Meet Kanellos, the Greek protest dog

For the last two years, one demonstrator has never failed to attend a protest in Greece’s capital – a dog called Kanellos.

Greek photographers capturing riot footage started to notice the pooch when he kept appearing in their negatives.  Their photos show the mutt appearing at nearly every clash between angry locals and the police in Athens.  Not surprisingly, he surfaced again during the recent protests during a nationwide strike.

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  • unmutual

    With all the news coming out of Greece and the EU this is the story Daily Caller has on the front page? That’s pretty weak.

    Socialism is failing in Greece. You would think that would be the bigger/better story for DC to be covering.

  • Chris Olsen

    So..These Greeks want more money….They protest, burn banks causing deaths and fight with police because they want more money. The whole country wants more money. Someone else to work harder so they don’t have to. Maybe their children can pay off their parents debt.

    That dog deserves more respect than the humans in that despicable country.

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  • NeoKong

    That’s no place for a dog.
    He’s gonna’ get hurt.
    The owner should know better.