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Report: Regulations Stifle Productivity

A cashier counts out money at Macy's Herald Square on Thanksgiving Day in New York

Study details red tape strangling businesses

Half Of India's Coal Plants Could Run Out Of Fuel In Under A Week

A worker sprays water over piles of coal as a bulldozer shifts coal at Mundra Port Coal Terminal in the western Indian state of Gujarat

‘The current coal stock situation is indeed alarming’

Thank Fracking For Falling Gas Prices This Labor Day Weekend

‘It’s only fitting that millions are choosing to celebrate this positive direction with an all-American road trip’

Colorado Judges Tossing Out One Fracking Ban After Another

‘Ruling was unequivocal’

Virginia Legislation Puts A Serious Dent In Patent Trolls

‘Sue first, discuss later’

Is The EPA Preparing For A Massive Private Land Grab?

‘The EPA’s job is to regulate. The maps must have been created with this purpose in mind.’

Report: Ineffective Oversight Enables Unnecessary Regulations

SEC Commissioner Michael Piwowar speaks on "advancing and defending SEC's core mission" at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in Washington

Study finds faulty cost-benefit analysis

Democrats Want to Have It Their Way On Burger King Merger

‘Congress can’t afford to wait any longer to put a stop to tax dodging through this kind of merger’

Fracking Boom Continues To Drive Gas Prices Downward

‘The 2015 forecast represents the highest annual average level of oil production since 1972′

Warren Buffett Bucks Obama In Burger King Deal

Goes against Democratic grain

Turner Offers Buyouts To Older Employees (Layoffs Expected To Hit A Few Hundred CNNers)

Some 600 employees to be affected

Illinois Governor Vetoes Attack On Uber

Stops anti-ridesharing bill

Activists Present Case Against California Bag Ban

Economic and environmental benefits questioned

IRS Did Not Know This Tax On Gaming Existed, Repeal Efforts Move Forward

‘The IRS didn’t even know it existed’

Bloomberg Collaborates With Human Rights Violator

Who needs freedom of the press anyway

Copyright Office: You Can't Copyright Work By Monkeys Or Gods

‘The Office cannot register a work purportedly created by divine or supernatural being’

Report: EPA CO2 Rules A Huge Boon To The Wind Power Industry

‘This is not about pollution control’

Bank of America Settles Mortgage Probes For $16.65 Billion

A Bank of America sign is pictured in Encinitas, California

The settlement calls for the bank to pay a $9.65 billion cash penalty, and provide $7 billion of relief to borrowers

IG: Obamacare's Medical Device Tax Not Bringing In As Much As Expected

IRS can’t keep figure out who owes what

Small Businesses Weigh In Against Obamacare, EPA Ahead Of November


Anti-biz pols ‘should not expect to receive Main Street America’s vote’

Google-Owned Solar Plant INCINERATES At Least 1,000 Birds A Year


Auditing Firm Fined Millions For Involvement In Money-Laundering To Terrorist States

Suspended from consulting for two years

NY Fed: Obamacare Is Boosting Businesses' Health Costs

Workers will be hit hard by rate hikes

Microsoft Releases Its Own Version of Snapchat

Screenshot 2014-08-15 15.23.06

Microsoft keeps trying to compete, comes up with something completely unoriginal and calls it ‘WindUp’

Even George Soros Invests Hundreds Of Millions In Fracking Company

Billionaire investor Soros attends WEF in Davos

Having it both ways

Shareholder Files Class Action Lawsuit Against Apple

He’s accusing Apple of ‘misleading investors’ and suing the Estate of Steve Jobs. STEVE. JOBS.

Legal Expert: EPA's CO2 Rule Violates Federal Data Quality Law

EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy arrives to sign a proposal to cut carbon pollution in Washington

Politically divisive rule would shutter power plants across country

Amazon Is A Bully, But Customers Can't Stay Away

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos discusses his company's new Fire smartphone in Seattle, Washington REUTERS/Jason Redmond/Files

Despite fights with Hachette, Disney, and Warner Bros., Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos thinks Amazon is too good for consumers to stay away

Even Blue States Are Trying Tax Cuts

A money changer inspects U.S. dollar bills at a currency exchange in Manila

‘Standout year for tax cuts’

Ex-Im Bank Exceeds Travel Budget By $3 Million

Publicly backed entity seeks, spends taxpayer money

Russian Energy Giant Hires DC Lobbyists To Target US Natural Gas Exports

The Russian national flag is seen on a barricade near the seized office of the SBU state security service in Luhansk

Sanctions also a top concern

Uber Pushes Back Against Lyft's Criticism With More Accusations

Ride-sharing apps continue to hurl accusations of sabotage

Jimmy Carter Pushes For A Carbon Tax To Fix Global Warming

‘The biggest problem we have right now is some nutcases in our country who don’t believe in global warming’

DECADES-Old Data Is Good Enough To Justify EPA Regulations

Data used as recently as 2013

Report: US Is A 'Global Leader' In Broadband Technology

U.S. President Obama visits a middle school in Maryland to talk about the progress of ConnectED

‘American networks are 75 percent faster than those in the EU’

Who Gets The Jobs With An Influx Of Robots And Immigrants?

‘Robotic advances … will inevitably eliminate the need for many jobs. However, it will also create new jobs’

New York Unions Fight Over Hotel Workers


‘It’s avarice. It’s greed. It’s very un-labor-like’

GAO: Investors Double-Dipping on Tax Credits

A cashier counts out money at Macy's Herald Square on Thanksgiving Day in New York

‘The program expired in 2013 but legislation has been proposed to extend it’

Study: Raise Airline Ticket Prices To Fight Global Warming

‘Behaviour change will be necessary to reduce demand for air-travel’

If Acura's New Sedan Is Good Enough For Sid Vicious, It's Good Enough For You

‘We made this one for us, but you can have one’

Wisconsin's Tax Climate is Improving, But Still Lags Behind Most Neighbors

File photo of Republican Wisconsin Governor Walker speaking in Milwaukee

Despite Scott Walker’s tax cuts

Liberal Billionaire Tom Steyer's Attacks Ads Keep Getting Rated 'False'

Tom Steyer

Environmentalist attacks leave out ‘crucial context’

Wind Turbine 'Infrasound' May Be Making Thousands Sick In UK, US

Health officials, activists square off

Report: Obama's Keystone XL Delays Could Emit 7.4 Million Tons Of CO2

Approval the equivalent of taking 1.5 million cars off the road

Microsoft In Talks For Store Location On Fifth Ave -- Right Next To Apple

They’re bringing home the competition

Government Sells Ally Financial Stock Bought Through TARP

Treasury reduces ownership share by 80 percent in eight months

Virginia Lifts Ban on Ridesharing Companies Uber and Lyft

‘It is important that we welcome innovative companies like Uber and Lyft’

Obama, Rich Countries Pledge Billions To Grow Africa's Energy Sector

U.S. President Barack Obama talks at the U.S.-Africa Business Forum about strengthening trade and financial ties between the U.S. and Africa while in Washington

‘Reliable and affordable power is essential for Africa to continue to grow rapidly’

Amazon Expands Same-Day Delivery Program For Prime Members


Say goodbye to two-day shipping, now you can get products the day you order them

Getting Laid Off? Take An Outdated Nokia Phone For Your Trouble

Perhaps a bit stingy

Is EPA Looking To Delay Major Texas Natural Gas Terminal?

EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy arrives to sign a proposal to cut carbon pollution in Washington

Democrat says LNG exports ‘clearly in the national interest of the United States’

LinkedIn, An Obama Donor, Fined For Federal Wage Violations

Linkedin founder and CEO applaud from bell balcony of New York Stock Exchange after opening bell during IPO

Reid Hoffman is one of Obama’s entrepreneurship ambassadors

Oil Production Out Of North Dakota Hits CRAZY HIGH Levels

MCKITTRICK, CA - MARCH 23: Pump jacks and wells are seen in an oil field on the Monterey Shale formation where gas and oil extraction using hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, is on the verge of a boom on March 23, 2014 near McKittrick, California.(Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)

It’s a fracking miracle

Samsung Gets Itself Sued Again

A man walks out of Samsung Electronics' headquarters in Seoul

Microsoft sues Samsung over Android patent