Columbian supermodel Lina Marulanda dead from apparent suicide

Authorities confirmed that the death of Lina Marulanda is indeed a case of suicide.

Sources say that her marriage was under trouble with her second husband Carlos Oñate the four months they had been together. So the reason may be a result of depression that she had to take such a drastic step.

Her fans all across the world have been mourning the loss of the beautiful young Colombian woman.

Full Story: Columbian Supermodel and Television Host Lina Marulanda Commits suicide | UKTODAYNEWS.COM

  • tomdoff

    I’ll bet this ‘suicide’ happened at night, and Lina was trying to join all the other ‘Stars’ for a party, and just flew the wrong way. Them Columbians, they sure know how to party, but ain’t too good at directions…or flying, for real.