Clyburn: Racist faxes, image of noose were sent to office

House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-S.C.) received racist faxes Monday in the wake of Sunday’s House vote approving health care reform legislation.

Clyburn, a veteran of the civil rights movement, told Keith Olbermann Monday that faxes sent to his office had racist images including a noose. “If you look at some of the faxes that I got today, racial slurs, nooses on gallows, and I’m telling you, some very vicious language.

Full story: Clyburn: Racist Faxes, Image Of Noose Were Sent To Office

  • matedeirdre

    Ok so he read the racist faxes, but what about the faxes urging him to vote NO On the healthcare bill.

    • davchaz

      So what… three or four messages that were racist were what you noticed out of hundreds FROM YOUR CONSTITUENTS telling you not to vote for the healthcare bill. Amazing how insulated these people in Washington get from reality!