Dear White House Press Pool: Stop sucking

Dear White House reporters,

Stop sucking.

More specifically, do not ever let anyone say again that you “were besides [yourselves] with excitement, putting away the chicken parmigiana [you] were eating to talk to the president.”

It’s bad enough that we had to read about how “the White House is thin-skinned, controlling, eager to go over [your] heads and stingy with even basic information.” And that’s what you said after you let Robert Gibbs walk away from a meeting with the White House Correspondent’s Association saying, “We discussed and made progress on a number of issues important to both.” What does that even mean? And why are you allowing Robert Gibbs to feel good about anything? You harpies pounded Tony Snow while the man was dying of cancer, and yet you give a perfectly healthy Robert Gibbs a pass to make dumb jokes during briefings?

Muscle up, chuckleheads. Sure, people have stopped thinking of you as the 4th estate; and judging by the way things are going, Pres. Obama won’t need you to carry water for him much longer. (Except Richard Wolffe. Richard Wolffe will always have a job kissing someone’s ass.)

But in the meantime, why not make it count while you still have jobs?

Some blogger

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  • hurtzallot

    I wonder aloud if this has anything to do with the press siding with FOX when the president and Anita Dunn declared war on them? Na-aah that would make me a conspiracy theorist…again.

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  • seekingtounderstand

    They missed the story of the century….uncovered by IBD “The $10 Trillion Climate Fraud” which gives details of Obama starting the Chicago Cap and Trade exchange in the 1990’s. Goldman Sachs and Al Gore own parts.
    When Obama says “wealth redistribution” he meant from you to him.
    Welfare is just to keep power long enough to sock it to America and grab his.


  • des1

    Dear White House reporters, stop sucking off Obama.

    There, I fixed it for you, Mike.

  • ojfl

    I understand the need for deference to the president but the press should pound on Robert Gibbs at every meeting. And ask tough questions. Make him feel uncomfortable. Recall how you did it with Dana Perino. It was not that long ago.

  • sunnyr

    The WH Press Pool are a bunch of jelly-spined, Kool-Aid drinking, Neutered Lap Dogs! It appears that the old troll, Helen Thomas, is the only person there with enough balls to ask a couple of hard questions. These idiots should have to burn their Journalism degree’s and get into some other line of work. They are as worthless as tits on a boar! Pravda lives and is located in Obama’s White House. Sickening!

  • jpatrickham

    The White House Press Pool, is by far the worst excuse for manhood, I have ever seen. They wallow in the Presidential staff’s filth, and then say.”please sir can I have some more.” There isn’t a backbone amongst you, and you truly deserve the humiliation you receive.