SEIU official: Andy Stern to resign

Service Employees International Union President Andrew Stern, one of America’s most prominent labor leaders, is set to resign, according to a member of the union’s board.

Sosne offered no explanation for the move.

Full story: SEIU official: Stern to resign – Ben Smith – POLITICO.com

  • anniebanannie

    Czar of Thuggery

  • ojfl

    What happened here? He is one of the most influential people in the administration and therefore the entire political life of this country. What gives?

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  • desmo1121

    Humm, would like more info on this one. White house position? Run from office by scandal?… after all SEIU is an Acorn branch. Andy Stern isn’t known for his integrity.

  • thephranc

    I wounder what part of Obama’s government he will be head of?