The naked truth: 20 Stars without makeup [SLIDESHOW]

In the latest issue of Life & Style, Kim Kardashian “ditches the comfort of her regimen and flaunts her natural beauty for the first time.”  Sure she does.

Not ones to be fooled by the magazine’s clever ruse, we decided to do some serious investigative journalism and get to the bottom of this.  What do stars look like without makeup?  Is their beauty that flawless and unattainable?

As it turns out, stars don’t look so great when they’re photographed sans makeup. Shockingly, they don’t wake up every morning with a weightless layer of foundation, flawlessly applied eye liner, and shimmery blush on their faces (cough, Kim Kardashian, cough).

Of course, one could argue that they’re only human and we shouldn’t expect them to look like their red-carpet selves all the time but…well…we do.

Here are the fruits of our investigation, which shows stars in the worst light possible. Indulge in your wicked side and enjoy.