Amazon Is Messing Up Badly At The Worst Time Possible

Business | Eric Lieberman
'Please go back and try again'

For Those Who Want A New Facebook: Privacy Advocates Fed Up With The Tech Giant Are Launching Their Own Social Media Platform

Business | Eric Lieberman
'They are all about making as much money as possible out of people'

Government Tax Credits Are Running Out For Musk As Tesla Hits The 200K Vehicle Mark

Business | Chris White
Possible death knell

JUUL Will Offer Reduced-Nicotine Pods To 'Help Smokers Transition Away From Combustible Cigarettes'

Daily Vaper | Steve Birr
'Allow adult smokers the ability to explore what is best for them'

Exxon Leaves ALEC As Both Go Their Separate Ways On Climate Change Policies

Energy | Chris White
'We ... decided to discontinue'

ZTE Shares Skyrocket As Chinese-Linked Company Becomes One Step Away From Lifting US Ban

Business | Kyle Perisic
Next step is to put $400 million in an escrow account

Walmart Gains Patent For Surveillance Tool That Will Record Employees' And Customers' Conversations

Business | Eric Lieberman
'Sound analysis'

Uber's Head Of HR Departs After Investigation Into Racial Discrimination

Business | Eric Lieberman
Allegedly pressured to do so

Papa John's CEO Allegedly Dropped Hard N-Word During A Conference Call Earlier This Spring

US | Jena Greene
This is not good...

OKCupid Says Users Sporting ACLU Digital Badge Get More Dates

US | Scott Morefield
There's also a question that asks, simply, 'Trump?'

Apple Engineer Charged For Trying To Bring Driverless Car Secrets To Chinese Startup

Business | Eric Lieberman
Arrested at the airport

J.Crew Becomes More 'Size Inclusive' With Women's Clothes Going Up To 5X

US | Gabrielle Okun
'Every body'

Uber Partners With Lime, Electric Scooter Rental Company

Business | Dana Patterson
'A greater variety of transportation modes'

Wall Street Bro Quits Job In Most Wall Street Way Ever

US | Jena Greene
'F--k you I quit'

YouTube To Deem What Is 'Authoritative' News, Will Place 'Quality' News Videos First

Business | Kyle Perisic
YouTube considers Vox a credible source of news ...

Starbucks Ditching Plastic Straws

Business | Dana Patterson
'A shining example'

A Popular Social Media App Says It Was Breached, Affecting 21 Million

Business | Eric Lieberman
'Allow a malicious actor to view without permission some of your social media posts'

Another Chinese Company Penalized For Stealing US Trade Secrets

Business | Kyle Perisic
'This case is about protecting American ideas and ingenuity'

June Jobs Report: 213,000 Jobs Added, Unemployment At 4 Percent

Business | Tim Pearce
Jobs jobs jobs

Auto Execs Smell Blood As Elon Musk Grows 'Desperate' To Make Tesla Work

Business | Chris White
'He’s running out of other people’s money'

OxyContin Maker Ceases Painkiller Promotion Across Canada

US | Steve Birr
'All promotional and advertising activities relating to our prescription opioids'

Todd Rokita Urges FTC, DOJ To Act Against Google For Violating Antitrust Laws

Business | Kyle Perisic
'Google has vast insight and influence into American consumers' internet activities'

SCOTUS Might Strike Another Blow Against Labor Union Power Over Workers

Business | Tim Pearce
'Put an end to these abusive union practices'

Facebook And Google Monopolize Ideas, Threaten Free Market: WSJ

Business | Kyle Perisic
'They can affect not only our wallets but our privacy, autonomy, democracy, and well-being'

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