‘South Park’ producers say network cut fear speech

NEW YORK (AP) — The producers of “South Park” say Comedy Central removed a speech about intimidation and fear from their show after a radical Muslim group warned they could be killed.

The character Kyle’s words toward the end of Wednesday’s episode were bleeped out. Producers Trey Parker and Matt Stone say the character does not mention the Prophet Muhammad.

The group Revolution Muslim had complained that ‘South Park’ had insulted their prophet by depicting him in a bear costume in last week’s episode. The group didn’t explicitly threaten the producers but warned they could wind up like a Dutch filmmaker killed by a Muslim extremist. The group printed Stone and Parker’s work address on its website.

More than 30 seconds’ worth of dialogue were covered up in the episode.

Muhammad appeared on Wednesday night’s episode of the cartoon with his body obscured by a black box, since Muslims consider a physical representation of their prophet to be blasphemous. Last week, the character was believed to be disguised in a bear costume. When that same costume was removed this week, Santa Claus appeared.

The bear costume had angered the New York-based group Revolution Muslim, which posted a message on its website saying that producers Trey Parker and Matt Stone had insulted their prophet.

The message included a gruesome picture of Theo Van Gogh, a Dutch filmmaker murdered by a Muslim extremist in 2004 after making a movie about a woman who rejected Muhammad’s teachings. The message said the “South Park” producers would “probably wind up like Theo Van Gogh” for airing the show.

The posting included Comedy Central’s New York address, as well as the address for Parker and Stone’s California production studio.

Parker and Stone are known for waiting until the last minute before turning in fresh episodes. This week’s episode contained no direct reference to the warning, although one inside joke could be interpreted as one.

During one scene, a mechanized Barbara Streisand robot is seen stomping through the town on a path of destruction. One voice is heard to say, “they’ve destroyed La Casa Bonita!”

“La Casa Bonita” is the name of Parker and Stone’s production facility.

Comedy Central also censored 35 seconds’ worth of a conversation toward the end of the show between the characters Stan, Jesus Christ and Santa Claus. The network wouldn’t say Thursday whether this contained any reference to the warning.


Comedy Central is a unit of Viacom Inc.

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  • Clarissa Clinton

    I don’t like Conservatives, but I really fucking hate Liberals!
    ~Mat Stone

  • badmotherfarker


    I think the actual equation is….

    Islam = Insane amount of violence and oppression

    Christianity = Far less violence and oppression (but still obviously needs work)

    The problem as I see it is that Islamic leaders in many countries (including here in America) actively preach that violence and even murder of non-believers is acceptable. You’d have to look for a really long time to find a Christian leader (and I’m not talking about some nutjob with 20 parishioners) advocating any kind of violence, and I’ve never seen one advocate murder. People who hate Christians always try to equate the two (how many times have you heard the lie that religion has been responsible for more deaths than anything else?), but if there’s 1 act of violence from a radical Christian to 100 acts of violence for a radical Islamist, you have to be kind of a moron to view them the same.


    In agreement 100%. Frankly, in my personal opinion, I find fundamentalist Islam to be a revolting religion. I find many of the followers to be less than human. But what I always try to get across is that Christianity has the same origins. This “good guy, bad guy” stuff is idiotic when it comes to religion. RELIGION is the problem. BELIEF over logic is the problem. Followers of radical islam deserve death – just like christians that believe in killing abortion doctors.

    • des1

      What do you know, we are in complete agreement (I believe that’s one of the signs of the Apocalypse)! I’m not in favor of the death penalty for anyone (part of my Liberal belief system that is still with me), but anyone who commits violence in the name of religion is equally bad (that goes for the Westboro scumbags as well as the Pro-Life people who go too far with protesting at doctor’s homes or their kid’s schools).

      The thing that annoys me is people who try to equivocate between Christianity and Islam. Christianity had it’s awakening (several times), while Islam is actually backsliding into a more barbaric and less intellectual state. No Christian can look at Genesis and be proud of the story of Lot (who was saved by an angel for allowing his virgin daughters to be gang-raped). The difference between the religions is the New Testament, which is far about love and forgiveness (and tolerance).

      • badmotherfarker

        So you’re saying Christianity is a more “progressive” religion?

    • moira1987

      The point here is that the Left doesn’t get excited about the threats of violence from a fringe group like Revolution Muslim but will spend days analyzing the latest “threat” from Sarah Palin. How long did it take the so-called mainstream media to FINALLY concede that the Ft. Hood massacre was an act of terrorism rather than a poor Muslim guy who was “mistreated” or “overworked” or whatever. The Left actually invented fake medical problems (“pre-post-traumatic stress disorder”?!?)in an effrot to avoid calling it what it was. As usual, it’s the hypocrisy of the Left that is the issue here.

      • des1

        Yes, and what concerns me is that this PC attitude (or it might even be bigotry toward Christians to the exclusion of caring about real atrocities) is going to continue until we have the same environment of fear and hate that they have in so many European countries (and practically all of the Middle-East countries).

        The MSM is so intent on demonizing Christianity that they are willing to turn a blind eye to radical Islam (which is FAR more prevalent than people realize) until it’s too late. If people think that this country can’t be infected by that despicable strain of the religion, they are terribly naive.