Rachel Maddow to air documentary comparing Timothy McVeigh to ‘anti-government extremists’

Rachel Maddow is airing a two hour documentary on Timothy McVeigh and the connection his actions and views have to present-day ‘anti-government extremists.’ The highlight of the documentary is the use of hours of never before seen interviews done in prison before McVeigh was executed.

The documentary has some in the political sphere wondering if she will attempt to connect the Tea Party movement to McVeigh’s actions, or if she will restrain her comparisons to violent extremists such as the Hutaree. A quote from her appearance on The Daily Show refers to anti-government extremism but is silent on the Tea Party comparison:

“We are experiencing an upswing again in sort of anti-government extremism, and that’s not to say the next Timothy McVeigh is out there, but it is to say that people should not be encouraging government…violence against government institutions and people.”

Below is a 30-second promotion for the documentary which airs April 19th.

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  • johnnyu

    Miss, Ms, Mr(?) Maddow gives queers a bad name with her wanting more rights just because she happens to get more pu-tang than most guys I know. It’s very dangerous to try to link or accuse people of a terrorist act commited some time ago. It’s at best shoody jounelism and at worst incites more violence than one is normally capable of. I really wish they would take these double standard, unfactual reporting, so called reporters off the air.

  • loudog

    Key here being extremists. Nobody is saying that of all Tea-ers.

  • chuckupd

    Every day they call the President the next Hitler. If they’re not themselves prone to violence then certainly at least their rhetoric is terribly reckless. There are nuts out there who take the Faux News rhetoric seriously and are aching to be the hero who gets to save America by shooting Hitler.

    • anniebanannie

      Who on “Faux” (cute, did you just think of that on your own?) news called Obama Hitler? Got a clip or cite? I’d really like to read/watch it.

      • chuckupd

        I think you are deliberately conflating what I said about the Teaparty people with the reference to Faux News. The people on TV are not quite as crazy as the people in the streets, OTH they get to work it 24/7.

        Now that Fox has positioned itself on the political spectrum even to the right of Sen. Tom Coburn, well, that’s real crazy indeed.

        There is a fascinating video clip here of all kinds of different people lying on Faux News that you’re going to be put in jail if you don’t buy health insurance. And also clips of them lying about the lies.

        It’s a very dangerous “news” channel.

        • thephranc

          You will be put in jail if you resist the mandate. That isn’t a lie it’s actually in the bill.

          • chuckupd

            Even Faux News says (now) that it’s not in the bill. Click the earlier of the two links above and you can see O’Reilly tell you so.

            Of course Fox News is the enemy. They’re increasing ratings at the expense of civility in this country.

            I stood on the steps of the Supreme Court in December, 2000 watching demonstrators yell at one another across a line down the middle. They were loud, insistent, but they also smiled at one another. Everybody was aware this was only political theater. But now the atmosphere is very, very different because of Fox. They need to dial back the hysteria.

          • thephranc

            There is a mandate. If you don’t get insurance you are fined. You don’t pay the fine you go to jail. If you resist arrest you are beaten to submission. If you resist hard enough the cops will kill you.

            But you are a liar since you say it is FOX news ( at least I think you mean FOX since you say there is some other news org out there) that is causing incivility. That simply isn’t true. You are dishonest and as such make your self irrelevant.

        • anniebanannie

          “Faux News rhetoric seriously and are aching to be the hero who gets to save America by shooting Hitler.”

          Way to spin, but nobody is buying it. You implied that by listening to Fox News, some nut might get the idea to shoot Hitler, meaning Obama. In other words, Fox News is encouraging shooting Obama.

          And I don’t give a damn what Bill O’Reilly says, and find it pretty ironic that you would use a Fox commentator to back up your claims, after having just called them potential criminals.

          • chuckupd

            I merely assume that you live inside the right-wing bubble and shut yourself off to all sources of information emanating from elsewhere, so there would be little point in referring you to the NY Times.

            Besides, this evidence was right at hand. If you are to the right of Fox News then nobody can possibly help you.

            It is perfectly clear that people like Beck are getting rich driving people into violent hysteria. There will be blood on the streets and it will be the fault of irresponsible media, most notably Fox News.

      • chuckupd

        This is the link with the video clip of the collected lies.


    • thephranc

      It’s pronounced like “foe”. Is that why you use the term because you see them as the enemy?