Sexiest Winter Olympians of all time [SLIDESHOW]

Just because you play sports in chilly weather doesn’t mean you can’t be hot.

  • xfiler93

    Nice photos, but Peggy Fleming to me meant class all the way. What a beautiful woman.

  • lnsmithee

    I have always had a thing for Katarina Witt (and so does James Carville, who freely admitted it even after marrying Mary Matalin), but I have never seen that pic of Sasha Cohen. Oy vey! She grew up fast!

    Three glaring omissions: The great Denise Biellmann of Switzerland, whose stunning standing spinning split in the Lake Placid Games in 1980 is now regularly imitated, but never duplicated, and Madeleine Dupont and her barely older sister Denise, the platinum blonde Danish curlers. I saw her sliding into my TV screen and immediately went to the net — I knew an athlete that gorgeous had to have done some (ahem) mmm-mmm-mmmodeling. I was right, but because I’m on break at work, I can’t link it.

    You know how to Google.