What it takes to be a Young Eagle

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      Gautham Nagesh covers politics and the federal government for The Daily Caller. Prior to joining the DC he covered technology, oversight and procurement in the executive branch for Government Executive magazine and Nextgov.com. His writing has also been featured by The Atlantic, National Journal and the official web site of the Detroit Pistons. He attended Cornell University and hails from Jackson, Michigan.

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Ask and ye shall receive: my colleague Alex Pappas comes through with a Young Eagles flyer laying out exactly what it takes to join your fellow young conservatives for a night of debauchery. Unsurprisingly, the only requirement is giving a boatload of money to the RNC.

According to the flyer the program is open to anyone below the age of 45 with three tiers of required donations based on age: $2,500 for those between 21 and 25, $5,000 for donors 26 to 35 and $7,500 for donors between 36 and 45 years old. For those that lack the funds themselves but have generous friends, raising $15,000 will net you a “complimentary one year membership to Young Eagles including all benefits.”

And what exactly are those benefits? According to the flyer members get to take part in national meetings, regional meetings, the Young Eagles Summit, listen to conference calls and read the Young Eagles web site, which features a blog!

That trip to Voyeur West Hollywood is starting to make more sense.