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Latest lawsuit against Obamacare implementation
Lenar Whitney
'They are lumping all the conservative women together'
(Photo: Instagram)
We're growing very concerned
Photo of Robert Enlow
President and CEO, Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice
As Milton Friedman's birthday is celebrated this week, let's remember one of his best ideas.
Photo of Ken Blackwell
Former Ohio Secretary of State
It all comes down to identity politics, which the Democrats have been practicing since the end of the Civil War.
Photo of John Lott
Author, 'Dumbing Down the Courts'
Before the ruling was put on hold, anyone who could legally own a handgun could carry it -- and there was no carnage
Photo of Sen. Rob Portman
U.S. Senator (R-OH)
Today, I'm introducing a resolution to help ensure them safe passage away from the violence.
Photo of Robert G. Kaufman
Professor of Public Policy, Pepperdine University
Encouraging an Israeli victory would boost Saudi and Egyptian confidence in the administration’s strategic judgment.
Photo of Jim Huffman
Visiting Fellow, Hoover Institution
Is Obamacare really 'one of the great comeback stories of public policy'?
Photo of Robert Holland
Senior Fellow, The Heartland Institute
The public likes it less the more they find out about it.
Photo of J.T. Young
Former Treasury Department and OMB Official
There's never been a better time to not be the president.
Photo of Edwin Black
Investigative Journalist
Lindsey Graham, Bill Kristol, and Bret Stephens all made appearances.
Photo of Herb London
President, London Center for Policy Research
Islamist chaos has engulfed the region from Tripoli to Mosul.


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'When it's your family'
Bed Sheets
Well, this is awkward
'Let's hope these guys are wearing their brown pants'
'You can't always have a cup of coffee, but you can always wear a watch'
File photo shows environmentalists rallying and calling on U.S. President Barack Obama to reject the Keystone XL pipeline
Environmentalist donors described as 'an elite group of left-wing millionaires and billionaires'
No, it was not Selena Gomez
'I don't want him to grow up!'
Gina McCarthy testifies before a Senate Environment and Public Works Committee hearing on her nomination to be administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency
Hundreds of thousands in forced collections
'You're like obsessed'
'So sharky'
General Keith Alexander arrives at a Senate Appropriations Committee hearing in Washington
Former spy chief plans to revolutionize cyber-security
'He's a very decent guy'
'Today Russia is once again isolating itself from the international community, setting back decades of progress'
Total awarded comes to $1.8 million
'That's what I think the White House may actually be softening people up for'
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Suns out, guns out
A employee stands in the Microsoft booth during the 2014 Computex exhibition at the TWTC Nangang exhibition hall in Taipei
'The government seeks to sidestep these rules'
'Maybe not the best implementation'
Senator McCaskill reads General Motors internal document at the Senate Commerce and Transportation Consumer Protection, Product Safety and Insurance subcommittee, which she chairs, in Washington
'Sexual assault is not some mere code of conduct violation'
Elite operators go on the record about detainee's exchange for POW Bergdahl
Screenshot: YouTube
France gave the most
Screenshot 2014-07-30 16.03.35
Using silk and chloroplasts, Julian Melchiorri takes technology to a whole new level
Screenshot 2014-07-30 of Popcorn Time website (Source:
Technically it's legal, but wait until the FTC finds out about this
Actress Allison Williams arrives at the 65th Primetime Emmy Awards HBO after-party in West Hollywood
'She will reinvent the iconic role of Peter Pan'
Red Robin Restaurant
Michelle Obama wouldn't aprove
U.S. Vice President Joe Biden speaks during a media briefing after a meeting with Ukraine's Prime Minister Arseny Yatseniuk in Kiev
'Nobody wants a President Joe Biden'
A box from is pictured on the porch of a house in Golden
Retail giant dials back aggression in pricing dispute
Public attitudes have shifted as Obama welcomes illegal immigrants
President Obama and Health and Human Services Secretary Sebelius gesture as they take part in a joke during White House Correspondents' Association Dinner in Washington
Investigation found it wasn't contractors' fault
Jose Luiz de Oliveira, attorney for Jose Dirceu, chief of staff for former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, holds his mobile phone with an email from Dirceu, during the "mensalao" trial at the Supreme Court in Brasilia
'I hope this ruling improves the transparency of our government'
Screenshot 2014-07-30 13.44.32
'HealthTap' lets you talk to your doctor without driving to the hospital
Kate Upton
'Pleaseeeee @justinverlander'
'You're so handsome'
The 10-meter South Pole Telescope and the BICEP Telescope at Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station
Scientists have found it to be much lighter than they thought
Former football star O.J. Simpson
He's been dubbed 'cookie monster'
2013 Bravo New York Upfront
Six must be the magic number
It involves Dora the Explorer
First-person perspective of successful ambush
The Libyan mission had a sponsor, and its name is 2016
Hint: It will piss you off