politics | Alex Griswold
WASHINGTON - JUNE 20: Governor of Wisconsin Scott Walker listens during the 2011 Governors Summit of U.S. Chamber of Commerce June 20, 2011 in Washington, DC. The summit was to focus on policies that help states to attract businesses and to improve the economy. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

'This is one of the worst misquotes I've ever read.'

This Marine Was Thrown Out Of The Military For Not Removing A Bible Verse. She's Now Appealing

Daily Caller News Foundation | Jonah Bennett
A bible lays opened to the Book of Job.  (Photo by Eli Meir Kaplan/Getty Images)

'If the government can order a Marine not to display a Bible verse, they could try and order her not to...go to church on Sunday'

Rick Santorum Ditches Sweater Vest, Absent From Campaign Store

Politics | Al Weaver
Republican US presidential candidate and former Pennsylvania Senator Santorum shakes hands at a town hall meeting in Lady Lake

What could replace it?

Rick Santorum Enters Race For White House With Pitch To 'American Workers'

Politics | Alex Pappas
Former U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum (R-PA) speaks during the 2013 NRA Annual Meeting and Exhibits at the George R. Brown Convention Center on May 3, 2013 in Houston, Texas. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

'Today is the day we're going to begin to fight back'

Santorum's Campaign Website Has An Easter Egg Mocking Hillary

Politics | Alex Griswold

404 page contains a familiar face...

So, Two Or Three Sorcerers Are Getting Turned Around At Dubai's Airport Every Week

Daily Caller News Foundation | Erica Wenig
Voldemort in Universal Studios' "Harry Potter" movie.

In the latest case, a man was wearing 20 belts made of animal skin and bone

Los Angeles Will Spend Over $70 Million Implementing 'Ethnic Studies' In Schools

Daily Caller News Foundation | Blake Neff
Money on fire

20 times higher than expected

Hillary Promises She'll Dye In The White House

Politics | Scott Greer
Democratic presidential candidate Clinton appears at Georgetown University in Washington

'No, you're not going to see me turn white in the White House'

Death Penalty Is OVER In Nebraska

Daily Caller News Foundation | Casey Harper
JARRATT, VA - UNDATED:  In this undated handout photo from the Virginia Department of Corrections, shows the gurney in which convicted sniper John Allen Muhammad will be put to death at the Greensville Correctional Center in Jarratt, Virginia. Muhammad, 48, is set to die by lethal injection in Greensville Correctional Center tonight, seven years after he and his teenage accomplice terrorized the area in and around the nation's capital for three weeks.  (Photo by Virginia Department of Corrections via Getty Images)

What about the guys on death row?

DC Adviser Resigns Claiming MASSIVE Foul Play In DNA Lab Management Firings

Daily Caller News Foundation | Josh Fatzick
DFS lab worker and laboratory

'There is little doubt in my mind that the USAO orchestrated these firings.'

'SNL' Actress Who Mocks Hillary Clinton: 'I'm Obviously Rooting For Her'

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins
Kate McKinnon voting Hillary Clinton for president

'I find her resplendent'

Hypocrites: Unions Want To Be Exempt After Pushing For Higher Minimum Wage

Daily Caller News Foundation | Connor D. Wolf
David Coulombe, who works as a consumables sales floor associate at Walmart, participates in a march and rally for $15 minimum wage in Boston

'With a collective bargaining agreement, a business owner and the employees negotiate an agreement that works for them both'

Supreme Court To Decide If Illegals Should Be Counted In Legislative Districts

Politics | Kerry Picket
The Supreme Court stands in Washington

'Not good news for those who have been using illegal aliens and non citizens to apportion political power'

NLRB Says NO To Union Complaint Against Boeing

Business | Connor D. Wolf
Boeing Machinists.JPEG

'We said when the IAM filed these charges that they were frivolous'

Marijuana Users Finally Have A Luxury Hotel To Call Their Own

Daily Caller News Foundation | Jonah Bennett

'Other hotels will fine you crazy amounts and kick you out'

Hillary Clinton's Southern Twang Reemerges In South Carolina

Politics | Alex Griswold

After more than twenty years!

Judge Orders Hillary's Emails Released In 8 Batches Every 30 Days

US | Chuck Ross

Final release to come next year

Chrissy Teigen Strips Down In The Surf For New Magazine Spread

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins
Chrissy Teigen goes nude for Dujour shoot

How is this racier than her SI shoots?

Ron Paul Petition Fights Mitch McConnell, Despite Rand's Alliance

Politics | Patrick Howley
Republican Sen. Rand Paul from Kentucky waves with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and McConnell's wife, former secretary of labor Elaine Chao


Guess Which Celebrity Just Finished Her Community Service

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins
Lindsay Lohan completes community service


MLB Players Shave Heads To Support Teammate's Daughter With Leukemia

Sports | Christian Datoc
Cleveland Indians (Getty Images)

'Why we love sports reason no. 2347348719843987'

Fiorina Goes After Hillary On Equal Pay For Women: Look In The Mirror

Politics | Al Weaver

Thoughts, Hillary?

Nothing To See Here, Just Some Guys Skydiving Into A Live-Freaking-Volcano

Sports | Christian Datoc

Amazing footage!

Federal Government Wants To Let Its Employees Know That They Can't Use Marijuana On The Job Or Off

Daily Caller News Foundation | Jonah Bennett
Marijuana leaves

Marijuana calls into question an individual's "reliability, judgment, and trustworthiness"

Hillary Clinton Is 'Adamantly Against Illegal Immigrants,' Except When She Isn't

DC Trawler | Jim Treacher
Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton takes part in a roundtable of young Nevadans discussing immigration as she campaigns for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination at Rancho High School in Las Vegas

There is no contradiction between the two statements, because you are a teabagger.

Did MSNBC President Phil Griffin Commit Perjury?

The Mirror | Evan Gahr

Confusion, stupidity may also be plausible defenses

Apple's Solar Panels Catch Fire As It Touts Green Data Centers

Daily Caller News Foundation | Michael Bastasch
Fire at Apple facility in Mesa, AZ -- Source: Screenshot

'The fire appeared to be on solar panels on the roof of the building over a loading dock'

This Is How A Dirty US Soccer Executive Helped The FBI Bust FIFA

Daily Caller News Foundation | Ivan Plis
General Secretary of CONCACAF Chuck Blazer gives a press conference before the game between Mexico and the United States for the 2011 CONCACAF Gold Championship at the Rose Bowl on June 25, 2011 in Pasadena, California. (Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)

He had a Trump Tower penthouse for his cats

Kim Kardashian Decided To Be A Topless Version Of Marilyn Monroe Today

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins
Topless photos of Kim Kardashian in Vogue Brazil

When will the madness stop?

BURN! IRS Bro Roasts Corrupt FIFA Officials During Live Press Conference

Sports | Christian Datoc

Very 'punny' stuff

USA Today's Mastio: A Sexist Tapper Trapper Caught in Bad Journalism

The Mirror | Betsy Rothstein

How come no retraction?

Texas On Brink Of Putting Concealed Carry On All College Campuses

Daily Caller News Foundation | Blake Neff

Both public and private schools would have to allow guns

Rand Paul: Republicans Are To Blame For ISIS

Politics | Alex Griswold

'They created these people.'

Santorum's First Campaign Interview Is... George Stephanopoulos?

Politics | Alex Griswold

Whose idea was that?

Did EPA Collude With Eco-Activists To Push A Federal Water Takeover?

Daily Caller News Foundation | Michael Bastasch
Environment Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy gestures as she speaks during the Tsinghua Environmental Forum in Beijing

'Which federal regulatory agencies are now lobbying for the president's political agenda'

Study: 'Sharing Economy' Trumps Government Regulations

Business | Peter Fricke
A man walks past used and new cars on sale at the 777 open air auto market in a suburb of Russia's Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk in this February 6, 2013 file photo. A year of disappointing auto sales in Russia has dealers and carmakers worried that a once-red hot market that was set to become Europe's largest may have slipped out of gear. Picture taken February 6, 2013. REUTERS/Ilya Naymushin/Files

Internet obviates need for costly regulations to reduce information asymmetry

DC Asks Judge If It Can Pretty Please Keep Restrictive Gun Laws

Daily Caller News Foundation | Josh Fatzick

Asks for stay while during appeals process

MSNBC's Mika: Hillary Is 'So Removed,' Makes 'Immoral' Amount Of Money

Politics | Alex Griswold

'Just stop with the money'

Navy Spokesman: No American Big Macs For America-Hating Guantanamo Bay Prisoners

Daily Caller News Foundation | Jonah Bennett
Detainees at Guantanamo Bay

'A legal room is not designed to be a dining facility'

Megyn Kelly And Rand Paul Get In Heated Debate Over Patriot Act

Politics | Alex Griswold

'That's what the Fourth Amendment is about.'

Watch CRAZY Footage Of Kim Kardashian And North West's Car Wreck While She Wasn't Wearing A Seatbelt

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins

'I don't have my seatbelt on!'

Amy Schumer Makes Bill Cosby Joke: 'Watch Like No One's Raping'

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins

'The trial of Bill Cosby'

Caught On Camera! NBA Analysts Involved In Gruesome, Bloody Fight

Entertainment | Christian Datoc

Warning! Extremely Graphic!

This Is When The Next Batch Of Hillary's Emails Could Be Released

Politics | Chuck Ross
Democratic presidential candidate Clinton talks with brewery workers during campaign stop at Smuttynose Brewery in Hampton

State Department to marshal more resources

Bobby Jindal: Rand Paul 'Unsuited To Be Commander-In-Chief'

Politics | Alex Pappas
Governor Bobby Jindal arrives to speak at the 42nd annual Conservative Political Action Conference in Maryland

Not a 'Washington cocktail party'

Maryland Cop Charged With Murder At Local McDonald's

Daily Caller News Foundation | Josh Fatzick
Officer Richard Conway's mug shot

His mother allegedly shot his ex-girlfriend with his service pistol

Veteran Journalist Allegedly Lied About Witnessing Jihadis Massacring Syrian Christians

Daily Caller News Foundation | Erica Wenig
Fighters of the YPG stand near a pick-up truck mounted with an anti-aircraft weapon in front of a church in the Assyrian village of Tel Jumaa

Claims he witnessed a massacre of Syrian Christians

Bill O'Reilly: Obama Admin 'Plunging The World Into A Very Dark Place'

Video | Al Weaver

Obama 'the most reluctant commander-in-chief this nation has ever had'

Fla. Man Claims He Caught 552-Lb 'Grouper' But $20 Says It's Really A Dinosaur

Sports | Christian Datoc

'Holy s**t! Holy s**t! Holy s**t!'

SEIU Draws Battle Lines Over Immigration Order: This Is Not Over

Daily Caller News Foundation | Connor D. Wolf
Immigrants Rally And Hold Boycotts Nationwide

'They have failed to live up to our American values and, by their actions, place families at risk'

'Socialist Worker' Slams Bernie Sanders

Politics | Patrick Howley
U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT) waves to the audience before speaking at the opening of the 2015 National Action Network Convention in New York City April 8, 2015.  REUTERS/Mike Segar - RTR4WJBW

'Sanders is confusing people about what socialism is'

Ann Coulter REFUSES Illegal Immigrant's Request

Politics | Patrick Howley

'A sign of my humanity and yours'

A Bernie Sanders Presidency Is ALL About Socialism

Daily Caller News Foundation | Connor D. Wolf
Bernie Sanders wouldn't mind a return to a 90 percent tax rate (CNBC Screengrab)

'We don't bring people together, it reflects not just on me, but on the ideas that I'm talking about'

Is Jennifer Lopez's Most Famous Asset -- GASP -- SHRINKING!? [PHOTOS]

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins
Jennifer Lopez's butt looks smaller

Is J.Lo bottoming out?

Here's Why The FBI Is Charging 14 Global Soccer Executives

Daily Caller News Foundation | Ivan Plis
FIFA flags are pictured outside the Marritot hotel, where a meeting of the CAF is taking place, in Zurich

Officials got MILLIONS in secret deals

Audience Cheers As Bernie Sanders Laments Global Warming 'Devastation'

Daily Caller News Foundation | Michael Bastasch
Bernie Sanders

'It is caused by human activity, and it is already causing devastating problems in our country and around the world'

Meet The Jordanian Prince Who Could Be FIFA's Surprise Savior

Daily Caller News Foundation | Ivan Plis
Jordan's Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein, FIFA presidential candidate, attends the Soccerex Asian Forum at the King Hussein Convention Center at the Dead Sea, Jordan

Prince Ali vs. the billion-dollar soccer machine

DC Mayor Takes Yet Another Hit On Her First Budget Proposal

Daily Caller News Foundation | Josh Fatzick
(Photo by Mark Gail/For The Washington Post via Getty Images)

Claims they were unnecessary...

Krauthammer: 'Big Mistake' For Obama Admin To Trust Iraqi Gov't, Army In Ramadi Fight

Video | Al Weaver

'That's a war where we can't win, no matter who wins.'

Rumer Willis Proves 'Dance Does A Body Good' With New Swimsuit Photo

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins
Rumer Willis Instagrams photo of her butt in a swimsuit

Go 'behind' the scenes with the 'Dancing with the Stars' champ

WH Implies Rand Paul Puts 'Political Ambition' Above National Security

Politics | Alex Griswold

'The stakes are really high when it comes to our national security...'

Charles Johnson: CNN's Carol Costello Is A 'Dumb B**ch'

The Mirror | Betsy Rothstein

But that's just the tip of the iceberg

Medicare Doctors Decide How Much Money They Make

Daily Caller News Foundation | Ethan Barton
Doctor Chiou debrides a leg wound on patient Larry Kirk in Peoria

'This has got to have a lot of subjectivity to it'