Marijuana legalization tops list of YouTube questions for Obama

On Wednesday, January 27, CitizenTube streamed the State of the Union address live on its YouTube site and hosted a Google Moderator series that allowed viewers to submit and vote on questions in response to President Obama’s address.

Four days… 11,697 questions… and 643,527 votes later… the results are in!

The people have spoken, and today at 1:45PM EST, Obama will respond. In anticipation of Obama’s live “interview” on CitizenTube, OhMyGov took a closer look at the top-voted questions that President Obama may (pending approval) answer. We wonder, will he address the wildly-popular topic of marijuana legalization?

Full story: Marijuana legalization tops list of YouTube questions for Obama – General News

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Clifton-Middleton/1203428216 Clifton Middleton

    A New Economic Foundation,
    Renewable Energy and the Social Contract

    We have an opportunity to create a new economic foundation based on renewable natural resources, yielding thousands of green jobs, producing a sustainable replacement for oil and the restoration of social consent and confidence in the body politic. All of that and more made manifest by a stroke of the pen, simply by properly classifying hemp as the medicine and beneficial resource that over 100,000,000 Americans already know it is. Hemp, cannabis is good.

    The social benefit of a rational hemp policy would be to restore social consent and confidence in the body politic. Currently, over 100,000,000 Americans have used marijuana and have decided that it is a good thing, not dangerous and should be free, not used to ruin peoples lives by arrest, confiscation and disenfranchisement. Thinking people do their own research and many times conclude that the laws against marijuana are arbitrary, unjust, wrong and that the only people who support them are either uninformed or their jobs depend upon the mandatory acceptance of marijuana prohibition. This is the true silent majority, citizens who think that the marijuana laws are irrational and are afraid of persecution and discrimination if they express their opinions publicly.

    Industrial hemp production could provide a domestic and renewable source of fuel, fiber and jobs. Hemp can be grown, produced and processed all across the land by thousands of urban farmers using land, lots, parks and public lands lying fallow and unused. These green jobs are about the growing, harvesting and processing of locally grown organics for food and fuel and could constitute the bedrock of a truly independent economy, intrinsically secure, renewable and stable, sustainable and most importantly doable.

    The benefits of a rational hemp policy are financial, social and moral.
    The economic impact of is three fold; first is the creation of Jobs based on a sustainable, clean source of fuel, fiber and medicine, estimated at over One Trillion dollars. Good jobs that produce energy and tax revenue that is
    The second is the savings to taxpayers by eliminating the money spent on law enforcement, the courts and prisons, estimated at over 8 billion a year. The third is the cost to individuals and families who are criminalized by a system that encourages law enforcement to arrest people, fine them, confiscate their property, and disenfranchise them from the vote, healthcare, professional licenses and credit. This cost is measured in the billions of dollars. All totaled the war on marijuana and the lost opportunities to develop hemp; combined with the needless suffering of those persecuted is over 2 Trillion dollars a year.
    The moral benefit is simple; the truth will set us free.

    We need to decriminalize marijuana and repel the effects of the 1937 Marijuana Tax Act to restore the production, development and use of the most sustainable, renewable natural resource recorded in history. Hemp production can replace the use of oil as a fuel quickly, efficiently and at low cost. Hemp is a renewable crop that can be grown on land not used for food, improving the land and providing a carbon neutral source of fuel. Hemp production and processing will create jobs all across the land while providing a local and domestic source of energy.
    The use of marijuana for medical purposes is the oldest and most universally documented use of any substance in medical history. 13 states have decided that marijuana is a beneficial plant and it is time allow and encourage the use and investigation of medical marijuana and industrial hemp.

  • billbrady

    Holy Cow. I’m getting blitzed here. Major thumbs down and rejection. No problem. I’ll live. What I see in my fellow bloggers however, if given the opportunity to ask Obama a question, face to face, one on one, mano e’ mano, the question you would ask is: “Would you legalize pot”?? I guess in my ancient and simple mind I might think of a more substantial and important question to submit to the Prez??????? JMO See ya’ll on the next thread.