House GOP weighs call for probe into Pelosi and Hoyer’s handling of Massa scandal

House Republicans are considering whether to ask Thursday for the Ethics Committee to investigate House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Majority Leader Steny Hoyer for their handling of information about misbehavior by former Rep. Eric Massa, who resigned Monday for sexually harassing male staffers.

Democratic aides scoffed late Wednesday at the idea, saying Pelosi and Hoyer acted properly and there are no grounds for an investigation.

But Republicans want to know why Pelosi was not told earlier of allegations that Massa groped his aides. The speaker’s staff learned of Massa’s misbehavior from Hoyer’s staff in early February, and did not inform her until early March, Pelosi told reporters last week.

A Pelosi aide also told The Daily Caller late Wednesday that her office was informed in October by Massa’s chief of staff, Joe Racolto, of concerns that the congressman was living with a number of male staffers, that he had hired too many staff, and that he was using profanity around them.

Racolto said at the time that he had asked the congressman to move out of the row house he was sharing with the aides. Massa recounted this conversation during a TV interview Tuesday, and said he moved into his office at the time.

The Washington Post reported Wednesday evening that Racolto’s call was prompted by Massa’s advances toward a young, gay congressional staffer who worked on the staff of Rep. Barney Frank, a Massachusetts Democrat who is himself openly gay.

Republicans say that if former Ways and Means Committee Chairman Charlie Rangel was admonished by the ethics committee for actions by his staffers that he was not aware of – which led to Rangel relinquishing the chair last week – then Pelosi could be held accountable as well for her staff’s inaction in not telling her sooner of what they knew.

The GOP move, which would come in the form of a privileged resolution on the House floor, was being discussed amid rumors circulating on Capitol Hill that Massa’s misconduct may have gone beyond groping male aides.

The Daily Caller will not publish further details about such rumors unless they can be verified. But they are the latest in a cascade of increasingly serious news about Massa’s past behavior. Reports surfaced Wednesday that Massa had a history, during his 20-year career in the U.S. Navy, of making unwanted sexual advances toward other sailors.

The GOP wants the ethics committee, headed by Rep. Zoe Lofgren, California Democrat, to examine whether Pelosi, California Democrat, and Hoyer, Maryland Democrat, responded appropriately when they learned about more serious allegations against Massa in early February. The ethics committee on Wednesday dropped its probe of Massa, citing his resignation from Congress, but Republicans want it reopened to focus on leadership.

Hoyer said Tuesday that he learned of allegations against Massa on Feb. 8, a Wednesday, through a staff aide who had been contacted by a member of Massa’s staff, reportedly Ron Hikel. Hoyer directed his staff to tell Massa’s that their list of concerns should be shared with the ethics committee no later than Friday, Feb. 10.

House Republican leaders say that Hoyer should have personally confronted Massa when he learned of the allegations.

If Massa’s behavior included sexual contact of any kind, especially, that would have risen to a level of misconduct that required a dramatic intervention, Republicans said, citing standards set out in the 2006 report on former Republican Rep. Mark Foley’s sexually explicit e-mails and text messages to underage pages.

However, a House Democratic leadership aide said the Foley report nowhere sets out a requirement that a member of Congress personally confront another member if they learn of allegations.

Additionally, the aide said, if Hoyer would have spoken directly to Massa that would have given the disgraced lawmaker even more grounds for his charge this week that Democrats pushed him out to move the votes needed to pass health care from 217 to 216.

“Can you imagine what Massa would be saying about leadership trying to push him out if Hoyer had in fact talked to him?” the Democratic aide said. “He could make up whatever he wanted about what Hoyer said, and it would not have just been a political consideration. It could have muddied the waters of a critical investigation and given him cover for his actions.”

“Going to ethics means the committee can help provide protection,” the aide said. “We went to ethics who could act appropriately … and [they] told us they were taking this up immediately.”

Republicans also want more details on what Pelosi knew and when, and why her staff did not alert the speaker sooner when they learned of Massa’s behavior.

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  • windrdr

    The timing is questionable – seems that tickle fights were ok as long as Massa was voting for Obamacare. But his behaviour suddenly became deplorable and unconscionable when he changed his vote to no.

    He betrayed the Mob, and the bosses sent him to grope with the fishes. . .

  • spo1

    Rep. Kennedy was RIGHT about the news media! This Massa story is EVERYWHERE!

    I blame the news media the most for NOT living up to their public service, 4th Estate obligations to provide responsible journalism and legitimate investigative reporting on the vital issues of our day. I DON’T CARE TO KNOW ABOUT THE LATEST CELEBRITY WORSHIP GOSSIP or sensational murder case/trial… GIVE ME SOMETHING I CAN USE TO PROBLEM SOLVE.

    It’s because of you news SELL-OUTS that right-wing fanatical MORONS are STILL able to drive public policy. Does ANYONE believe that the Glenn Beck/Sarah Palin/Rush Limbaugh GROUPIES would have ANY political clout if you news media HO’s weren’t providing these extremist nutcases with undo attention?

    Did you provide national coverage to Left-wing protest movements? I hardly saw a news story about the 10’s of 1000’s who gathered to protest the war in Iraq or all the LIES, waste, fraud, abuse, incompetence, scandal, corruption, reckless economics, arms dealing, war profiteering, Constitutional violations and a Corporate Crime Wave of EPIC PROPORTIONS.

    With a side of GOVERNMENT welfare for the rich… Did you so called fiscal conservatives do a #*~/’n thing while the scheming silver spoons privatized profits and socialized loses?

    Has ANYONE ever tried to have a reasonable DEBATE with a Dittohead? You’d get more content going to the zoo and talking to the monkeys.

    Did Andrea Mitchell or any of the highly paid national news anchors let the public KNOW about how Alan Greenspan was promoting FRAUD on Wall St? NO! Did you go to Florida during the 2000 presidential election to make sure ALL the votes were counted? NO! Did you COWARDS find out where all those missing BILLIONS of dollars and 175,000 weapons disappeared to in Iraq? NO!

    Did you provide the Tea Baggers and anti-health Care reform Conservatives with the legitimate information they needed so they wouldn’t come off looking like a bunch of holier-than-thou mental deficient’s?

    Even though Republicans in Congress are now giving Americans the middle finger… HAVE YOU EVER DONE A STORY ON WHY these brainwashed idiots keep voting for Republican Party, silver spoon, con artists that want to turn freedom into a delicate concept and turn the USA into a Corporate owned, slave labor, Police State OR Communist China? HELL NO!



  • billbrady

    If Pelosi couldn’t remember being briefed about enhanced interrogations, I’m sure she didn’t remember any briefing about Massa. “I promise the most ethical and open Congress in the history of the country”…………

  • tomdoff

    What’s this ‘Probe into Pelosi’s handling of Massa’ BS? She never touched him. And when he tried to tickle her, she just handed him one of her old, worn-out di*does to play with.