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You like us! You really like us!

When I took this job, I figured it was only a matter of time before we really ticked somebody off. Little did I suspect that it’d be the people whose butts we’re apparently supposed to kiss!

Here’s some of the feedback on our absolutely legitimate news stories about Michael Steele and the RNC:

“Someone should take Tucker Carlson’s bow tie and shove it down his throat, provided they can get the silver spoon out of his mouth long enough. The Daily Caller is his rag, after all. Is this his idea of journalism? Picking up every piece of dirt because some back-stabbing Republicans refuse to play team ball, willing to do what they can to hurt their own side because they think they’re entitled to carve up the pie the way they want to?” — Dan Riehl

“While this may be a legitimate news issue, it hardly fits the Daily Caller’s mission statement, to balance out the lack of journalistic examination of the Obama administration. The mainstream media and left-wing blogosphere (including Huffington Post) are all over every move the RNC and Republicans make, while ignoring and covering up any and all possible problems in Democrat land. Daily Caller may have earned a news cycle by piling on, but it hasn’t earned any respect. From anyone.” — William Jacobson

“Tucker Carlson’s Conservative website released a misleading article on Michael Steele, the RNC and Republicans in general, leaving some members of the Conservative blogosphere scratching their heads in disbelief. Well, for those who have looked up Carlson’s background with MSNBC, the truth was known, and NewsBusters said it best; ‘Carlson is clearly the kind of Conservative MSNBC would love’.” — Jumping in Pools

“If the Right keeps up with this circular firing squad crap and loses sight of the real enemy, we aren’t going to have the November we need to have to start making things right. And the price of that for America and conservatives will be a hell of a lot more than a lap dance from some hot looking babe in a G-string at some Hollywood faux bondage bar.” — Dan Riehl again

“It almost seems as if the right-leaning Webzine is trying to gain credibility with liberal news outlets and is willing to do so on the backs of their own ideological brethren. Or maybe they’re in the hip pocket of a conservative who doesn’t like Chairman Steele. Either way, this story may be another example of the right carelessly destroying their own.” — Melissa Clouthier

“WILLIAM JACOBSON: Daily Caller a failure. Nah, they got Treacher. You gotta consider that a success.” — Glenn Reynolds (Hey, how did that one get in there?)

“Unfortunately, honest conservatives who think there’s anything like principle behind the current GOP insider war against Chairman Steele had better think, again. So, just whose lap dog is Tucker Carlson, given his new found willingness to push garbage like this today?” — Would you believe: Dan Riehl?

So, the message I’m getting is that our reporters are just supposed to look the other way if they find something that might embarrass a political party? Or else we’re not “team players”? Isn’t that exactly the kind of “journalism” that so many people on the right have justly complained about?

If you’re disgusted by the way the media have turned a blind eye to so many legitimate stories — Rielle Hunter, Bill Ayers, Van Jones, Climategate, the early days of the Tea Party movement, etc. — why do you want us to emulate them? Shouldn’t we lead by example?

We don’t work for a political party. We’re not the New York Times.

Oh wait, I forgot: There’s a conspiracy. Never mind.

P.S. Our own Jon Ward has the last word.

  • mojo

    I actually respected him more when I thought he was hangin’ around in faux-bondage, faux(?)-lesbian joints.

    ‘Cause, let’s face it – what red-blooded American male doesn’t want to have two women of indeterminate sexuality simulating oral sex while you take a dump? The whips and chains are just icing on the cake.

  • Dana

    Geez, this isn’t hard: Keep your nose clean, GOP, and you’ve got nothing to fear.

    Of course Daily Caller should be an equal opportunity reporter of *any* unethical behavior, whether on the left or on the right. Stupid behavior across the board deserves to be exposed so we can know just how much *stupid* needs to be cleaned out of our party.

    If Daily Caller is selective and only reports on the naughty behavior of the left, then it becomes just another brown-nosing media outlet toeing a party line. And God knows Huff Po has already mastered that fine art.

  • gekkobear

    So, I’m trying to figure out what we should take away from this. I think it’s the following.

    If you’re a Republican looking to get some help digging a grave, contact Dan, not Treacher. Dan will help you dig the grave, keep his mouth shut, and not ask why you’ve got a dead underage boy in the trunk of your car. Treacher might ask some complicated questions. Heck Dan will probably help you with this problem more than once… he doesn’t want any bad press regardless what he has to cover up.

    This is good information to have. Some days you really need to know who you can trust to help you bury a body without asking tricky questions… Now any Republicans having problems have a list of people in this post to contact for assistance. I expect it’ll be bookmarked by many of the Party elite.

  • Brisco_County

    1) Scooping the story has given the Daily Caller national exposure at a time when that’s valuable.
    2) The Republican party doesn’t need the Daily Caller to blow the whistle in order to look bad. The party’s been working on that for years now.
    3) If Time or Newsweek hadn’t ignored the Monica Lewinski story, they wouldn’t be suffering from the eternal, poisonous thorn in their side called Drudge Report. Don’t give your ideological adversaries free traffic by ignoring something newsworthy.
    4) Policing the Republican party builds integrity for both the Daily Caller and the party.
    5) I’m not a fan of Steele anyway.

  • easyliving1

    I knew Jim Treacher when, while not “clean” exactly, he certainly wasn’t dirtier than a hobo in a pig wrestling contest, which he is now.

    Roissy says the girls in DC like it dirty, so I think that explains it.


    Anyway, I am leaving for the pristine pastures of puritanical paradise, AKA “the interwebs except for Jim Treacher (whose blog is on the internet) now that he’s at the Daily Caller.”

  • rocco

    OK-OK How about this one?
    Labash holds up a 7-11 and the DC Headline reads:
    One b or two?

  • jsminch

    These look like quotes from a party that takes it for granted that no matter what they do, their rank and file will either back them up or shut up.

    Well, partner, those days are gone. Welcome to the Treacherdome.

    • bbqbrains

      Ahhh, hope for bipartisanship?

      • jsminch


  • dencal26

    At first glance I thought Steele was somehow involved in the Club Scandal. Any organization can have problems with employees. How quickly did Steele react? Did he try and defend the action or did he fire the person? Answer is he fired them. If some Daily Caller employee holds up a 7-11 this evening shall the Daily Caller headline be ” Tucker Carslon robs 711″?

    • Jim Treacher

      Analogies really aren’t your thing, are they?

      • wahsatchmo

        I think I get it. He’s saying that Tucker walked into a 7-11, which he couldn’t do without a slight Indian accent, then ate the donuts and day old hot dogs at gunpoint.

        In his defense, that’s probably the only way I’d eat 7-11 hot dogs as well: with a slight Indian accent. Or with Tucker, because that bow tie goes great with good times.

  • motionview

    IMO you are 100% correct in running this story; cocooning = failure.

  • mallard

    The news in this story is whether or not Steele is living large at the GOP donors expense or if he is spending money to receive more donations. That alone would not make a big splash in the daily news cycle. Add in the Voyeur aspect and it becomes a big deal that all the outlets want to talk about. Yet the Voyeur outing was probably a minor point in the original story.

    Between whether or not The DC should have run the story and the Voyeur expense reimbursement, the main point of the story is being overlooked.