Time Magazine releases top 100 in 2010 list [SLIDESHOW]

Question: What do Sarah Palin, Lady Gaga, Barack Obama and Jet Li have in common?

Answer: They’re all on the Time 100 in 2010 list!

Yes, it’s that time (pun intended) of the year again. In this year’s issue, Time magazine “names the people who most affect our world,” broken down into four categories: leaders, heroes, artists, and thinkers.

While this year’s crop includes the usual suspects such as President Obama, Oprah, Bill Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, and Sarah Palin, new additions to the list include Glenn Beck, Scott Brown, and Sandra Bullock.

Interestingly, the text that accompanies Beck’s spot (#12) was penned by Sarah Palin (#9).  “Who’d have thought a history buff with a quirky sense of humor and a chalkboard could make for such riveting television?” she writes.  Her admiration for her fellow FOX News star continues throughout the piece, asserting that he is, above all, “an inspiring patriot.”

Here is a selection of people who made this year’s list:

  • noonespetgoat

    For those who beleive Fox News is the last bastion of truth left in broadcasting media, please stay vigilant, trust no one. How many media outlets are owned by R. Murdoch? Why would anyone feel comfortable with the motives of any man with so much power and control over so much information? Who did he support in ’08?
    As for Beck, I find him somewhat useful, he talks around some interesting topics. He also poo-poos things I think he shouldn’t. Take Ron Paul, for Beck to display daily pagan-like worship of the Constitution, why such disregard for Paul? Beck’s like wikipedia, not a good factual source, rather good for bringing up topics that I’ll research myself.
    I found the following article an interesting take on Beck:

  • sunnyr

    Congrats to Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck. Beck is a true Patriot and a rising star, admired by millions of loyal viewers. He tackles the stuff no one else has the *alls to report on and he does a fine job of it. He’s not a Journalist but neither are any of the leftist nutwads in the Lame Stream Media. Go Glenn, the nation is listening and learning. Keep up the good work! We love ya!!

    • Romulus5000

      its good to know that just because someone is radical it means they are patriotic. lets confuse the two and confuse america. yeah that makes sense. we have no one else to support right?

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Daniel-Bruski/617562029 Daniel Bruski

    Sarah Palin for America 2012!

  • rainmaker1145

    The left is losing its mind.

  • camp906

    Sandra Bullock? Do tell.