Protected: Debtor’s Prism: Confessions of a collector

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Stacy-Tan/100000440176215 Stacy Tan

    This MORON used to work with me and he NEVER had anyone check the facts behind his half made up story. He is a sorry writer who is making up for the fact that his girlfriend makes way more than him and is supporting his geeky a**!

  • DDM

    Maybe YOU forgot to mention that innocent debt-free people are being called over and over, as I am. Any debtor with a first name close to mine, or last name close to mine means my number will be looked up and called over, over, over regardless of the fact that I have never had a debt. This is at a cost to my time and peace of mind. I have canceled my land line as of last month. Hope these jerks keep right on dialing the number now! Some has started on my cell, but it is a throwaway. I can toss it & get another every so often.

  • Bill Collector

    This one sided better than everyone else reporter, forgot to mention that these people who are being so called “scammed”, made a promise to pay for some thing they got on credit and didn’t pay for. The creditors are the ones that get scammed. I’ve been in collections before I deserved it because I didn’t pay my bill. That’s what you get when you fail to keep a promise. I do not agree with the collections tactics that some companies use. Kind of like I don’t agree with this article written by a freelance reporter that obviously needs a job and can’t pay his bills. If you don’t like being in collections, do what it takes to pay your bills. If you want to get rid of the collections industry in this country, pay your bills. Then the only people that will be getting called by collectors will be out of work collectors and freelance reports like A.G. Gancarski.

    • pryan67

      Interesting…mind telling us what company you work for? I’d be interested in seeing how many FDCPA lawsuits have been filed against you…

      Get rid of the ILLEGAL collection tactics…increase the penalties from 1000 per action to 10,000 per violation…make the collectors themselves personally liable for their actions as well…get rid of the dirtbags and let the .0001% of the collectors that follow the law do their jobs

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