Edwards to testify about sex tape

Former presidential candidate John Edwards has a date with destiny: The Daily Beast has learned Edwards has been called to submit to a sworn deposition on May 13 in the case of Rielle Hunter v. Andrew Young.

Like that other famously philandering Democrat, Bill Clinton, Edwards is set to be forced to testify under oath about his extra-marital sex life—specifically that much-talked-about sex tape he made with Mistress Rielle Hunter—and whether he might have spent federal campaign funds to keep Hunter lavishly hidden away from the media and under the watchful eye of trusted aide Andrew Young.

A federal grand jury has reportedly been looking into Edwards’ campaign spending habits for some time.

Full story: Edwards To Testify About Sex Tape – The Daily Beast

  • emem

    Dear Daily Caller,

    Can you start making the Edwards headlines more like the democratic rants about Bush/Cheney. Where’s the anger, the outrage, and classless name calling.

  • tinteardrop
  • teabagger dummy

    Typical libturd sleaze bucket. At least when one of our guys gets caught with his pants down, he’s wearing a dang diaper, like Sen. Vitter yall!! Pallin 2012!!!

  • badmotherfarker

    John Edwards = biggest douche in the universe. Thankfully, I saw that even back in 2004. Anyone that does the little “feel your pain” Clinton thumb deal when talking is a douchebag.

    • Kerrvillian

      Amen. Douchebagus Lawyerus.

      The most disgusting kind.

  • ohthehugemanatee

    How much more of this are we going to be subjected to? There is not enough bleach in the world to save us!

  • rainmaker1145

    There’s a cell in federal prison that is waiting for this guy. This is unbelievable and unprecedented, but maybe expected.

    The ploy will be to say the state is persecuting him and the charges are bigotry.

    But I think the Democrats will walk away from him just as they did from John Kerry. He’ll be left to stew in the juices of the also-ran, but in his case, he’ll likely stew in a cell that he should be sharing with another famous Democrat from the South who lied.

  • desmo1121

    Edwards, the democrats poster child!! I hope they humiliate him and throw the book at him. Pure scum!!

  • windrdr

    Even with a tape, and a child, wouldn’t put it past this sleazeball to try the “I did not have sex with that woman” move. . .

    • killtruck

      Maybe there are two John Edwards, one for each America.

      • anniebanannie

        How will they keep slime from sliding out of the witness stand?

      • Kerrvillian

        Are both of them fathering bastards?