Crist joins McConnell in refusing to call for repeal of health-care bill

UPDATE: Readers looking for some context (a lapse on my part) for the McConnell mention should read this post.

Thereby providing another gap in his armor for Marco Rubio to exploit:

“Today’s vote will continue to be part of my debate with Charlie Crist, who has repeatedly placed his faith in bigger government and wasteful spending, and who refused to support scrapping this bill,” [Senate candidate Marco] Rubio said in a statement. The conservative favorite endorsed repealing the bill and said he supported state-level efforts to “prevent this health plan from being forced on the people of our state.”

Crist released a statement saying he was “disappointed” by the health care vote, but did not call for the legislation’s repeal. “Americans deserve better than this liberal, partisan legislation,” he said.

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  • Mike Riggs

    Hey y’all–threw in update in at the top of the post for the McConnell mention. (Short version: McConnell has called for “repairing” the bill–but not repealing it.)

  • irvinhobesound

    I also am confused about “McConnell” –Mike- please make another post explaining your point.
    Poor Charlewy– Its over and he knows it !

  • diamndgirl

    What does the author here mean when he is including McConnell…I didn’t see his name included here…please clue me in.


    Btw..this figures regarding RINO Crist.